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This photo was taken at the tail end of summer, but doesn’t it have a lovely fall feel to it? Perfect to celebrate the first day of autumn!

Portrait of a family walk

I had a great time working with this fun family on a portrait session in the park. They wanted a mix of candid action shots and informal posed photos, but wrangling a preschooler and a toddler who had their own ideas proved to be an adventure all on its own. When that happens, all you can do is roll with it – literally, in this case with my trusty wagon. Luckily, they had a great sense of humour and we all ended up having a fun play in the morning sunshine.

Aren’t they a beautiful family?


There’s no greater honour than a repeat customer. This fellow came to visit the porch last year when we was barely old enough to sit up on his own. A year later, he can sit up, walk, and run away like this every time he saw the photographer coming to pester him again!

unhappy baby

That may be one of my favourite outtakes ever!

Poor guy, we had to work hard to make him comfortable and find ways to pose him, because he did not want to be out of reach of his mom. Finally, we found ways to compromise.

Holding on to mom

Don’t you love those soulful brown eyes?

Ah toddlers, you make me work so much harder – and the results are always worth it!

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When a colleague got in touch to have photos done with his husband and son this spring, I was a little bit anxious. Okay, that’s a fib. I was REALLY anxious. It wasn’t so much the photo session that worried me as it was what he planned to do with the photos that sent me into unknown territory with more than a little bit of performance anxiety.

With two dads in the picture, Father’s Day seemed like a perfect date for our outdoor session, but Mother Nature had other ideas and we had to reschedule. The day of the shoot turned out to be perfect for portraits: coolish for an early summer day, with just enough overcast to make the light soft and even. We were shooting at one of my favourite Ottawa locations, and all the cosmic tumblers locked into place for a fun, laughter-filled session. The guys put their trust in me and my ideas for poses and set-ups, and we caught a perfect mixture of posed photos and candid shots. You’ve already seen one of my favourites from that day, but here’s a handful more:

Family photos at the farm

Family photos at the farm

Family photos at the farm

Family photos at the farm

Family photos at the farm

Family photos at the farm

Family photos at the farm

Family photos at the farm

Family photos at the farm

Family photos at the farm

Super cute, right? They were so much fun to play with! Every idea I proposed, they ran with it — sometimes literally running!

Fun, photogenic, playful – what could possibly be worrisome? Well, I was a little *coughLOTcough* bit anxious because I knew that they weren’t just going to frame their photos or turn them into a huge canvas for the wall over the sofa. Nope, they wanted to turn one of their photos into a wall mural. How awesome is that? But oh my goodness, the pressure!

In the end, they chose one of my favourite portraits from the session and with the help of Numerart in Montreal, they turned it into this beautiful custom full wall-sized mural:

Custom mural portrait

Custom mural portrait by Ottawa photographer Mothership Photography

Is that not awesome? I’ve helped many families turn their photos into beautiful custom wall art, but turning photos into wall paper was a first!

Now what are YOU doing with those digital photos sitting on your hard drive and smartphone?


Any weekend with Saturday AND Sunday portraits and wall to wall sunshine is an excellent weekend indeed. Are you ready for another dose of unbelievable cuteness?

How about these guys?

Twin boys on the porch

I know, right? We’ve reached maximum levels of adorableness on the porch. How could it possibly get any cuter than that? And you know what? Mom and Dad and Nana came along for the ride, and weren’t they just the nicest people? These guys made me work for the portraits and I was a hot mess by the time we were done, but it was so worth it.

I hope your weekend was as full of sunshine and smiles and belly laughs as mine was!

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Maybe it’s because I’m a big sister myself, but there is something about this photo that I love – big sister and baby brother in the flower garden. I knew from the moment the shutter clicked that it would be a keeper.

outdoor portrait of children in the flower garden

We had lots of more formal poses with mom and dad and the kids, but it’s these little in-between moments that often end up being my favourites. Sunshine, flowers, cute kids, and friendly people? I can’t think of a better recipe for a lovely Saturday morning.


How much do you love this little guy’s toothy smile?

School portrait on vintage desk

Isnt’ he cute? Lookit that twinkle in his eye. He came with his folks for family portraits on the porch last week, and since he’ll be starting his very first day at school in September, I thought it would be an excellent time to pull out the vintage school desk I picked up for a song last year. I love that moment when I feel like I’ve connected with a shy subject and their personality shines out.

I’m happy to incorporate back to school poses as part of my porch portrait sessions this autumn. I’ve got stacks of vintage books and a few fresh apples to complete the look! Spots always book up quickly in the autumn (whimper – summer, I hardly knew ya!) so please do get in touch soon if you’d like to book your family’s portraits.


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