Project 365: Are we there yet?

I’m beginning to think this whole Project 365 thing was a tad too ambitious. How’s about we settle for a Project 183 and call it a day? Not that I’m not enjoying it, but there have been days lately when I looked forward to taking another picture about as much as I look forward to picking up the dog poop in the back yard. It’s been that kind of week.

Funny, too, because I took and posted what turned out to be my most favourited, most commented-upon, and most “interesting” photo ever last Saturday. It took about two minutes to set up (that’s about $3 of black matte fabric from WalMart draped over two shoeboxes in the background) and four or five test shots before I got this one – one of my easiest set-ups ever!

117:365 Falling like dominoes

I’d had the idea in my head for a while, but it turned out way better than I’d expected. Turns out everybody else on Flickr thought so, too — it was Explored about eight hours after I posted it! It wasn’t even a difficult shot to catch — I just used a smaller aperture to slow down the shutter a bit and clicked the shutter exactly when my helpful volunteer pushed over the first domino (Tristan and Simon took turns launching the dominoes. Family fun on a rainy Saturday!) The only thing I did in Photoshop was even out the black background a bit. Neat effect, eh?

This shot wasn’t even for my 365 but for the monthly scavenger hunt. I knew when I saw the category “yellow submarine” I wanted to do something with a submarine sandwich, but even when I was heading out to Subway to pick up dinner for the family, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I figured maybe something really simple like a yellow filter. When the girl behind the counter was making Beloved’s sub and the mustard cap came off the bottle, I only hesitated for a second before asking if I could take a picture before she cleaned off the excess mustard!

121b:365 Yellow submarine

Conveniently, she was a photography student studying at Algonquin, and also on Flickr, and more than amenable to my odd photo request. And THAT’s why I carry my camera *everywhere*. And yes, this is the same Subway where I encountered Jan Harder. I walked out of that Subway with dinner for five, my MSH shot for a difficult category, Jan Harder’s business card and a bit of a receipt with Sonja’s Flickr account scrawled on it. Funny day!

The rest of this week’s photos are not nearly so interesting!

Notre Dame Basillica, because I loved the sunlight on the silver spires:

121:365 Notre Dame

Lilacs in my favourite vase/pitcher, because both the pitcher and the lilacs make me happy:

121:365 Lilacs

Fruits and veggies in the ByWard Market, also for the monthly scavenger hunt, in the category “the colour of taste”:

120:365 The colour of taste

This scaly dude was part of a Ray’s Reptiles exhibit outside the Museum of Civilization on free day. Check it out, you can see his tongue as he’s about to maw down on that plantain weed!

119:365 Tortoise

Also from the Museum of Civilization, for the monthly scavenger hunt category “colour outside the lines”:

Colour outside the lines

Lillies of the Valley, for the monthly scavenger hunt “May Day”, because in France the tradition is to give bundles of them on May 1. (My neighbour planted these in our common garden. I’m still not sure I’m happy with them because they’re a pestilence, but at least they’re a pretty pestilence that smells good.)

118:365 Lily of the valley

From last Friday, the first day the Rideau Canal was open to boaters. This is the last series of locks before the Canal dumps into the Ottawa River. I think it’s cool that they still operate the locks by hand — I’m disappointed that in this shot the Parks Canada guy got kind of washed out and lost in the detail. Will have to get in for a close-up before the end of the summer!

116:365 Rideau Canal locks

We were at the Museum of Civilization on Monday, poking around out behind it where it backs onto the Ottawa River. I knew Beloved had the boys, so I didn’t have to keep too close an eye on them as I looked for interesting things to shoot, but they lost track of me. Beloved later recounted this conversation.

“Where’s your mother?” Beloved asked the boys.

“Oh, you know,” Tristan replied with a bit of a sigh. “Probably taking pictures.” Apparently I’m not the only one who finds the whole 365 thing a little wearying at times!

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6 thoughts on “Project 365: Are we there yet?”

  1. Dani, these are beautiful, fascinating and fun.
    Not to worry if you don’t post ’em every day, you’ve got a lot going on. Just enjoy, and share with us, your loyal readers!

  2. Hi ! I also made a photo of lilies of the valley, on May Day, for my 365, because I was thinking about all my friends and parents who were enjoying a nice, warm and sunny day off. Lots of them were demonstrating too (my parents, some of my friends and co-workers). Demonstrating is also a tradition on May Day. On May day, the flowers hadn’t bloomed yet and I felt like it was a symbol of the difference between our Labour day and yours.
    Check it out :

  3. You take SUCH amazing pictures, they make me feel like I need to step up my game. Love the flowers in the pitcher pic, I must have missed it… it’s so lovely!

    Keep up 365, you’re doing a great job and you push people like me to try to be better!

  4. The museum of civilization is one of those stunning buildings I wish all buildings could be. Our city is so friggin’ gorgeous, and I never forget it.

    Idea for 365 – show me how you can make a photo of dirt beautiful.
    somebody else’s garbage
    sunflares – show us one like we’ve never seen before
    what’s old is new (open to interpretation)

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