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Photo of the day: Think spring!

by DaniGirl on February 22, 2015 · 1 comment

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I got tired of waiting for spring to make even the faintest hint of an intimation that it was going to show up this year, so I took matters into my own hands.

Spring, goddammit!

Spring, goddammit!


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I am pretty sure I am the LAST person you expected to be celebrating Hockey Day in Canada. The boys wanted to go out and play for a while on our local rink though, and while an hour outside in the -15C plus windchill was not high on my list of favourite ways to spend a Saturday afternoon – we had a blast. Well, they had a blast and I took pictures, and everybody was happy. And when it started to snow but the sun was still shining through a bit? Well that was downright magical.

See? (Yes, we have a spare. Always good to have an extra kid around, especially one as sweet natured as this one.)

Hockey day in Canada

Hockey day in Canada-2

Hockey day in Canada-3

Hockey day in Canada-4

Hockey day in Canada-5

Hockey day in Canada-6

Hockey day in Canada-7

Hockey day in Canada-8

Hockey day in Canada-9

Hockey day in Canada-10

Hockey day in Canada-11

Hockey day in Canada-12

Hockey day in Canada-13

Hope your Valentine’s Day was also filled with sunshine, smiles and love!


Photo of the day: Simon in the snow

by DaniGirl on February 6, 2015 · 0 comments

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Simon’s turn for a portrait in the snow!

Photo of a child outside in the snow

Don’t you love his sweet smile and creamy skin?


So far this winter, Ottawa has managed to dodge the snow that has been less merciful to southern Ontario and especially to our friends in the Maritime provinces. It has, however, been brutally, relentlessly cold.

When the temperatures crept up within a few degrees of the freezing mark, I took advantage of the opportunity to walk the boys home from school, and then we stopped to play in the snow for a while rather than rush into the house.

Catching snowflakes

Winter can be beautiful if you give it a chance! I have lots of availability for weekend family portraits in the snow, if you want to come out and play. :)


So this is a fun story. Back in the fall, I was contacted through Flickr about using one of my photos of Watson’s Mill in Manotick. It’s one of my favourite photos, but as I’ve assigned my licensing rights to Getty Images, I can’t license it privately. I explained that to the person contacting me, and gave them the link to license it directly from Getty. This happens fairly often, and I’d say about one time in ten the buyer actually pursues the license with Getty.

In this instance, for whatever reason they weren’t interested in following up with Getty and asked if I had any other photos that were a “recognizable landmark of Ottawa west.” As you know, I have a few (cough) photos of the Mill kicking around, so I sent them a few images. They liked one that wasn’t represented by Getty and licensed it directly from me. Goodbye middleman, hello 100% profits!

And that’s how my photo of Watson’s Mill ended up on the cover of the 2015 Ottawa West edition of the Yellow Pages directory!

My photo of Watson's Mill on the local Yellow Pages directory. :)

Fun, right? Okay, okay, so the actual paper version of the Yellow Pages directory is almost completely obsolete and is slowly being phased out. I had to explain to the boys what the Yellow Pages directory even was, and how important it was back in the days before Google. Do you remember how important you felt the first time YOUR name was printed in the phone book? I don’t know exactly when we stopped receiving ours, but I used to check every year when it came out to see my name in print. I’m tickled to see one of my photos used on this vanishing bit of history!

Even more fun, when I was driving home from work tonight, I could see a copy of the Yellow Pages at the end of the driveway for all the houses on our street:

This makes me laugh, because for years I’ve used “about as exciting as getting your name published in the phone book” as a yardstick of micro-fame. Now getting your photo on the COVER of the phone book, that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

And now you’ll know what I’m up to if you see me rifling through everyone’s recycling bins on the next garbage day. Autographed vanity copies for EVERYONE! :)


Photo of the day: Late afternoon

by DaniGirl on January 31, 2015 · 0 comments

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I was making dinner when I looked over and saw Lucas caught in the late afternoon light streaming in the window. I loved how the shadows made a geometric frame around him, but the contrast between the light and dark was so stark that the light areas were blowing out – it was so bright all detail in the light areas like his cheek were being lost. The black and white version was much more forgiving, and I think it shows off the framing shapes more, too.

BW evening light

I love the way the late afternoon light comes into the house this time of year, not least because it means that spring is coming – eventually!


Deconstructing our grocery store family portraits: A learning experience

18 January 2015 Mothership Photography

I am still chuckling over the irony in the post I wrote back in 2006 about getting our family portraits done at the local grocery store studio. That was the last time I was ever in a big box store studio, for good reason. Nine years later, I’ve learned a thing or two about portraits. [...]

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Flashback faves: Picture this!

16 January 2015 Flashback faves

This month, I’m celebrating an anniversary-palooza of ten years of blogging by revisiting some of my favourite old posts. I have to tell you, I was utterly delighted to find this post about us getting family portraits done from the winter of 2006. I wrote long before I had even the faintest idea of opening [...]

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Photo of the day: Ice flowers

15 January 2015 Photo of the Day

Leftovers from our little ice storm last week: Pretty, but oh so cold! (I’ve sent my main camera off for service. It’s been a week. I’m starting to twitch!!)

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Photo of the day: Pups in a pile

13 January 2015 Ah, me boys

Our darling old dog Katie arrived in our lives long before any babies did, and I think that’s why she always acted in a very maternal way toward them. Bella, on the other hand, arrived into a pack of noisy, playful boys, and it’s clear she thinks the boys are her littermates; never moreso than [...]

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