Postcards from Manotick

This week in pictures: winter family fun – and an award!!

2 February 2013 My 15 minutes

How cool is this? I just found out that Postcards from the Mothership won third place in the “Art and Photography” category of the Canadian Weblog Awards!! I had been nominated in three (!) categories: Best Parenting Blog, Best Blog about Life and Best Art and Photography Blog. (And a HUGE thank you to whomever […]

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You’re shivering anyway, so come out this weekend for Manotick’s ShiverFest!!

24 January 2013 Ottawa Family Fun

Hoo boy, is it cold out there or WHAT? If I understood the forecaster correctly, this is the coldest stretch of weather in Simon’s entire lifetime, and he turns nine next week. Brrrr! But this weekend, we’re warming up to a temperate minus 15C, so it will be perfect to come out and play during […]

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The one where Santa rescues her from a ditch in a red tractor on Christmas Day (true story!!)

25 December 2012 Happy holidays

I swear on everything dear to me that every word in this story is true and absolutely without embellishment. This is exactly and honestly how it happened. We went to Granny and Papa Lou’s house for a late breakfast visit this morning. My brother and his family were going to stay an extra day, but […]

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Speaking of adventures in publishing…

7 December 2012 My 15 minutes

Before I became obsessive about photography, I was in love with words. I’ve always loved to tell a tale, and to find the perfect words to do it justice. Once upon a time, I thought I might even write a book some day. Well, I didn’t exactly write a book, but in the same week […]

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Christmas Tree Quest, 2012 edition

2 December 2012 Happy holidays

We are firmly in the ‘cut down yer own’ Christmas tree camp now. I can’t believe we resisted for as long as we did! The problem this year was that December 1 seemed a wee bit early to get one, but December 8 seemed way too late. In the end, we carpe-d the diem and […]

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In which she decides that maybe she doesn’t like living in the countryside so much after all

13 November 2012 Happy @ home

Annual leaf rake-up, Bag 1 What a gorgeous day to be outside. Yanno, I really don’t mind raking up the leaves. I rarely have an excuse to come out and enjoy the yard this time of year, and it will be a long cold winter. It’s nice to be able to get out and do […]

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Don’t blink or you’ll miss it – Manotick’s disappearing houses

7 September 2012 Postcards from Manotick

On Labour Day, I hopped on my bike for one of my favourite rides – across the island to the Long Island lock station. It’s a peaceful ride on rather crumbly but unbusy streets, past David Bartlett park, and down a dirt road that leads to the very northern tip of Long Island. The first […]

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Ottawa family fun this weekend: Manotick’s Picnic in the Park and Soapbox Derby

22 August 2012 Ottawa Family Fun

Phew, I’ve been so busy telling you about family fun on the Mayan Riviera that I almost forgot to tell you about terrific family fun this weekend right here in Manotick! Sunday August 26 will be Manotick’s annual Picnic in the Park, with a reprise of last year’s very successful soapbox derby. Details from the […]

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Kale Caesar!

9 August 2012 Eating and thinking and thinking about eating

Here’s an actual conversation that I would have never in a million years expected to hear around our dinner table. Beloved, gesturing at salad: “Is there kale in this?” Me: “No, we didn’t get any in the CSA this week.” Beloved: “Aw, that’s too bad.” Me: “I know, but it looks like we get some […]

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Celebrate Ottawa’s history with free family fun at the Rideau Canal Festival this weekend

30 July 2012 Ottawa Family Fun

All summer long, I have been meaning to write a series of posts about the history of the Rideau Canal and how it is tied up with the history of Manotick. Each day I work I drive 20 km back and forth beside our gorgeous Canal, and I often think about how integral it is […]

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