Introducting our newest sponsor: the National Arts Centre!

I‘m delighted to say thank you and welcome to the latest hand-picked supporter of the blog, the National Arts Centre! Please take a moment to admire the little ad in the sidebar to your right. 🙂

If you live in Ottawa, chances are you have been to the NAC. But did you know they’re celebrating their 40th anniversary this year? (Coincidentally, two of my other favourite things, Sesame Street and me, are also 40!) And in their 40th year, they’ve embraced digital media with a vengeance — this is not your grandmother’s NAC!!

Did you know they’ve got a blog and they’re on Twitter? How about YouTube? Flickr? Podcasts? They’ve totally embraced the social media milieu, with great results.

And how cool is this? There’s an interactive service called NAC Music Box, where you can search the NAC archives and make playlists of your favourites. I love it!

Thanks, NAC, for your support, and welcome to the Mothership!

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