Win an HP Photosmart Wireless Premium Fax All-in-One

Remember back at the end of April, when I blogged about the nice folks at Hil and Knowlton sending me an HP Photosmart Wireless Premium Fax All-in-One printer?

C’mon, you remember this, right?

HP Photosmart around the house (3 of 3)

And remember there was a second HP promotion going on that I mentioned in the same post, called Moms for Simplicity? It was an HP contest, but only Americans could enter.

Well, the fantastic folks at Hill and Knowlton Canada (see, I *told* you they “get” blogger relations) just sent me an e-mail and guess what? They feel so bad about the whole mix-up that they’ve got ANOTHER HP Photosmart Wireless Premium Fax All-in-One — for me to give away to one of you! Isn’t that terrific?

To win your very own HP Photosmart Wireless Premium Fax All-in-One, which I can now attest is one sweet printer that Beloved was totally right in having a technogasm over, you’ve got to follow these simple rules.

(1) You must live in Canada.
(2) You must leave a comment on this post before 5 pm EST on Tuesday, May 26, 2009.
(3) In your comment, you must provide a suggestion of something I can photograph for my 365 Project. Suggest a person, a theme, a still-life, an object, a location in the greater Ottawa area — inspire me with your creativity!
(4) One entry per person.
(5) One winner will be chosen at random the evening of Tuesday May 26.
(6) You must be willing to provide to me your mailing address, and I will forward it to Hill and Knowlton, who will ship the printer/fax/scanner to you.

Yay! Happy Friday and good luck!

Author: DaniGirl

Canadian. storyteller, photographer, mom to 3. Professional dilettante.

64 thoughts on “Win an HP Photosmart Wireless Premium Fax All-in-One”

  1. Here’s an idea.We know what you look like behind the lens. What do you look like behind the computer? I’d like to see a picture of “where you’re at” when you’re blogging. Take that as literally or figuratively as you like.
    Have fun.

  2. I saw this recently on Apartment Therapy I think it was but loved the idea: taking portraits of the backs of people’s head!

    Thanks to you and Hill and Knowlton for the oppourtunity.

  3. Some lingerie stores have beautiful and colourful displays of underwear. I bet you could take an awesome photo there.

  4. Right now there are tons of baby Canada Geese hanging out at the pond at the Nortel complex on Carling (just north of the Moodie highway exit). They’d make adorable and patriotic subjects!

  5. Oh, thanks for making this happen, Dani!

    I know you like to go to Sassy Bead with your boys (unless you were talking about a different bead store I don’t know about…) I bet you’d get tons of things to shoot at either of their locations!

    And extending on Kathleen’s suggestion, what about “hidden spaces”, places that people don’t normally look at closely? Under the bathroom sink, in kitchen cabinets, under the sofa…

  6. Great start but Colleen? Are you trying to get me arrested or beat up? A camera in a lingerie store, eh?

    Ha, captcha = on priest. I am really not sure I want to know what that priest was doing with a camera in lingerie!

  7. fresh strawberries are so plentiful right now! They would be so delicious to photograph!

  8. I went walking with Sammy’s school along the old Quarry trail off Eagleson this week. We saw a porcupine – so huge and gorgeous. There is also a tree with almost a ladder-type effect caused by woodpecker holes – very cool/abstract looking. And we found pieces of birch bark with small round holes that were interesting, too. And your boys would love the walk. 🙂

  9. It’d be tricky and you’d have to be patient…but an act of kindness in progress. Today, I saw a young child fall over while picking dandelions and bonk his head on an exposed tree root. I don’t know what he was more upset about, his wounded head or all the flowers he had clutched in his his chubby two year old fist, scattered on the lawn. Before I got to him, an even younger child kissed his head and handed him her fist full of carefully picked yellow dandelions. I wish I had had a camera to capture her compassionate and proud face and his tearful, grateful smile.

    Surely, you could find an act of kindness downtown?

  10. Thanks for the giveaway – I was going to suggest the stalls at the Byward or Parkdale market, but I have to say that I totally love Joanne’s suggestion of catching an act of kindness in progress!


