A few of the great products from the PC Holiday Insider’s Report

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So remember I got that great big box of goodies filled with PC Holiday treats a couple of weeks ago? It was followed up by two more shipments of goodies, each item wrapped and dated in the most delightful advent-style grocery calendar.

I’m pretty spoiled. I think this is the third — maybe fourth? — time the good peeps at President’s Choice and Hill and Knowlton have hooked me up with treats from the Insider’s Report. And to be honest? This batch was the best so far. BEST!! Not that I would ever dare to complain about free groceries, but some of the items in previous blitzes were head-scratchers to me, either things not to our family’s taste or things we couldn’t quite figure out how to use. (Don’t worry, nothing went to waste and whatever we didn’t use found a good home elsewhere.)

But the PC Insider Report stuff for this holiday season? OMG, delicious! The jumbo cashews and the Gourmet Belgian chocolates (!!) were huge hits around here. The 100% Hawaiian Medium Roast Coffee is just as good — maybe even better! — than my go-to favourite PC Great Canadian Coffee. The whole family voted two thumbs up for the PC Red Velvet Cheesecake. The PC Chocolate Fruit Fancies disappeared so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to try them! (They must have disappeared from the website, too. Couldn’t find them anywhere!)

There were lots of neat ideas for gift-giving, including two sizes of PC Baker’s Gift Loaf Pan, which I thought was a really neat idea. It’s a set of six cardboard pans that you can use to bake up some holiday treats (like maybe the yummy and easy-to-use PC Belgian Chocolate Square Baking Mix), and then give away without having to worry about the container. They even come with cute red ribbons! I’d love to show you the link to them, but no matter how I try to search for them I can’t find them on the PC product website. (This happened last year, too. Love PC products, but their website makes me insane.)

But I think my absolute favourite of them all were these drool-worth PC Mini Peanut Butter Melts. We’re on our third bag this month!! They’re delicious baked into muffins (Beloved’s specialty) and I can just imagine them in cookies, but I like to snack on them right out of the bag. In fact, maybe you’d better not try them. They’re crack!

Oh, I should mention, there were a few other non-dessert items thrown in. In fact, the Dine-In Tonight Slow Cooked Beef Bourguignon is on the menu for tonight — I’ve been itching to try this one. Beloved and Simon particularly enjoyed the PC Dry-Seasoned Rotisserie-Style Chicken Wings, although I must admit I slathered mine in a coating of hot-wing sauce. (When we order wings in a pub, I pretty much like to suck off the sauce and pass on the chicken, but that’s just me.)

President’s Choice has a lot of great new products for the holiday season, but my very favourite of all of them wasn’t even among the products I received. Have you tried the new Blue Menu Spicy Basmati Rice with Edamame? Again, drool-worthy. I buy this every single time I go to the grocery store lately. It’s great as a side dish to my super-easy five-ingredient chicken fingers, and a portion of the bag also makes for a reasonably healthy and filling quick lunch.

In all, we received 24 awesome products in three drop shipments, and there was not a single one we didn’t enjoy. Thank you very much to my friends at H&K for another fun season of PC Holiday joy — both for the terrific products, and for the great fun the boys had anticipating and opening each day’s grocery gift. And of course, the packing peanuts.

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