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Mothership Photography

It’s not every family that would let you pull out the silly props on a stick for their family photo shoot. But when it IS that sort of family, it makes for a REALLY fun family photo session!

Silly prop family portrait fun by Danielle Donders

It wasn’t all silliness, but laughter comprised a good part of the morning. That and a truly lovely family made for a whole lot of great photos.

Adult outdoor family portrait by Danielle Donders

My first love will always be taking portraits of kids at play, but it turns out playful grownups can be just as much fun — and maybe even a whole lot less work!

Thanks to Kerry and your sweet family for a lovely Sunday morning out! :)


Bright blue eyes, adorable blonde pigtails and a sassy attitude? Check, check, check!

Family portraiture by Danielle Donders

This lovely little miss came with her big brother and big sister for porch portraits early on Saturday morning, and we squeezed in some photos just before the rain started. Isn’t she adorable? Sometimes, the hardest part of taking photos of two year olds is just making them sit still for 10 seconds!

And how cute is her outfit? You think I could rock those leggings and leg warmers? Serious cuteness!


Steady yourself. This photo has dangerous levels of adorable in it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This lovely little lady came to the porch on the weekend for portraits for her first birthday. Is she not the most precious thing?

Portrait of one year old girl

But oh, if you think THIS photo is cute, you should see some of the other ones. We’re talking pink tutus, fairy wings and chubby little baby toes, people. I’ll share more once I finish editing the rest of them, but this is one of those galleries that I can’t wait to share with the family.

You really have to work hard to get portraits of a moving baby (equal parts patience, silliness and sore quadriceps from getting up and down off the floor!) but with a beauty like this, they’re more than worth the effort! And lookit those eyelashes…. *swoon*


Sometimes, no matter how carefully you plan a photo session, you have to throw out all your research and ideas and just go with the flow. That was the name of the game yesterday when this big family came together from locations across Canada and overseas for a family portrait. Because there were to be no opportunities for do-overs, we had a plan and a backup plan. And in the way life often works, we ended up forgoing all of that and throwing together a Plan C on the fly to get this portrait while stormy skies threatened a deluge.

Family reunion

Lucky for me, they were a great gang with a fun sense of humour, and this was only one of a series of fun family shots we got. My favourite thing about photography is still meeting new people and learning a little bit about them and their families, and it’s always such an honour to be invited to be a part of days like this. But yeesh, big group portraits are tough. Give me a couple of toddlers to wrangle any day! ;)


This sweet family came for portraits on the porch today. Aren’t they lovely – erm, I mean lovely and handsome.


I am so used to chasing toddlers and preschoolers lately, it was a bit of a relief to work with people who actually sit still for more than three seconds at a time. :) Sadly, they weren’t too interested in posing on my little red wagon though. (Actually, they were such a fun and funny group that I am pretty sure that if I pulled out the wagon they would have totally rolled with it!)

Their mom had asked me for advice about how to dress for the session and I loved how she pulled everyone’s outfits together. I always suggest choosing two or three dominant and coordinating colours and dress the family as a unit, in the same way you try to coordinate your own outfit every day. They all had various tones of blues with bits of greys and white for accent, and they all came together so well!

I’ll share more photos from this fun family portrait session soon!


I am the first to admit that when I launched my portrait business four years ago this month, there was a lot I didn’t know. I’ve learned so much about using or creating light, posing, interacting with subjects, the effect of various focal lengths, and digital post-processing to name but a few.

In the end, though, sometimes all you have to do is show up and point the camera in the right direction, because the cute speaks for itself. I mean, really, does it get any cuter than these two?

Portrait of sisters on a red wagon by photographer Danielle Donders

Sometimes the hardest part of a photo session is not keeping the adorable kids for myself at the end of the day!

More photos from this fun porch portrait photo session soon – if you think these two are cute, you should see the whole family!


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16 June 2014 Mothership Photography

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6 May 2014 Mothership Photography

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23 January 2014 Mothership Photography

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