Lucas speaks

Yesterday, Lucas said his first sentence, complete with subject, verb, object and preposition: “I play with Lego!” (Yes, the exclamation point was obviously in there.) Funny, he is exactly the same age – not quite 21 months – that Tristan was when Tristan said his first full sentence: “I bump head.” Sadly, Simon’s first sentence has been lost to the sands of time.

It’s a relief to finally be able to interact with Lucas on a verbal level. He clearly understands almost everything we say, and mimics us with startling clarity. With words come reason; I can begin to explain cause-and-effect and temporal relationships, making my life so incredibly much easier. And Lucas is obviously delighted to be finally able to express himself, his desires, his concerns. “I draw!” he often says, as Tristan does his homework. “Juice!” he demands, pointing at the cupboard where the cups are kept. “3-2-1-beep!” he calls, pointing at the microwave that warms his bottle.

His favourite expression, and ours, is an enthusiastic and undeniably Buckwheat-like “O-TAY!!” of agreement. While trick-or-treating with his brothers last weekend, I couldn’t quite convince him to say “trick or treat” as he shyly gazed at the strangers smiling down at him. I’d say “Can you say ‘trick or treat’?” and he’s reply with a loud and bright “O-TAY!!” that seemed to charm the candy-givers even more than a shy “trick or treat” might have. We left many smiles in our wake as we roamed the neighbourhood.

This morning, he utterly delighted me by peering around the edge of the newspaper I was reading and saying, “Hi baby!”

Some day, he’s going to get a lot of traction from that line…

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6 thoughts on “Lucas speaks”

  1. I loved that stage where the words were new and had to be used to describe even what was evident. Ken and I joked about Reid being “open-captioned” as she announced what she was doing in the same way the crawler on the tv describes what is being said/done. I’m a geek to think of that but there you go.

    Hooray for Lucas and (the possibility of) reason.

  2. So cute…and smart. I am off to India for 5 weeks but will try to keep up with your blog while travelling. I need my daily danigirl fix.

  3. Awwwww! I’ve forgotten what the boy’s first sentence was (oops!) but this is a reminder to make sure I remember the next one’s words of wisdom!

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