  11. And if I’d taken a minute to read your previous post, I’d know that you already did the Byward Market thing. Sigh. I hope it’s enough to say that it’s been an insane week in my neck of the woods. Maybe we can just chalk it up to “great minds…and all that jazz”?

    PS…The dominoes? Dominos? LOVE THEM!

  12. I think that you should take a picture of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Remembrance Day after the crowd has left. It will be covered with poppies. The first year, people spontaneously left them there and now it’s a tradition. The blood red petals against the grey stone would be striking, even under a grim November sky.

    And now you’ll have an idea for the home stretch of your 365 project.

  13. Cool Contest,

    For a 365er in Ottawa I would suggest hitting every museum, especially the new Nature Museum [inside it looks wonderful]. If your into Dinosaurs (I love em) you can get a couple of decent shots.


  14. great contest!

    At this time of year, the Agriculture Museum has a lot of adorable baby animals. I love the freshness of them and the representation of life that they offer.

  15. during my 365, when the going got long, i would do a music/lyric theme couple of days. a contact of mine actualy did 50+ days of beatles songs,lol…not suggesting that exactly, but it was damn cool. put him totally off the boys for a while after though!
    now i love the storypeople site for inspiration…

  16. What about a colour theme? One week everything red, next week green, next week blue…kwim?

    Sign me up!

  17. my husband’s suggestion is toe jam. I thought I would make it a little more classy by saying newly pedicured toes, in sandals. or maybe on the beach down at moony’s bay?

  18. This is excellent. It looks much, much better than the printer my husband found in the garbage.
    My suggestion is to photograph a different park or playground every day. As a mom I sure spent a lot of time at our playround. The colours of the play structures are pretty awesome, never mind throwing some kids in. It would be a neat way to learn about other great parks and playgrounds in the city too. Maybe it would make me want to visit one!

  19. I’ve always wanted to go around and take photos of old beat-up buildings, the series would be titled ‘former glory’ or something of that nature… The thought is that they look old and beat up now, but at one time they were someones baby – something to be really proud of. I thought about that when I was living in Germany, where especially in the east there are so many beautiful old buildings that were completely abandoned.
    I would guess that in downtown Ottawa you could find at least a few of these.
    I’d also like to try that out on old barns and perhaps cars (typically located behind the barns 😉

  20. I am currently working on a project of taking a picture of my front door in all four seasons–but it obviously takes a year to complete. I’m 3/4 of the way through and hope they look cool framed and displayed together.

  21. Two easy ideas for series of images

    1 – go down to the Humane Society and take an image a day of a different pet up for adoption, donate the image to the society.

    2 – summer perennial from bud to bloom

  22. The little things your kids do that make them unique. For example my daughter has a blankey that she likes to touch to her nose. I’ve got a picture of her doing it because one day, too soon, she won’t need that blankey anymore.

  23. I’d love to see cityscapes with a message – showing the homeless in front of Starbucks, women in their business suits with runners on… I dunno, things that show the bizarreness of the way the world works.

  24. I recently penned a bit of a love story to Ottawa on my blog but I also know its darker side as I used to work at one of the major homeless shelters downtown – what about soup kitchen photos or other scenes of socio economic struggle?

    (saying this I know can bring up questions of your safety, and permission to take photos, etc. – just another idea!)

  25. I have a theme for you: things we like to hide. The slip peeking out from your skirt, the medicine cabinet in disarray, the crap under the bed. Photograph the way we hid it, and the way it is when exposed. Those are three things I can think of – finding an interesting photo out of that will be challenging, but the essence of humanity. After all, aren’t we always trying to hide something?

  26. I know you have done the stalls in the market but what about the local Farmer’s market in Manotick or on Bank Street – often you can get a farmer in traditional farmer’s clothes – telling the real story on what goes into growing our food.

    Or go to a local berry farm and get a picture of the strawberries growing

    Or soccer season is just starting – what about a picture of that – making it different – like the foot and the ball connecting or something like that.

