Poo by any other name…

29 June 2010 Lucas

We seem to have a lot of nicknames going on in our family. I suppose I started the whole trend of renaming things which already had perfectly good names with the whole “Beloved” thing, way back when I started the blog in early 2005. Then sometime last year, for reasons that were never clear,Tristan started […]

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In which her two-year-old reminds her of the important things in life

25 April 2010 Lucas

Lucas has been sick for a couple of days now — fever, snot, cough, and holding his ears on and off. He’s been getting worse instead of better, and fearing ear infections or other bacterial infections, I made an appointment with the on-call ped today. Even though he has not previously had any problems with […]

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A love letter to Lucas, Age 2(!)

8 February 2010 Lucas

My dear darling Lucas, You are TWO today! Two years old! My goodness, was it not just last week that you arrived, late and large, to join our family? (And of course, on the other hand, have you not always been with us? How quiet our lives must have been before we had three boys […]

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Lucas speaks

5 November 2009 Lucas

Yesterday, Lucas said his first sentence, complete with subject, verb, object and preposition: “I play with Lego!” (Yes, the exclamation point was obviously in there.) Funny, he is exactly the same age – not quite 21 months – that Tristan was when Tristan said his first full sentence: “I bump head.” Sadly, Simon’s first sentence […]

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These are the things I want to remember

6 October 2009 Lucas

These are the things I want to remember about life with 20-month old Lucas. I write them here because they are ephermal, because they’ll disappear in the blink of an eye or the beat of a heart and I won’t even notice they’re gone, and someday I’ll be sad that I didn’t capture them a […]

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The Apple Thief

16 August 2009 Lucas

I was checking my e-mail and playing on the computer early yesterday morning when my “uh oh, it’s a little *too* quiet” radar went off. I poked my nose into the kitchen, and found Lucas kneeling contentedly smack in the middle of the kitchen table, a half-eaten apple in his hand. Makes a pretty good […]

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We called him Lucas Sawyer, but his real name is Chaos

11 August 2009 Lucas

The word chaos keeps creeping into my life lately. A friend recently asked me if the jump from two kids to three was really that much of a change. After I finished snickering, I replied, “You know how with two kids, life can have these intensely chaotic peaks, with streches of peace and calm in […]

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A shameless brag or a plea for reinforcements?

30 June 2009 Lucas

I’ve taken to calling Lucas “Sir Edmund Hillary” because there is nothing that he won’t try to climb. Why? Because it’s there. I’ve gotten quite laissez-faire about chasing him off the stairs. I don’t rush to take him off the kitchen table any more. (But I do keep the kitchen chairs stacked on the opposite […]

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Talk to me about sleep training

14 May 2009 Lucas

First, I loved your comments on my last post, where I asked you your thoughts about letting my five- and seven-year-old boys walk around the block together alone. For now, we’ve decided to hold off, and I swear it’s not because my mother called me up the night I posted it and more or less […]

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In which Lucas makes his preference clear

27 April 2009 Baby days

I was just settling into the comfy chair with Lucas, preparing for our regular bedtime routine. He’ll nurse for a few minutes and then I’ll cuddle him to sleep – the third child truly is spoiled rotten. I’d just pulled him in close when I realized I’d completely forgotten to give him his after-dinner bottle. […]

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