A shameless brag or a plea for reinforcements?

by DaniGirl on June 30, 2009 · 3 comments

in Lucas

I’ve taken to calling Lucas “Sir Edmund Hillary” because there is nothing that he won’t try to climb. Why? Because it’s there.

I’ve gotten quite laissez-faire about chasing him off the stairs. I don’t rush to take him off the kitchen table any more. (But I do keep the kitchen chairs stacked on the opposite side of the kitchen from the table to discourage him just a bit.) And I’ve completely given up on trying to dissuade him from his “climb onto the end table, over the arm of the couch, crawl or lurch the length of the couch and then roll off the other arm” loop that he’ll happily run five or six times in succession.

We were at the playground yesterday, and he gave me quite the piece of his mind when I pulled him off the ladder (at a height of about five feet) on the big-kids’ play structure. He’s fearless, and relentless. It’s a terrifying combination in a third child!!

But man is he smart! Of course, I’m completely unbiased, but he seems to understand an uncanny amount of instruction for a 16-month old. He will get his own shoes or diaper if you ask him to, and although he hates to be interrupted from his adventures for a diaper change, he will settle down if I explain to him that it will only take a moment for a diaper change and then he can continue playing.

I don’t remember the other boys being so obsessively persistent. He has actually whacked me with a book as I type fiercely on the computer, trying to get something done, when he has decided it’s time for me to read the Busy Little Spider RIGHT NOW. (He’s also tried to push me away from the sink while I was washing dishes and has reached over to pull the camera away from my face. The boy knows his own mind!

My favourite thing about Lucas right now, though, is how he loves his toys. He will sit and play quite happily with any kind of action figure, but he loves Bob the Builder the best. He’s discovered Simon’s superhero figures, though, and it’s rather adorable to hear him say “Ba-Man” and “Spi-Man”. (He doesn’t, mind you, say Tristan or Simon yet, but he’s got his superheros down cold.

And let me tell you, there’s going to be hell to pay if that child says Wolverine before he says Mommy!

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1 Amber June 30, 2009 at 2:52 pm

I think that each successive child gets a greater leg up from watching older siblings. My own second child is just relentless and far more eloquent even as a baby when it comes to making his mind known. I alternate between being proud and being very, very afraid that he will kill himself.

2 SC June 30, 2009 at 9:10 pm

Your post is reminding me so much of E right now… he crawled for the first time today and sat up on his own (from his belly) for the first time. He won’t stay still now and is all about pulling himself up on everything he can get his hands on. When I try to entertain him with something else (less exciting from his standpoint), he gets upset until I let him go back to the self-strength moves! I am loosing my mind!

3 liz June 30, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Delicious and terrifying!

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