Photo of the day: Simon is 12

by DaniGirl on February 2, 2016 · 1 comment

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Simon is twelve! To celebrate, we had a birthday dinner at Lone Star:

Simon's birthday

While I’ve been making a lot of black and white photos lately because I’m interested in the expressive qualities of monochrome, in this case I just needed to overcome the nearly insurmountably wicked colour casts from the purple and orange neon lighting. This is what it looked like straight out of the camera:

Simon's birthday SOOC

(I love Granny and Papa Lou smiling off to the side!)

Note to self: no portrait sessions at Lone Star. Great food, terrible lights! Also, did you know you can bring your own cake and they’ll bring it out? Great service, and a very happy birthday dinner. :)

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A love letter to Simon, Age 12

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My dearest, darling Simon, you are twelve years old today!

Simon, you are bright, quick, quirky and good-hearted. Despite your age, you are my teenager, pushing boundaries and taking miles when inches are given. And you get away with it because you could charm the scales off a snake.

Simon in the snow

You love tacos, Lone Star, hamburgers, Subway, pasta, and anything that your dad bakes. You are interested in cooking and baking, but mostly you are just developing an appreciation for good food well prepared. I’m mindful of how much more open-minded you are to all foods now, but especially to the fruit and vegetable variety.

Fun at Brackley Beach, PEI National Park

These are the words that make up your world: Minecraft, groupchat, Skype, YouTube. Your favourite gift at Christmas this year was your gamer headphones, and your iPad is an extension of your arm. I chase you off one screen and find you on another. You’ve proven your comfort with technology at school, though, and seem to have become one of the go-to guys when the teachers need help with technology.

Google Cardboard via View-Master = AWESOME!

Simon, you are thoughtful and empathetic, and always seem keenly attuned to the feelings of others. Except when it comes to your little brother. You have a wicked sense of humour, and you are fun to banter and kibitz with. You’re also a great source of all the gossip in Grade 6, and a goodly portion of the gossip from the other grades, too! Your circle of friends is large, but your squad is tight: Dylan, Mason, Nathan, Ben, and Antonio are still your bros, but I think many of the kids in your class would consider you their friend.

Hockey day in Canada-13

Math, science, languages, history – you don’t seem to have trouble with any subject, and you excel at math and science (even though you do protest that you don’t like science, to my great chagrin.) It’s not unusual to see an A+ on your projects and tests, and you take obvious care and responsibility with your school work. You took another semester of piano this year, and played your recital on the grand piano. You find many ways to make us proud!

Lessons on a grand piano

You’ve shown a love and aptitude for basketball this year, and you’re enrolled in your third year of basketball through the city at MPS. Shortly after we saw the Globetrotters in action, you earned a spot on the school basketball team. Despite feeling less than well, you balanced early practices and a short job taking care of a neighbour’s dog and proved yourself to be dedicated and reliable. You even walked yourself to school in order to make it to early morning practices. And then you went on to score a “buzzy” at the basketball tournament!

Simon ball

You can be willful. You carried your winter jacket the entire day of our Christmas tree quest this year because you refused to wear it and I refused to let you leave it in the car. I’m sure in your life that stubborn streak will serve you well, but it will also put a few more grey hairs on my head between now and then.

Pumpkin picking 2015-4

This is your senior year in elementary school, and you’ve taken advantage of the many opportunities available for leadership and activities. You’ve dressed as the school mascot, acted as a peer counselor for younger students, made and sold duct-tape crafts to raise money for charity and earned your tickets to We Day. I love your enthusiasm for school activities and opportunities.

Simon bday

Simon, these love letters are easy to write, because you are easy to love. You make me laugh, you made me proud, and every now and then you make me crazy. You have so many new and exciting challenges coming up as you graduate from elementary school and move on to middle school this year, and I know it will be an amazing adventure for you. It’s wonderful watching you grow from a sweet child to a charming young man.


Happy birthday, my darling Simon! We do love you so!


Simon’s piano recital

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The boys have given us no shortage of reasons to be proud lately. Lucas has been adorable in his enthusiasm about soccer, and Tristan has turned into quite the track and field star. Today’s post, though, is all about Simon.

Simon took a year of piano lessons and then took a year off. Throughout the year off, though, he’d return to the electric keyboard that passes for a piano at our house (sidebar: I crave a piano with an almost physical sense of desire, but cannot for the life of me figure out where we’d put it!) and play idly with it often. We picked up his lessons at the Manotick School of Music earlier this year, and his teachers have been very positive about both his ability and his progress.

As I mentioned earlier, the Manotick School of Music is under new management this year, and nowhere was that new management’s touch more obvious than at the spring recital. I have to admit, I was a little grumbly when I found out it was not to be in the church basement around the corner, but waaaaay out in Kemptville at the municipal centre. (I spent a LOT of my week in Kemptville this week – it’s a lot more accessible than I expected, and closer than a lot of destinations in Ottawa or Kanata to Manotick!) I was delighted, though, when I saw the recital was in an actual hall, with theatre-style seats, and a stage – it was a big step up from the church basement and stacking chairs!

