Christmas Tree Quest, 2012 edition

by DaniGirl on December 2, 2012 · 1 comment

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We are firmly in the ‘cut down yer own’ Christmas tree camp now. I can’t believe we resisted for as long as we did! The problem this year was that December 1 seemed a wee bit early to get one, but December 8 seemed way too late. In the end, we carpe-d the diem and launched the festive season with a vengeance yesterday. First, we went to the Manotick Santa parade, always a favourite. Then, we grabbed our saw and headed out to Thomas Tree farm.

The first year we got a live tree, we went to Ian’s Evergreen Plantation, which is apparently now called “Ian’s Christmas Adventure Park”. It’s a great place! There’s a play structure, a petting zoo, bonfire and wagon rides. We loved the experience. Last year, we went to Hillcrest Tree Farm just south of Manotick. It was a very different and much more low-key experience. If you’re looking to simply get in, get your tree and get out without a lot of walking, I’d highly recommend Hillcrest, and we adored our tree last year.

We debated the ‘experience’ versus ‘convenience’ factor and instead decided to embrace the unknown by trying something new this year, so we headed out to Thomas Tree Farm just a touch south of North Gower. We’ve found a new favourite, and we’ll be heading back there next year!

We bypassed the wagon ride out to the field and decided to walk the path out to get our tree. How lovely is this, they way they line the paths with leaves?

Wintry path (we're hunting Christmas trees!)

We scouted around until we had the perfect tree. I liked this one that Mother Nature had already decorated. (Amy said on Instagram that this one was clearly the lot tramp, prolific little thing. Had I seen that comment earlier, I would have had to take this one home with us. Beloved likes the Charlie Brown Christmas trees, but I’m fond of the trampy ones!)

This one comes with decorations!

Eventually, we found one we could all love. Beloved set to work with the saw while Lucas made sure he was on track.

Christmas tree quest 2012-1

(My children look like they got dressed in the dark, I know. They do have hats and mitts that more or less match their jackets, but they loved the Ottawa 67s logo hats they got from the Riverside South Broadway Restaurant at the Manotick Santa parade. Definitely the funnest parade take-away!)

Christmas tree quest 2012-3

Tristan’s now big enough that he helped carry the tree back! (sob!) But not big enough to actually cut down the tree, despite his insistence otherwise.

Christmas tree quest 2012-3

Christmas tree quest 2012-8

The menfolk enjoyed the hot chocolate and cookies while I took more photos.

Christmas tree quest 2012-11

None shall pass!

Christmas tree quest 2012-10

If you’re hunting and gathering your own Christmas tree this year, I highly recommend both Ian’s Tree Plantation and Thomas Tree Farm. I’d heard the drought this year was particuarly hard on the tree farmers, but all the trees we saw were healthy looking and it was hard to choose among many wonderful choices.

Guess what we’re doing today? I’m willing to bet there will be more photos to come!

Speaking of photos, I lost the thread of my photo-of-the-day project for a while with sporadic posting after we got back from our cruise. I’ve made a fun new project for myself, though: an Instagram-a-day with a Christmas theme every day from now until December 25. Want to play along? I’m Dani_Girl on Instagram, and I’m tagging them with the hashtag #santstagram.

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1 valerie December 2, 2012 at 11:37 am

We’ve been to Thomas before and loved it. We went to Cedarhill (near Pakenham) last year and really liked it, too (though it would have been better with more snow as they have a great sliding hill). I’ve always found Ian’s too busy for my liking, though friends go every year.

Lovely pictures, Dani. Did Tristan have trouble with the saw or did you just not let him? Sarah has cut ours the last couple of years. :)

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