How to host an at-home art themed birthday party for seven year old boys in five easy steps

7 February 2015 Lucas

For his birthday party this year, Lucas was insistent on an at-home party. Really, I asked. Are you SURE? I am always willing to throw money at an on-location party, partly so someone else will have to deal with the mess and the noise and the chaos, and party because I am just not the […]

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A love letter to Lucas, Age 6

8 February 2014 Lucas

My dear, sweet Lucas, today you are six! years! old! Sweet Lucas, you are an adorable kid. You are warm and affectionate and love to share kisses and hugs, not only with your mom and dad, but grandparents and teachers, too. You draw beautiful artwork woven with expressions of “I love you mom” written right […]

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A love letter to Lucas, Age 5

8 February 2013 Lucas

My sweet baby Lucas, you are FIVE years old today! Lucas, you are growing up waaaaaay too quickly. Not only are you five years old, but you are a clever and advanced for five, so much so that sometimes we forget you’re still wee. And I know for a fact you think you’re a peer […]

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Great moments in parenting – the birthday party fail edition

30 January 2013 Lucas

I thought I had it all under control. Clearly, I did not. Poor Lucas, poster boy for the third child, has reached the ripe old age of five and has never had a birthday party. Knowing this, we started making plans to ensure he actually got one this year in December, even though his birthday […]

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Flashback faves: BOB books

29 January 2013 Books

Almost six years ago, I wrote this sponsored blog post for MotherTalk books, which eventually became Mom Central Canada. Tristan was five and a half at the time, and I still remember how he gobbled up the BOB books for beginning readers. Last week, we dusted them off for a-week-shy-of-five-years-old Lucas, and watched the same […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Lucas’s first day of school

12 September 2012 Lucas

I thought I’d have more to say, but I don’t eve know where to start. After four and a half years of sharing my Wednesdays with Lucas, I’ve just come home to an empty house after dropping him off at his first day of school. I miss him. Is it 11:30 yet?

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“But I don’t want a curly-haired teacher!”

24 August 2012 Ah, me boys

We’re at the dinner table (how many of my posts start out like this? I adore our family dinners!) and discussing the kindergarten teachers at the school. Lucas begins junior kindergarten this year – I’m not ready! Between being on the school council and picking the boys up at the school, I know most of […]

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A love letter to Lucas, Age 4

8 February 2012 Lucas

My sweet Lucas, today you are FOUR years old! In the last few weeks and months, so many of our family and friends have commented on how much you’ve grown up recently. You’ve lost your pudgy toddler stance and are now growing long and lean like your oldest brother. Your face is still sweetly soft, […]

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Liveblogging the move to a big-boy bed

1 March 2011 Lucas

So I had this idea that I would live-blog Lucas’s move to a big-boy bed. I mean, this is the last time I get to do this, right? After nine years of faithful and nearly constant service (save for a quick break from 2006 through 2008) this crib has logged near-constant use. I even sat […]

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A love letter to Lucas, Age 3

7 February 2011 Lucas

My sweet and silly Lucas, happy birthday to you! No longer the toddler tyrant my son, now you are a precocious and precious preschooler. Three years old! I can hardly believe it! You, my littlest one, are relentlessly curious and in that aggravating endearing phase of questioning everything. Everything. EV-ERY-THING. Who knew “why” could be […]

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