How fun is it that the kids played their spring recital on an actual stage, on a grand piano, no less? Here’s Simon’s 36 seconds of fame:

(Sorry about the aspect ratio. My mad videographer skills are somewhat underdeveloped, and I completely forgot to bring my camera and was using my iPhone in Instagram mode. Thank goodness YouTube now compensates for hapless moms-with-a-camera like me and at least rotates the footage to the proper orientation.)

Are you interested in music lessons in Manotick? I really can’t say enough good things about our experiences with the Manotick School of Music, and right now there’s an early-bird incentive to register before June 12 – they’ll waive the administration fee. More info on their website.

I love music lessons for a lot of reasons, none of them more than the huge smile of self-satisfaction on a little boy’s face as he walks off the stage after playing on a grand piano in front of a crowd. I may be a reluctant and late-blooming soccer mom, but music will always be first in my heart.

Lessons on a grand piano

Disclosure: the Manotick School of Music is a sponsor of this blog, but this post was not part of our agreement. I just wanted our friends and family to see how awesome Simon is!


A love letter to Simon, age 11

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My dearest, darling one and only Simon, today you are eleven years old!

Eleven years ago today, it was Super Bowl Sunday when you burst into the world with one hand over your head. Today to the rest of the continent it might be Super Bowl Sunday again, but in our house it is Super Simon Sunday!

March Break on the Rideau Canal

Simon, you are funny, smart, argumentative, opinionated, thoughtful and goodhearted. You are the first one to notice when someone needs a hug, and the first one to notice a new haircut or a piece of rearranged furniture. In a household of daydreamers, you are the one with both feet rooted in reality who pays attention to life’s little details. Your attention to detail means you are the one I ask to help me remember things. You’re also the one who knows all the gossip, in our community and in the wider entertainment world. “Simon, who sings this song?” “Simon, who’s the girl who’s in that movie with the guy and the thing?” “Hey Simon, who’s that tall guy over there with the blue shirt?” If anybody knows, it will be Simon.

National We Day in Ottawa 2014

We had a fun year together, Simon! You enjoy our family adventures, even if it takes a bit of cajoling to get you away from the computer screen. You like to know things: where are we going, how long will it take to get there, is it the place we went last time or the time before that? Oy, the questions you ask – you do keep me on my toes. Your love of knowledge shows in your grades though – you continue to do well in all your subjects, but you say your hands-down favourite subject is math. (Yay!)

Apple picking 2014 1

You may be eleven, but you’ve been a teenager for years. You’re the one who pushes the boundaries of my comfort zone with your online explorations. You love Instagram and Minecraft and YouTube – especially when you can stack them up by posting Instagrams of screen caps of Minecraft games being played on YouTube. You’re often at the centre of a massive online Minecraft skype playdate. You like things offline too, although you’d play online eight hours a day left to your own devices. You still like to play board games like Uno and Apples to Apples, and this year we’ve started playing Dungeons and Dragons, too.

Easter eggs 2014

You are also interested in food and cooking, and love to watch the Food Network. You know more about cooking techniques at eleven than I did at 35! You like to help make dinner and have even made a few meals on your own. I look forward to seeing your culinary talents develop along with your palate, and I’m delighted to see that vegetables are no longer your enemy. You are still not much of a sports guy, but you do love your new brazuca soccer ball, and you embraced skating, skiing, floor hockey, swimming and biking this year to varying extents.

Father's Day in Perth

You have a tight gang of friends, and I’m always happy to see how loved and respected you are. Your buddies include Mason, Dylan, Ben, Jacob and Nathan, among others. Your easy and friendly nature seem to make it easy for you to see almost everyone you meet as a potential friend – I love that about you. In addition to Minecraft and Nintendo games, you also love pop culture and reading. It’s you who got me reading the Divergent series this year, and you continue to influence my iTunes playlists. You have a strong streak of romanticism in you, as well. I think you have loved discovering exploring the world of Anne of Green Gables this year as much as I have, and when I thought your attention may have waned in the sea of characters and details, you have surprised and impressed me in how much you relate to the story written a hundred years before you were born.

Souris and Basin Head PEI

You’ve got a finely tuned sense of responsibility as well. You remember permission slips, homework assignments and obligations with little prodding from me. When you decided you wanted a tablet of your own and it wasn’t something we could afford as a gift, you simply started saving up for one. I’m very proud of your determination and discipline!

