The Family Photographer?

So I had this idea while I was in the shower. (Some people do their best thinking on the commode. Me, it’s on the shower. Something about cleanliness and fresh starts, maybe?)

Actually, it’s the evolution of an idea I’ve been toying with for a while.

You guys seem to like my pictures and be at least marginally interested in the processes involved in taking them. I was talking to a friend on the weekend who has a really nice camera that she thinks might be busted because it keeps taking crappy pictures and she doesn’t know what to do about it. I offered to start teaching her a little bit about what I’ve learned to help her improve her pictures.

What do you think of a new series of posts on Photography 101, specifically, about taking better pictures of your family and everyday life? There are tonnes and tonnes and tonnes of sites out there that will teach you about photography writ large, but I haven’t seen too many that specifically talk about what I wanted when I set out on my 365: how to improve your skills as the family photographer. (The Pioneer Woman’s photography feed is about the closest thing I’ve found.)

I’m far from a professional photographer and don’t really aspire to be one, but I have taken courses in photography and I’ve got a pretty good grasp of the basics that I’d like to share. Even moreso, I think I would learn a lot by sharing the process with you guys!

And because I never do anything half way I was even thinking about setting up a whole separate blog for this and calling it “The Family Photographer.” It would have a regular “topic of the week” post, and then if you guys were really keen, we could have a group on Flickr where we could post photos and discuss them and have a little learning critique going on. No fancy gear required, just a camera and an Internet connection.

Topics would include all the basics, from exposure to composition, always in the context of improving your everyday photos of your family, pets, vacations and special occasions… the pictures that really matter!

What do you think? Would you be interested in something like this? If so, take a second and let me know in the comments whether you personally would prefer (a) I keep it as a part of this blog or (b) on a separate blog. Would you join a Flickr group and upload pictures occassionally to make it a really interactive group? Any thoughts, comments and observations are welcome! (And if you know something like this that’s already out there, do let me know!)

And don’t forget, you only have until 5 pm tomorrow (Tuesday May 26) to enter the contest to win the HP Photosmart Wireless Premium Fax All-in-One!

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14 thoughts on “The Family Photographer?”

  1. Short, because I’m supposed to be working to a deadline:
    Either, and YES.
    You go, girl

  2. I’m IN. Wether it’s a new blog or not.

    I do think a new blog would be better – this one is called already has a good editorial line I think and even though this new topic could be inserted, I think it’s still pretty different.
    But you’re adding work for yourself if you strt a new blog, so are you sure about that ?
    And about the Flickr group, I think it’s a very good idea.

    The whole thing is a very good idea ! I’m definitely in !

  3. What do you think?

    I think you’re crazy. In about four-hundred good ways, but you don’t need to take this on.

    Would you be interested in something like this?

    I love you, but am not interested in this from you, and I mean that in the nicest way. I like your writing, your photos of your family, your opinions – and I want for you to have more time to enjoy all of those things. You don’t have to do this, even though I know you want more More MORE.

    If so, take a second and let me know in the comments whether you personally would prefer (a) I keep it as a part of this blog or (b) on a separate blog. Would you join a Flickr group and upload pictures occassionally to make it a really interactive group? Any thoughts, comments and observations are welcome!

    OH! It sounds like this means the first two questions are hardly moot – you’re going to do it anyway! So, (a) because you can just make it a sidebar thingy and I don’t have to remember another place to keep up with you, because it’s you I like most; and no, because I’m trying to spend less time on the ‘puter. But I’ll always check in on you because I love your personal stories.

    Captcha oracle:
    this savored

  4. I’m going to sound like the heavy and say don’t do it.
    As you said, there are a lot of other sites decidated to this topic.

    If you’re keen, make it part of your blog and devote a special category to it. You can post your own stuff or link out to other good resources. If you’re workload is anything like mine you probably don’t have the time and don’t need the pressure to take this on in a big way.

  5. I think if you do this it should stay in this blog. I would be interested, and I would also totally join a Flickr group and participate that way. I heart Flickr. 🙂

  6. I’m going to join Marla and Andrea and say don’t do it.

    There are a huge amount of sites out there already dedicated to this and you could easily incorporate the links you have already found and will use to create a post into your posts when you talk about your photos.

  7. I love your photos and would read a separate blog . I agree with other comments that you are taking on too much. I am an avid fan of your existing blog and do not think you should dilute it.

  8. I could go either way. I agree that you’re already writing quite a lot these days though. You’ve also struggled with the whole 365 project at a couple of points. Perhaps this concept is best left on the shelf for the time being.

  9. If you do it, I’d be in (as long as it’s for point and shoot cameras, not SLRs or digital SLR like). If you don’t do it, I wouldn’t be crushed. But it sounds like a great project. Do you have the time? You don’t do things half assed, so I guess that’s the question you need to ask yourself.

  10. Hmmm, is it telling that those of you who know me personally are telling me to back away from the keyboard — and the shutter?

    Okay, so you might have a point. The endless ocean of my enthusiasm may well be considerably larger than my ability to actually carry out this project. But, I’ll bet you’d’ve said the same thing if I’d asked your opinion before I started the 365, right? I still think it’s a terrific idea and a relatively untapped area of specialization, though.

    It’s not so much the blogging that would do me in — but the Flickr pool and critiquing may be a little too much. I might still set up the separate blog, but given the other positive responses here, I’ll defintely start including photography tips and inspiration as a regular feature here.

    As smothermother noted above, it *is* a great project idea, but when I dial down the spotlight of my infernal optimism, I truly do *not* have the time to do it justice. (And that frustrates the hell out of me!!)

    Maybe if I just stop sleeping away all those wasted hours each night…

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