  27. I was going to suggest the museum angle but it’s alread taken. I do like that one though.

    How about taking pics of some of the pubs (inside and/or outside)? Some of them have quite ornate designs and motifs.

    You could also try snapping shots of the historic buildings in and around Ottawa.

    How about more shots of the tax castle?

    As for people…perhaps Michaëlle Jean. The International Children’s Festival is coming up too. Doors Open Ottawa happens on June 6 and 7 and it’s a great opportunity for the public to get tours of some of the interestng buildings in Ottawa. I’m sure you can find some great architectural shots there. You might even see some nice people pictures too (perhaps the security guards or tour guides)?

    That’s about it for ideas.

  28. Oh my goodness, I should have asked you guys for ideas a long time ago!

    Now, who’s going to babysit while I chase down all these awesome ideas??? Hello, anyone???

  29. Even before I saw your photo today of the three boys at Gloucester Fair I was going to suggest (trying!) to get a great photo of all three kids together – because I know how hard it is to get a nice picture of one of the kids let alone all three! A picture of the three of them together that shows their sizes relative to each other while Lucas is so much smaller would be worth trying to get !

  30. Shakespear in the Park at Strathcona Park. Strathcona Park is located at the bottom of Charlotte Avenue where it turns meets Laurier, right next to the river. There is a gorgeous outdoor playhouse where they (I can’t remember the name of the theatre company) holds Shakespear in the Park in the summertime. There is also a gorgeous fountain that when running is just beautiful.

    I used to work over there, play ball at that park and drive by it at least once a week I have yet to stop with my camera. Perhaps my next trip to Sandy Hill I will do just that. Hope you make the trip, the kids would probably love it too.

  31. Count me in.

    How about you head to Upper Canada Village and take some photos of the people in period costume. And of the St Laurence River.


  32. What about somewhere like Shirley’s Bay in the west end of Ottawa. I think it would be great in the winter time when you can see the vastness of the Ottawa River…

  33. Hmmmm. I don’t know Ottawa well enough to suggest local flavour but I would suggest a series of kids in car seat shots. We spend so much of our parenting lives hauling kids in and out of their car/booster seats, and yet, we rarely keep track of they way kids spend their lives in them. Plus, this suggestion has the added bonus of challenging you vis-a-vis light and angles.

  34. How close are you to a flight path. Planes are cool!

    I noticed on the weekend that all the apple trees are full of blossoms

    A photo of Lucas…printed and held by Simon..printed and held by Tristan (I think Beach Mama did this)

    I saw a Ferrari on the road out to Calabogie yesterday…there has to be a lot of really nice cars out now that the weather is better

    Yard Sale Signs..Yard Sale Finds

    Your desk at work

    Weekly or biweekly progress of a vegetable or flower garden


  35. Hey D – I’m all for free stuff…

    My idea – and I got this from OWL magazine my kids were reading. You know the page where show a picture when they have zoomed in on one part of an animal or thing (bike, toaster, car) and you have to guess what it is??? S&N had a great time with it and I am sure you could fill a week with some cool shots…and make us guess for huge prizes like, I don’t know…nothing but the satisfaction of guessing it…..

  36. The printer/fax/scanner on the toilet is hard to beat! I fell in love with Ottawa 14 years ago because of the various bodies of water and still love them all! I’m not sure if you can take an underwater or at the surface with your camera, but if you can, that might be a cool pic! At the bottom of hog’s back falls, or the sculptures by westboro in Ottawa River or one of your boys’ feet in the local wading pool?

    Pick me, pick me!

  37. since you work in the Market, what about a picture of the gates at Parliament?

    have you ever looked at them closely? The iron work is beautiful 🙂

  38. What about the kayakers in the rapids just off the Parkway? At the bridge to Aylmer. So neat!

  39. I’m drooling. Not quite a technogasm, but I’m at work, so I have to restrain myself. What a great contest!

    I would love to see a good silhouette of the boys & Beloved against a sunset, profile. Or maybe silly poses. I’m thinking of scuba diving and the silhouettte shots I learned to take – can you do with a land camera? Probably? (Can you tell I don’t know much about photography. You are way, way beyond me. And I love looking at your Project 365 project.)

