The Thousand Picture Project: Colours and cakes

by DaniGirl on February 13, 2010 · 1 comment

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The theme for this week’s pictures was definitely colour. Maybe I’m pining for spring, but everywhere I looked this week I saw colours begging to be photographed. Like these kiddie bowls from Ikea. In 365 days of being desperate for something, anything to photograph, during which I used these bowls every single day, it never once occurred to me to photograph them. Guess that’s as good as a justification for the Thousand Picture Project as any, right?

380:1000 Bowls, TtV

(Amy, I posted this one just for you, so you could continue to covet my “vintage” circa 2002 and no-longer-available round Ikea bowls! *wink*)

These are Lucas’s favourite toy right now. I love how you can see which colours he prefers by how worn the tips are!

381:1000 Crayons!

I was on a bit of a crayon and colouring kick, as you can see in this triptych.

384:1000 Lucas's letter

385:1000 One crayon

386:1000 Colouring

Speaking of Lucas, you’ve seen this one already but he’s so adorable it merits reposting, no?

383:1000 I'm two years old!

And further speaking of Lucas, here’s the a montage of his birthday shots from this week.

382:1000 Happy Birthday Lucas!

I really like this last shot. I’d bought the old-fashioned beaters at a flea market this summer, thinking they’d make an excellent prop for the dry days in the 365 project. I pulled them out a handful of times, but none of the shots seemed to work.

Last Sunday morning, I was baking a cake for Lucas’s birthday and the light from my north-facing kitchen was really delicious. I’d been using electric beaters, but suddenly this shot appeared in my head so I set it up. It turned out almost exactly as I planned, with the warm tones of the wood and the soft light, the fuzziness of the beaters contrasting the sharpness in the glass measuring cup.

387:1000 Cake baking

The picture turned out much better than the cake, in fact. My first try at from-scratch cream cheese icing (first time I’d ever made icing not from a can, in fact!) turned out rather meh. Turns out I’m a better photographer than a baker.

I think I can live with that.

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1 Chantal February 20, 2010 at 12:19 pm

That photo of Lucas is amazing

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