Blog is five years old today!

Wow, can you believe it? Five years ago today, I dipped my toe in the Internet Ocean and have been dog-paddling madly across the sea ever since!

Five years! Wowza. And to celebrate, I dust off an old favourite meme that I’ve done at least two or three times before: the Time Traveler meme. Because that’s what anniversaries for, right? Taking a moment to look back down the path you’ve trod and shaking your head in wonder that you ever made it through at all.

15 years ago today I would have been:

  • about a month away from meeting the man of my dreams.
  • living in a rented room in a house on Holland Avenue. (It was supposed to be a shared house, but I never really felt like any space except the bedroom was mine.)
  • scrambling to find a way for the government to transfer me back to London so I could be near my family.

10 years ago today I would have been:

  • starting the first in a series of medical appointments that would result, in about two months, with our official “infertility” diagnosis.
  • making arrangements to buy our tiny garden home off Uplands from the landlord we’d been renting from for a year.
  • about to start an assignment with Industry Canada, my first official communications position and the first fork in the road that led to my current job.

5 years ago today I would have been:

  • starting back to work after a one-year maternity leave with Simon.
  • getting organized for Tristan’s first out-of-house birthday party at Cosmic Adventures, at age three.
  • sending my very first blog post guilelessly off into the Internet!

1 year ago today I would have been:

  • starting back to work after a one-year maternity leave with Lucas.
  • coming back to a new job in an area of communications I hadn’t worked in before, in a newly-reduced four-day work week.
  • publicly revealing my two-week-old 365 project!

This year I am:

  • absolutely delighted with my new job as Web manager for the Army. (Didn’t see that one coming last year!!)
  • still searching for that elusive balance between work outside and inside the home, but making progress.
  • very, very busy but very, very happy.

Today I:

  • am feeling like I’ve got the world by the tail.
  • am preparing for a meeting downtown tomorrow with Google. Yes, that Google!
  • am wearing a spectacular new purple (!) bra that I acquired this weekend from Bra Chic. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Next year I hope:

  • to be a permanent member of the Army team (just waiting for the paperwork to get resolved) and stop feeling like a deer in the headlights every time an issue comes up.
  • to continue having fun with my social media, blogging and photography addictions.
  • to be doing more or less exactly what I’m doing now — but better!

(You like the vagueness here? Goal-setting was never one of my strengths!)

In five years I hope:

  • to be thinking about looking for a four-bedroom house.
  • to be more comfortable in a management role.
  • to have all three boys in school full-time and finally be free of the trials and tribulations of daycare once and for all!

It’s fun to have a record of these year after year, and see the amazing twists and turns in my own life over the last decade or so. Let me know if you play along!

Author: DaniGirl

Canadian. storyteller, photographer, mom to 3. Professional dilettante.

18 thoughts on “Blog is five years old today!”

  1. Me wonders if your employer knows about this blog (I seem to remember you mentioning that they do) and just how much ribbing you’re going to take over the ‘purple bra’ comment. Also, how the Cdn Army ‘establishment’ will feel about it…IME (service brat, sibling who went far up the DND ‘establishment’ ladder, friends and other family in the Forces) they don’t have much of a sense of humour.

  2. Oh sure, the one thing I waffled about including is the one thing you call me out on! Not so much the purple bra, but the naming of my employer, which I am usually more coy about.

    And as for the bra, well, the day I interviewed and got hired, my predecessor introduced me to the team by telling them about my blog — which was, by the way, a big factor in my getting hired in the first place! Anyway, she told them the URL and my face turned four shades of scarlet as I mentally scanned back and realized one of the posts still sitting on the front page was my bra-shopping exploits at Bra Chic last summer. It was funny watching the DND hits pile up in the referral logs that afternoon! More than they ever needed to know about the new boss.

  3. Wow – 5 years! Congratulations. I wonder if I’ll still be blogging when I get to 5 years… come to think of it, I must be well past the half-way point by now…

  4. Five years is amazing, and I love you blog. I would love if you would write one day about what keeps you going and what motivates you. I’m just starting out, and I love it now, but I am wondering will I be able to keep up the momentum?

  5. Happy blog-iversary! My daughter will be 5 in 2 1/2 weeks – very close in age to your blog. Which means nothing, but I think it’s funny that if your blog were a person it would be kindergarten-age and share embarrassing tidbits about you in public.

  6. LOLOL, Amber, I think the blog does an exceptional job at sharing embarrassing tidbits about me in public. See bra story above! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Happy Blogiversary Dani I can’t believe five years ago you introduced me to this crazy thing called blogging and here we both still are. Crazy.

  8. Ah, I hope I didn’t come across that it had bothered me, DeuxHirondelles! I laughed out loud when I read your first comment, in fact. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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