Mothership Photography

Despite having most of the last five years with a camera stuck to my face, I haven’t yet managed to take a photo of my parents that I love. Until this weekend, that is. We’ve been spending the weekend with my brother and his family, and it’s been crowded, chaotic, silly and wonderful, so it makes perfect sense to honour all the shenanigans with the people who made it all possible.

mon and dad

Of course, to get this lovely portrait of our patriarch and matriarch, I had to put up with them trying to throw each other in the lake and sticking out their tongues like two year olds, but that itself says a lot about my family.


At least now you see where I get it from. šŸ˜‰


This photo session for a colleague and his family was supposed to take place on Father’s Day, but we got rained out. Today was a perfectly perfect day for pictures, though, and you couldn’t ask for three funnier, kinder or more patient subjects for family portraits!

Three handsome fellows

Adorable, right? They were wonderfully patient with my ideas and let me boss them around a hike that only got us a little bit lost. This was my absolute favourite kind of family portrait session: casual, playful, and with lots and lots of laughter.

Kind, funny and photogenic, too – I can’t wait to show you more photos from this fun afternoon!


Hooray! Another portrait season launched and the porch is officially open for business. I had a visit yesterday from this adorable twosome – look at those sparkly eyes!

Outdoor candid portrait of children

They were just the perfect mix of sweet and shy with a wee hint of sassy. And oh those matching dresses! I’m sure I’ll be sharing more of this session once I finish sorting through the photos.

Weekend bookings are filling up quickly, so if you’re interested in playful summer portraits of your family, please get in touch soon!


Isn’t it funny when the random bits of your life come together in a cohesive way?

Toward the end of February, my friend Yvonne mentioned she was doing something called Hot Power Yoga Basics, and I was intrigued. I’d done yoga classes at the local community centre on and off way back in the day, but I liked the idea of something more physically challenging and strength building like power yoga. I’ve been going to the class every Thursday evening since the beginning of March and I’ve been really enjoying it – when I am not cursing it. The cursing usually comes about 40 hours after the class when my muscles lock up from the exertion, but even that is a good sort of pain. I’m hoping to be leaner and stronger and a little less unbalanced [insert your own joke here] in a couple of months if I keep it up.

By sheer coincidence, within days of my return to yoga I happened to receive an e-mail from Glenda at Ottawa Corporate Yoga. She was looking to commission a photographer to help her develop a set of cards to accompany bedtime yoga workshop that Glenda offers with a special focus on kids who have sleep disorders or anxiety issues. I loved the idea of the project from the start, and the fact that designer on the project would be the fabulous Lynn Jatania was the icing on the cake.

Here’s one of my favourite poses from the session. It’s called Lizard on a Rock, and it’s being demonstrated by Glenda and her adorable daughter.

Lizard on a rock

I can’t wait to see how the final project turns out!

Hey Yvonne, you want to try this one out at yoga class tonight? I get dibs on the top position!

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Did you see?? The sun came out AND it was above minus 20 today. It was practically summer!! We celebrated with a walk on one of our favourite Ottawa trails, and were delighted by the number of animals who came out to say hello: pileated woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees, a merlin, a few playful red squirrels and then, to our delight, a big fat porcupine came sauntering up the trail beside us.

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

(I did not zoom in for this – in fact, I had to back up to get him in the frame as the porcupine sauntered past us!)

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

Winter walk on the Jack Pine Trail

It was a gorgeous afternoon out, made even more delicious by the recent spate of miserable cold.

If you’re interested, I’d love to do a few sessions of winter portraits out there before the snow melts and the trails get muddy. For any weekend in March, I’ll offer a spring thaw discount if you’d like to do a “feed the chickadees” family portrait hike at the Jack Pine Trail – $150 for the session fee, and you only buy whatever prints or files you want. Prices are listed on my photo site.

I’ll even bring the bird seed!

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So far this winter, Ottawa has managed to dodge the snow that has been less merciful to southern Ontario and especially to our friends in the Maritime provinces. It has, however, been brutally, relentlessly cold.

When the temperatures crept up within a few degrees of the freezing mark, I took advantage of the opportunity to walk the boys home from school, and then we stopped to play in the snow for a while rather than rush into the house.

Catching snowflakes

Winter can be beautiful if you give it a chance! I have lots of availability for weekend family portraits in the snow, if you want to come out and play. :)


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