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When this family mentioned they had a beautiful carpet of yellow leaves in their backyard, I wanted to make sure I included them in at least some of the portraits. I love this time of year! The leaves were a gorgeous golden yellow that served as a lovely backdrop for a truly adorable family.

family in the leaves

It took a little while to get the girls to warm up to me, but I think in the end I won them over. They both have the most exquisite blue eyes and porcelain doll skin, and they were sweet with just the perfect hint of sass. You can see it in this photo, can’t you?

family in the leaves 2

I never would have guessed that such a big part of getting good photos is getting to know the people you are photographing, and what a delightful part of the job it is. :)

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We had a great time today out at the Lime Kiln Trail with not one, not two, not three but four parts of an extended family for portraits – seventeen people in all. We were all a little worried about the weather, but with a little flexibility, a little luck and a lot of good humour, we managed to squeeze our portrait session into the very best part of the day.

Cousins in a tree

Nine kids between the ages of three and 13? No problem when there is a most excellent climbing tree nearby!

I hope your day was even half as much fun as mine was! πŸ˜‰

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Even though I’m a hopeless romantic and love everything about weddings, I don’t photograph too many of them. Weddings, especially big weddings, are terribly intimitading – long, elaborate and stressful affairs that tend to go on long into the night. However, when Matt and Jasmine asked me to take pictures at their courthouse wedding, I was charmed and intrigued. They simply wanted someone to capture the ceremony and a few candid photos afterward, and asked me simply “to get the stuff that you think is amazing and beautiful.”

How could I resist an offer like that? Things that are amazing and beautiful are my very favourite things to photograph. Here’s a little taste of their day:

M and J got married!

M and J got married!-2

M and J got married!-3

This is J.He’s Matt and Jasmine’s son and he wasn’t feeling too well, so he’s looking a little peaked. Is he not adorable, though?

M and J got married!-4

There were shots of the kiss, but I personally love a wedding that seals the deal with a high five.

M and J got married!-5

M and J got married!-6

M and J got married!-7

M and J got married!-8

M and J got married!-9

What, you don’t have pictures of you playing in the leaves in your wedding finery? I thought that’s why people got married in October!

M and J got married!-10

M and J got married!-11

I just had a feeling when I first heard from Matt and Jasmine that they would be a fun couple to work with, and I was totally right.

M and J got married!-12

Short and sweet, with family and friends and sunshine and autumn leaves – what a perfect wedding. It was truly an honour to be a part of your day, Matt and Jasmine, and I wish you and your beautiful family years of joy and laughter together.

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I am so excited! After years of contemplating holiday mini-sessions, I’m finally organized enough and out ahead of the season enough to be able to offer them. This is going to be so fun!

Christmas photo sessions by Ottawa photographer Danielle Donders

Fun, right? These photo sessions will be perfect for families looking for quick and fun portraits for holiday cards and seasonal newsletters. Sessions will be held outdoors here at my home in Manotick. They will be short and sweet, with holiday-themed props available like a vintage sled, decorations, holiday lights and cozy blankets, so our autumn backdrop will have a festive holiday feeling. Bring red mittens, scarves and toques to really bring on the festive spirit and make your photos pop!

If you’re feeling especially fun, let me use the magic of photoshop to add a reindeer to your photos! No extra charge for reindeer. :) Remember this?

Christmas family photos by photographer Danielle Donders in Manotick

This is a shorter and more streamlined version of my popular porch portrait package, with fewer poses but a few extra downloadable files. Your package includes a 20-minute outdoor photo session, an online proof gallery from which to choose your favourites, and FOUR downloadable digital images. All that for only $150! And you can add 25 custom-made premium two-sided holiday cards for an additional $50 per package.

For more details, please visit my holiday mini-session page on Mothership Photography. There are only a few sessions available, and since I rarely offer discounted packages like this, I think they will book up quickly. Also – they start NEXT WEEK! *gulp!*

If you’d like to book or would like more information, please get in touch soon!

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I wandered out to one of my favourite places, Watson’s Mill in Manotick, to check out the progress of the fall colours. I was taking pictures of the reflections of the leaves in the the water when this photogenic duck plunked herself on a rock about 15 feet in from of me and sat happily preening.

Duck at Watson's Mill

I took a few photos, and crept a little closer, and she still didn’t seem to mind me being there. In fact, I could almost hear her say, “I’m ready for my close-up, Miss DaniGirl!”

Just about a perfect autumn-in-Canada sort of scene, isn’t it?


Most of the time when people come to the porch for portraits, there are little monkeys that I have to chase, cajole, and wrangle. You can imagine how lovely it was, then, to work with this pretty lady on some headshots for her website. Not once did I have to wipe her nose, make a raspberry noise to get her attention, or ask her who has the stinkiest feet in her family to make her laugh – but I did haul out one of my stinkier knock-knock jokes, because the session just felt incomplete without it.

headshots on the porch-2

The funny thing about the photo above, which is my favourite of the day, is the brick wall. When we were talking about the look she wanted to achieve, she’d said how much she liked the feel of the porch from my portfolio photos, and we joked that what she didn’t want was something “in front of some brick wall in retro black and white.” Well, it IS in colour, a least! πŸ˜‰

The vibe we were going for was cozy and comfortable – I think we nailed it here.

headshots on the porch-3

And sometimes it’s just nice to have a simple photo of a pretty lady.

headshots on the porch-1

It still surprises me sometimes that people actually pay me to come to the porch, hang out and chat for a while, share a few laughs, and let me take pictures of them. Is that not an awesome job or what? And let me tell you, when there are no toddlers in the picture, pardon the pun, it hardly even feels like work at all! :)

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