Super-easy five-ingredient chicken nuggets

In our conversation about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Vicky asked for my recipe for chicken nuggets. I’m happy to share — I wish I’d started making them like this 10 years ago!

For the five of us I use three chicken breasts, although I’m going to have to start making up a fourth soon — the boys get to the end of their chicken before they get to the end of their appetite! You need: chicken breasts, bread crumbs, seasonings to taste (I use chili powder and a little fresh ground pepper, sometimes some oregano), milk and white vinegar.

You also need two flat-bottomed bowls or deep plates. In one bowl, dump your bread crumbs and seasonings. I use about 3/4 of a cup of breadcrumbs. In other bowl, dump 1/3 of a cup of milk (I’m speculating about the measurements here — that’s why I like cooking instead of baking. Accuracy is not one of my strengths in the kitchen!) and drop a capful of vinegar into the milk. I know, that sounds disgusting, but it turns the milk into buttermilk and thickens it up a bit. Trust me! Also, lay out your baking sheet so you have an assembly-line — chicken then milk then crumbs then cookie sheet.

Cut your chicken into nugget or strip sized pieces. I usually cut off the filet first, then cut across the width in two inch strips, so each breast gives eight to ten pieces. Dunk in the buttermilk mixture, roll in the crumbs, pushing down a bit so they stick really well, and place on the cookie sheet.

Bake for 20 minutes at 400F, turning half way. Serve with your family’s favourite dipping sauces!

For a variation, I’ve used caesar salad dressing instead of the buttermilk. It’s a little messier, but a nice variant.

So it’s your turn — I’m always looking for side-dish ideas. Care to share your ideas for a nice healthy side for chicken nuggets?

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6 thoughts on “Super-easy five-ingredient chicken nuggets”

  1. just to add to your recipe, i mix parmesan cheese with my bread crumbs and cook them on a drying rack placed on the cookie sheet. it makes them a little crunkier. i love love love home made chicken nuggets.

    a good side that you can cook along side your chicken is roasted cauliflower. cut up one head in bigish chunks. 2 tblsp veg oil (olive oil has too quick a burning temp and doesn’t work as well) 1 tblsp sesame oil, corse salt to taste. mix it all up spread it on a baking sheet. cook for about 30 mins in 400F and toss once. hmmm…

  2. Thanks for posting the recipe! I’m going to try them out this week. For side dishes, we do a lot of steamed carrots and green beans. I really like the Europe’s Best or Arctic Gardens frozen veggies – just pop them in the microwave in a covered dish with a bit of water for 5 mins, and add a bit of butter! Also my son just discovered Edamame at a friend’s birthday party and loved them! I’m going to have to look for some the next time I grocery shop. bee

  3. Mmmm, those sound delicious! And they are crying out for homemade sweet potato oven fries. Take a sweet potato (or well, more depending on the number of servings), slice into fry-like pieces, parboil for about 5 minutes, toss lightly with olive oil and salt and pepper or other seasonings to taste (I like paprika, or chili powder if we’re daring), put on a cookie sheet and bake at 450F for 5 minutes, turn the temperature down to 375F and bake for 20-30 minutes, depending on your preferred level of crispness, turning every 8-10 minutes or so.

  4. Oooo! I love this! I want to try them!

    Would you mind if I linked to this post in my next Food Revolution Fridays post at Notes From the Cookie Jar? (unless, of course, you want to use it as an entry for a Kid’s Kitchen recipe card pack) 🙂

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