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There is a very long story behind this photo which boils down to this: I am super proud of my boy Simon. He made the school basketball team, but in order to make it to early morning practices, he had to walk to school himself, which he did rain or shine – even a few days when he was sick. And when practice conflicted with his commitment to walk a neighbour’s dog in the mornings, he got up extra early so he could do both.

He’s #21, watching his shot sail into the net just as the buzzer sounded to end his shift.

Simon ball

I may have mentioned before that we’re not the sportiest family on the block but I’m delighted that the boys are slowly proving me wrong. And when they say that parenting means having your heart walk around outside your chest, this is what they mean. Sometimes your heart gets so big with pride that nothing can contain it.


Photo of the day: Tiny flowers

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Yay spring! These tiny babies are among the first flowers that come up in my garden in the spring. I got in close with my macro lens to throw the background out of focus and make the photo more about colour and shape.

tiny flowers

Here’s to another season of crawling around the grass on my hands and knees with a camera in my hand and a smile on my face. Did I mention YAY SPRING?!!?!


I‘ve taken so. many. photos of the boys colouring Easter eggs over the years. We use the same cups every time, the same type of dye, and the same table. I decided to edit these ones a little more creatively when this first one of Tristan spoke to me – you might be a teenager, but some family traditions are sacred.

Easter eggs!

Easter eggs!

Easter eggs!

I’m feeling the passage of the years today. They are growing up so fast!


Isn’t it funny when the random bits of your life come together in a cohesive way?

Toward the end of February, my friend Yvonne mentioned she was doing something called Hot Power Yoga Basics, and I was intrigued. I’d done yoga classes at the local community centre on and off way back in the day, but I liked the idea of something more physically challenging and strength building like power yoga. I’ve been going to the class every Thursday evening since the beginning of March and I’ve been really enjoying it – when I am not cursing it. The cursing usually comes about 40 hours after the class when my muscles lock up from the exertion, but even that is a good sort of pain. I’m hoping to be leaner and stronger and a little less unbalanced [insert your own joke here] in a couple of months if I keep it up.

By sheer coincidence, within days of my return to yoga I happened to receive an e-mail from Glenda at Ottawa Corporate Yoga. She was looking to commission a photographer to help her develop a set of cards to accompany bedtime yoga workshop that Glenda offers with a special focus on kids who have sleep disorders or anxiety issues. I loved the idea of the project from the start, and the fact that designer on the project would be the fabulous Lynn Jatania was the icing on the cake.

Here’s one of my favourite poses from the session. It’s called Lizard on a Rock, and it’s being demonstrated by Glenda and her adorable daughter.

Lizard on a rock

I can’t wait to see how the final project turns out!

Hey Yvonne, you want to try this one out at yoga class tonight? I get dibs on the top position!

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Of all the creatures great and small we saw on our Parc Omega adventure, it was the wolves that most enchanted all of us.

The grey wolves of Parc Omega

The grey wolves of Parc Omega

We arrived just a few minutes before the thrice daily feeding show. They don’t actually feed the wolves a full meal, the “animator” host explained. For meal time, they actually drag a full animal carcass into the enclosure and let the wolves feast on that, but then when their bellies are full they laze around and digest for hours. Instead, during the feeding show the host tosses fist-size clumps of meat to the wolves, who are waiting patiently for their treat.

The grey wolves of Parc Omega

Or in some cases, not so patiently. (This one reminded us of Bella. She sprang up and jumped over and over and over, just like Bella does when she’s impatient.) See how her paws are clear off the snow?

The grey wolves of Parc Omega

I found the host’s patter fascinating. He told us about wolf society, and how to read their body language to tell the more dominant from the more submissive wolves. He explained what everyone knows, that the alpha is the leader of the pack, but he also talked about the omega, the least dominant member of the pack, and how the omega often takes on the roll of nurturing the pups. He also told us about how they had quite a surprise show on the March Break, and how they were able to count ahead from the March break to the week in May when a new litter of wolf pups should be born!

The grey wolves of Parc Omega

He also told us to watch carefully after he finished giving the wolves their snack. Once the wolves understood that all the food had been dispensed, there was a ritualistic greeting that went on, where the more submissive dogs licked the faces of the more dominant ones, while the more dominant once often snapped and snarled. It made me wonder if Bella’s almost compulsive need to lick people in the face is an instinctual throwback to that. (Although I’m not sure it will help build the confidence of the many people she’s startled when they lean down to say hi to her and she leaps up to kiss them on the lips in return.)

The grey wolves of Parc Omega

The grey wolves of Parc Omega

Even though we were frozen half to death after the 45 minute show, we all agreed that the wolves alone were worth the price of admission AND the time spent in the frigid and un-spring-like cold weather. The host mentioned that in the summer, they’ll be offering a new program with overnight accommodations and a lantern-lit moonlight walk to listen to the wolves howling at night. How awesome would THAT be?

The grey wolves of Parc Omega

Aren’t they spectacular? Stand by for more photos from the warmer portion of our Parc Omega adventure!

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We’d been planning to go to Parc Omega for the last day of March Break for a while, but we almost chickened out when the weather crapped out (again!) and the temperature was -20C (again!) early this morning. We sucked it up, dressed warmly and had an AMAZING time!

Lots more to come, but this family portrait was an early favourite.

Family portrait

And look, all five of us are in the portrait! ;)


Photo of the day: Happy First Day of Spring!

20 March 2015 Photo of the Day

The calendar says it’s spring at 6:45 pm today, but it still looks a little too much like winter for my tastes outside so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I thought I’d celebrate the first day of spring with a glimpse of things to come, and a remembrance of a perfect [...]

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Photo of the day: Cat and rat are friends. Sort of.

18 March 2015 Photo of the Day

We are the family you need to be friends with, the one that chooses a March Break staycation just so we can stay behind and take care of all of our vacationing friends’ pets! Tristan is taking care of one friend’s cat at home, and Moose the Rat is staying with us for a week. [...]

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Ottawa Family Fun: Artissimo and MC Escher at the National Gallery

16 March 2015 Ottawa Family Fun

When I heard that there would be an MC Escher exhibit at the National Gallery during March Break, I knew I wanted to bring the boys. Two love art and one loves math – how could we go wrong with an exhibit about a “Mathemagician”? We added an extra kid for good measure – in [...]

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Photo(s) of the day: A lesson on Manotick School of Music’s grand piano

15 March 2015 Photo of the Day

Simon had the opportunity to take his weekly music lesson on the grand piano at the Manotick School of Music yesterday, and I thought it would be fun to get a photo or two. I’d just picked up a second-hand fish-eye lens and thought it would be a fun place to take it for a [...]

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