Christmas tree quest 2014-10

Simon, it’s not easy being the middle child, but you always manage to shine. You are witty, thoughtful, playful, warm, smart and adorable. I could go on for hours about the sheer joy you bring to our lives. I wish you every happiness on your eleventh birthday, and I can’t wait to see what amazing things your second decade has in store for you. Happy birthday, my sweet Simon. You truly are my sunshine!

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About a week or two into the World Cup, Simon came home asking for a soccer ball called a Brazuca. He and his friends played World Cup soccer each day at recess, rotating who would be each country, and he wanted to play at home, too. My suggestion that he play with one of the 47 other types of ball we have stashed around the house was met with disdain. He really, really wanted a Brazuca.

I had put it on the vague to-do list that always runs in the back of my mind. If the boy wanted to play soccer, and buying him a soccer ball got him outside and moving more, I figured an official ball was a small price to pay. Imagine my delight, then, when that very week my contact through the Rogers Mobile Ambassador program mentioned she had a few official Sony World Cup soccer balls to share – did anyone want one? I think I may have replied in all-caps, I was so excited. Me me me me me, please!

It arrived when we were in PEI, but the boys have made good use of it ever since.

World cup fever

Simon loves it, and has called his school mates several times this week to see who wants to play soccer up at the school. Thank you Rogers and Sony for making me the coolest mom on the block – for this week, at least!


A love letter to Simon, age 10

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My dear, darling Simon, today you are ten! A whole decade old.

Winter walk

Simon, you are a delightful child. Not only do we love you (how could we not?!) but it’s clear your teachers and classmates feel the same way. At the most recent round of parent-teacher interviews, your teachers smiled pleasantly and were happy to chat, but they could not think of a single concern to raise with me. In fact, one teacher confided that it would be wonderful to have a class full of 30 Simons.

Snow(man) Day!

School seems to come easily for you, and I am amazed at your conscientiousness. In a house full of distracted daydreamers, you alone seem to have both feet on the ground. I never need to remind you to do homework – you cheerfully pull it out of your own accord the minute we settle into the house after school. You are the one who remembers permission slips, library books and due dates. And that focus is clearly paying off – you regularly bring home tests and quizzes showing perfect marks.

First and last day of school

Earlier this year, you said you wanted to be a math teacher when you grow up and my heart swelled with pride. More recently, you’ve decided that your future lies in being a chef or a baker. Either way, I know once you set your mind to it, you’ll be amazing at it.

Happy birthday Simon!

Simon, you are silly and playful and have a wonderful sense of humour, and you love an audience. This year you finished a second year of piano lessons, and played a few recitals. You also loved being on stage after a week of drama camp and you clearly love music. You’re my connection to popular culture – it’s thanks to you that I’ve become what I never expected in a million years, a fan of rap and hip hop music! You’ve injected life into our family iTunes account.

Fall fun at the Lime Kiln Trail

You are warm and generous, my Simon. You have a delightfully sunny disposition. I occasionally tease you by observing that you can be the sweetest, most thoughtful boy – and you can also be absolutely wretched to your little brother. You’re fast friends with Tristan, but I do have to remind you to be patient and tolerant with Lucas.

Sharing a taste

Your favourite things are Minecraft and videos on YouTube about Minecraft. You also love making Rainbow Loom bracelets, your iPod, those silly tween dramas on YTV, family board games, your bed so full of stuffies that there’s barely room for you, tacos, your friends, and did I mention Minecraft? You are more tolerant of vegetables than you have been in years past, but they are still, as I have requested you to phrase it, ‘not your favourite.’ You prefer raw veggies over cooked, and will eat just about anything doused in ranch dressing. You will also choose being sendentary over being active, something we have been working on this year.


You, middle child, are my teenager in waiting – pushing the boundaries that your older brother has not yet considered crossing. I let you have an Instagram account but put my foot down on a Twitter account, although I do love your sweet texts that you send me at work before you leave for school.

Bumper car fun-3

You are empathetic and attentive. You are the one who notices and calls out to see if I’m okay when I say “ouch” when doing silly things like burning a finger or being uncareful with a knife while making dinner. You notice haircuts and new clothes and changes in the house – some day, your girlfiend(s) will realize what a treasure you are!

Weekend with the cousins

Your friends this year are Mason, Ben, Jacob, Nicky, Alex and Dylan. Although you seem to have no shortage of female friends, this is the first year your party will feature a guest list of all male friends at LaserQuest. You can hardly wait!


Simon, I love your enthusiasm, your warm-heartedness and your joie-de-vivre. You are the kind of person who lights up a room, and you easily charm every one you meet. One of the things I admire most about you is how you greet everyone as an equal – you fit in as easily chatting with the grownups as with other kids. You were a happy, cuddly baby who loved attention, and you are growing into a happy, sweet young man – who still loves attention.

Christmas Tree Quest 2013

Happy happy birthday, my sweet, adorable Simon! I wish for you that all the joy you bring into our world is reflected back to you one hundred times over!


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