Project 365: A wet week with a sunny ending

by DaniGirl on May 22, 2011 · 2 comments

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I am on a picture-taking tear these days, so much so that I keep filling up the hard drive on our laptop and have to regularly pull the pictures off the computer and store them in a separate hard drive. And life has been so busy, while I’m finding the time to take the pictures, finding time to sort through them and edit them is proving a bit of a challenge. I can haz six more hours each day, please?

I already showed you Tristan’s soggy victory at the 5K race this week, but he earned a second mention with his stoic endurance! In case you missed it, he ran his first-ever race last Saturday in the cold and pouring rain. This is about four feet before the finish line, with an impressive time of just over 30 minutes.

142:365 Goode Run (1 of 6)

Lucas didn’t run any races, but he did enjoy exploring the worms that have been loving this wet weather. Every time we leave the house now, we go through the same litany:

“Mom, robins eat worms.”
“That’s right, Lucas.”
“And worms eat dirt!”
“That’s right, Lucas.”
“So it’s like the robins are eating dirt!” (maniacal laughter)
“Well, kind of.”
“But boys don’t eat dirt.”
“That’s right, Lucas.”
“And boys don’t eat worms.”
“That’s right, Lucas.”

I give it even odds that before the end of the spring, he’s tasted both…

144:365 Wormy kind of day

I haven’t taken too many TtV shots lately because — gasp!! — my contraption doesn’t fit properly with my new camera. I was out in the garden taking pictures with both this weekend, and while I didn’t like any of the flower TtV shots I took, I did like this one. I call it “the tools of her trade.” It’s everything I need to make me happy on a Sunday afternoon — coffee, camera, and outside!

143:365 The tools of her trade

I continue to take a lot of pictures in the garden. Whomever planted it had a wonderful sense of colour and design, and we’re reaping the benefits. These tulips are standing on guard to catch the fading light of a lovely day on Friday.

148:365 Sunset tulips

Speaking of lovely days and fading light, remember how all of a sudden Mother Nature seemed to flip a switch around 4:30 last Thursday afternoon and we went from early spring to full-on summer? I took this picture that day, as something about the light and the composition evokes everything I love about summer… light, flowers, sunshine, porch. Ahhhhhhhh.

147:365 Blue bottle

Through all the trouble we had with the house last fall and winter, I kept my sanity by anticipating how great it would be in the summer. (And, luckily, I was right!) I think the thing I was looking forward to most of all was the smell of these lilacs, completely surrounding my private bedroom porch and drifting in through the bedroom window. I added a bit of texture to the picture, just to give it a bit of character.

145:365 Lilacs

And finally, my favourite picture of the week. The dandelions have completely taken over our yard despite hours of diligent plucking. And yet, despite the fact that he’s really only propagating the problem, I can’t help but love this picture of Tristan making a wish.

146:365 Wish

If you could make a wish, what would you wish for?

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1 Sara May 22, 2011 at 9:56 am

My wish is a selfish one. I wish that all the problems with finding a house would disappear and the right one would come along and work out.

2 Emily May 29, 2011 at 12:46 pm

You mentioned filling up your hard drive with pictures… I’ve had the same problem, but I recently found a bigger space filler on my laptop: Lightroom backups. My husband suggested I download DaisyDisk to show me what was taking up so much room. That’s how I discovered it. Turns out, I had about 3 years worth of backups that were taking up loads of space. So you might want to check that out, if you haven’t already!

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