  40. We are moving back to Canada in a matter of days (But do have a Canadian address effective May 1!) and must buy a new printer so how cool would it be to win one!

    My photo suggestion is an interesting “portrait” of the three boys. I have three boys as well and have no luck getting a photo of all three of them that looks decent. One pose that seems to work most times is them on their stomachs in a row looking at the camera…but I can only have so many of those before it gets ridiculous!

  41. For some reason, I get lots of Flickr hits on a photo I took of my daughter’s bookshelf (she’s about the same age as Simon). It’s kind of neat to see the books, puzzles and toys that other kids have! Another suggestion…whatever you’re eating for lunch! 🙂 Thanks for the contest!

  42. What about a shot of your littlest in the middle of your older two boys, with their heads squashed together. Your older two would be looking straight at the camera, and your little doing whatever littles do. Then crop it to show just one of the older two’s eyes, but both of Lucas’. So three heads, but four eyes. Follow?

    (While I think this would be a cool picture, I know it would be near impossible to take of my own three. I’ll try anyways.)

  43. I love sequential photo series. I have always wanted to create a multi-photo collection playing with depth of the shots. I envision a subject moving along some type of line – a road, a path, train tracks, an old fence line. I think the key to creating the depth is what lies on the sides of your line, it would have to be a constant to not take focus away from the rest of the shots – overhanging trees, flowers, cars, etc. The subject in the photos for the most part can stay constant, same position, same expression, same clothing. Their position and demeanor in the shots can set the tone for the series…for a happier tone, the subject can be smiling and coming closer to the camera with each shot (symbolizing love, togetherness, etc), or, alternatively be shot from behind moving away from the shot (growing up, loss, being left alone).

    I love the idea of throwing something unexpected into the shots, particularly in the final picture – for example, a sudden wardrobe change, an object suddenly in hand, a mask, a child appearing and standing at their side…the options are endless and can bring additional meaning into the series. What would be key for this to work is that all other factors remain constant throughout the series to draw attention to the change.

    I left the idea somewhat vague on purpose because the options are really endless with what you can do and what feeling you want to convey.

    Hope you like it!

  44. Beautiful photos!!! I see you have a decent camera with a good depth of field!
    It would be interesting to see some racing car photos… the one of the kids at the fair reminded me of that!

    Maybe even do a composite shot with the kids in the foreground observing some scene and then layer the background to show whatever they are looking at.. it could be completely out of their imagination too and you can ask them what they would be looking at and then take pictures of what they say (if you can hahaha)

    Oh I’m gitty, my spam word is maggot hahaha

  45. Okay, I’d love to be entered, so here is my idea: The boys enjoying the crooked kitchen at the Museum of Science and Tech.

  46. What a great site, I only came across this through the fact that I am following you on twitter as we both work for GoC I believe 😉

    Here is my suggestion for your 365 project:…it is a twist on today’s photo of people in action, however I would add the challenge of doing this in your work environment. With co-workers and colleagues (they can also be strangers) I believe we can breakdown the myth of the cubicle jungle…some people make their space there own. It actually speaks to the type of person they are in most cases 😉

    There you go….hope I win the printer…I need one 😉 Keep up the great work!


  47. Just outside of east Ottawa between Orleans and Vars, on Frank Kenny Road… there are tons of beautiful photography opportunities. I have been driving that road a lot lately and every single time I am on it, at least one photographer if not more are step on the side of the road taking photos. From my perspective its just a country road, but I am sure with your talent Dani you would see what they see. From time to time I do notice how beatuiful the sky line that meets the fields is.

    Keep up the great work with Project 365… your project post is one of the posts I look forward to reading every week!

    Now c’mon big money… bring lady luck a new HP printer!

  48. A reflective shot taken from the side mirror on one of your adventures…Beloved driving of course!!!!

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