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I took this photo on the weekend, and didn’t get a chance to upload it before my computer turned into the dreaded blue screen of death. It blue-screened on me once and restarted fine, but the next day it crashed utterly and completely and I couldn’t even re-boot it in recovery mode. It took a call to Apple support and a trip to the Genius Bar, and my MacBook was diagnosed with a failed graphics card – 64 days before the three-year Apple Care warranty was about to expire. Long story short, I was saved a $750 repair bill and had to deal only with four and a half long days without my computer. I missed it so! much! While it was at times liberating to not have my computer calling my name rather constantly, my life is just too big to comfortably share on the four inch screen of my iPhone!

And so, here is the photo I took Saturday and didn’t get a chance to share with you.

crab apple blossoms

Ironically, just five days later and there is nary a petal left on the tree. The blossoms are so lovely, but so ethereal. I didn’t do much processing to this – the neon colours are more or less as nature presented them under my macro lens. The sharp edges come partly from the sharpness of the lens itself, and partly from a bit of a torque to the sharpness in post-processing.

I really love the contrasting colours though! What do you think?

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dandelion seed head

This may be my favourite dandelion portrait ever, and I love how the grass was rendered creamy smooth in the background. Weeds? Maybe, but pretty ones.


Why yes, in fact we ARE still playing with the dandelions.

Lucas BW

Just wait until you see the fun we have when they go to seed!

Are you still diligent with your spring weed control or have you too ceded to the dandelion invasion?


Photo of the day: Mini mushroom

by DaniGirl on May 13, 2015 · 1 comment

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I almost overlooked this eensy-beensy mushroom growing on a stump, but when I saw it, I was completely charmed by it.

Tiny fungus

Doesn’t it look like the kind of place fairies might hang out to play?

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Companion piece to yesterday’s photo of the day:

Lucas in the dandelions

Uh oh, I don’t have a third one in the series and I cut the grass. We’ll have to go find someone else’s dandelions so I can make my triptych!

It’s portrait season and the porch is open for business. I’ve got new gear, new props and new ideas – if you’re interested in fun, candid family photography, get in touch and we’ll book your family’s custom photography session today!


He’s as tall as me, all lanky legs and limbs, and his hair might be a little longer than I’d keep it if I were in charge of the scissors, but he’s still willing to humour me and my relentless camera.

Tristan in the dandelions

I love that you can see vestiges of the toddler he was and hints of the man yet to come.

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Photo of the day: Amateur tulips

9 May 2015 Photo of the Day

So I’m kneeling at the edge of the tulip bed in a skirt with my iPhone, trying to frame this shot without exposing my netherbits to the spring sunshine and I’m aware of the dude who has come up behind me with a tripod and ginormous lens but I’m almost done and I’ll soon be […]

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Photo of the day: Walkathon

8 May 2015 Photo of the Day

I had the great pleasure of being the official parent council photographer for the school walkathon yesterday. Could you imagine a more perfect day for it? We’re new to the school, but apparently the 5 km walkathon is a 15 year tradition. The kids had a blast – a very wet blast, in fact. It’s […]

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Photos of the day: Parliament Hill Yoga

6 May 2015 Life in Ottawa

I think most residents of Ottawa have heard that on Wednesdays from noon to 1 pm in summer, there’s free yoga on the lawn of Parliament Hill. It’s hosted by lululemon (a store I personally refuse to endorse with my cash) and has been going on since at least 2007. Because I don’t work most […]

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Photo of the day: Springy tree and sky

4 May 2015 Photo of the Day

Well, that 11 and a half minutes of spring was nice, eh? Now let’s get right on to summer. Works for me! I have been loving the sky lately – the clouds are either wispy and light like this, or in fat puffy clumps. And the bit of tree in the corner was just the […]

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