February 2010

The Thousand Picture Project: Colours and cakes

13 February 2010 Photo of the Day

The theme for this week’s pictures was definitely colour. Maybe I’m pining for spring, but everywhere I looked this week I saw colours begging to be photographed. Like these kiddie bowls from Ikea. In 365 days of being desperate for something, anything to photograph, during which I used these bowls every single day, it never […]

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Survivor Heros vs Villians = AWESOME!

12 February 2010 Life, the Universe and Everything

So, did you watch Survivor last night? Way wicked cool, no? Definitely shaping up to be one of the most intense Survivors ever. If you’re a fan, you’ll love this: Jeff Probst blogging the premiere! Poor Rupert, my heart broke for him when he broke his toe. And did you catch the preview for next […]

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Did I forget to touch wood or something?

11 February 2010 It IS all about me

It seems somehow both painfully ironic and sublimely fitting that in the days since I posted a meandering article rife with smugness about leisure time and how zen I am about the pace of my life that I have been too busy to pee, let alone consider writing another blog post. Universe 1, DaniGirl 0.

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On time

9 February 2010 Working and mothering

“Moms have more leisure time than they think!” reads the provocative headline on ParentDish, and you don’t even have to read the comments to imagine the divisive and ultimately completely unhelpful comments from both mothers and those who love to hate mothers. And of course, there were defensive howls of outrage across the mamasphere. A […]

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A love letter to Lucas, Age 2(!)

8 February 2010 Lucas

My dear darling Lucas, You are TWO today! Two years old! My goodness, was it not just last week that you arrived, late and large, to join our family? (And of course, on the other hand, have you not always been with us? How quiet our lives must have been before we had three boys […]

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In which my 7 year old reveals Obama’s egregious copyright violation

6 February 2010 Tristan

Tristan and I are in the car, sitting in the Tim’s drivethrough on the way to skating lessons. We’re listening to one of my favourite radio program on CBC, Terry O’Reilly’s The Age of Persuasion. The episode is about tag lines and slogans. As it runs through the opening, it plays a series of famous […]

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373 – 379 of 1000 pictures

5 February 2010 Photo of the Day

Now that I’m officially done the 365 project, I don’t carry my camera quite so obsessively as I did before. And yet, I still feel the need to take a picture most days, so the subject matter this week is largely skewed to the close at home. That’s why you get pictures like this one […]

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Patchin’ it, old skool

4 February 2010 Happy @ home

When I saw the tear in the knee of Tristan’s gorgeous new Gap cargo pants, I was more than annoyed. I was disappointed, and frustrated. The boy is hard on his clothes. We hand down a lot of t-shirts in my house, but pants rarely survive to have a boy grow out of them. Even […]

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Blog is five years old today!

2 February 2010 It IS all about me

Wow, can you believe it? Five years ago today, I dipped my toe in the Internet Ocean and have been dog-paddling madly across the sea ever since! Five years! Wowza. And to celebrate, I dust off an old favourite meme that I’ve done at least two or three times before: the Time Traveler meme. Because […]

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Protected: A love letter to Simon, age 6

1 February 2010 Simon

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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