My first one-handed post

Wow!!! Thank you all for your sweet words – Beloved and the family and I are as delighted by your joy as we are by the newest little member of our family. It will take a while for me to reorient myself to mothering a newborn (it’s harder than I remember!) but I so loved Mad’s comment about me not missing a blogging day that I had to stop in and say hello. (It was Beloved who posted the photos last night.)

I know y’all are dying to hear the details and I can’t wait to tell the story, but for now you’ll have to wait until baby is willing to be put down or I learn to type faster with one hand!

Oh, and as for his name? We still have no idea!

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14 thoughts on “My first one-handed post”

  1. Wait… you HAD a name picked out. (other than Max, which you had to jettison post-parental dog naming incident.) Does this baby not suit that name?
    (captcha: innovation markable – maybe he’s a mark?)

  2. Well, given my captcha, it has to be “Muths”

    (Muths blessings)

    I can’t believe I’ve commented on your blog twice in one day…

    (Congrats, again)

  3. Are you home already?? I am so thrilled to see a post from YOU!

    captcha = in rhapsody

    Just a friendly reminder that Ben is a beautiful name for a son (and a cat) and I know you like the name. But I am very fond of Max (like Kerry said). Wasn’t Simon almost a Ryan? That’s nice too!

    I dare you to host a blog contest, or Facebook contest to name baby. You could get on CNN!!!

  4. I was sitting on the couch, watching a movie with John when I jumped up and said “I have to see how Dani is!”. My husband thinks I’ve lost my marbles.

    Super huge congrats to you. It sounds like everything well amazingly well.

  5. About the name(s), you will know in your hearts when you find the right one. If in doubt, name him after somebody in your family? I like Robert, or David, or John, or other traditional saint’s names. Captcha likes “Jan Bateman”, but it changes its mind a lot!
    I’m sure you’ll figure out how to be exactly the right mom for this baby, just as you did with the other two. Hope you get some rest now and then 😉

  6. We didn’t name our third baby boy until he was two days old and the lady typing up the birth certificate was ready to go home! Seeing him and spending a little time with him helped. After having two boys, seven brothers (between us) and four nephews, boy names were hard to come by! Congratulations again! You’ll figure out the newborn thing – mine are seven years apart and even I got the hang of it eventually. Captcha is “ago Chen”. I don’t know what that means, but I don’t really think Chen would be a good name. Remember to rest and enjoy the ‘newbornness’. My brand new baby is already six months old!!!!!

  7. I dreamt last night that you called him either Liam or Nicholas. I have no idea why.

    Congrats, I’m sure he’s lovely 🙂

    My captcha is part jeter, weird.

  8. Welcome back! (And thanks to Beloved for pinch-hitting.)

    Get as much rest as you can. We’ll all be here waiting when it’s time!

    *inhales new baby smell*

    Welcome, tPtbNL!

  9. I WAS THERE!!! Thanks to Jen and Papa Lou for babysitting. I can tell you that Dani is a very strong woman!!. With “Beloved” by her side, she brought into the world another beautiful baby boy. Although I have birthed two of the best – I have never seen a baby being born. It was an awesome experience that I will never forget. I was honoured to be asked to cut the cord!!. How lucky I am to have such a loving and caring family – 5 grandchildren in 6 years

  10. Dani’s Mom you have reduced me to a puddle of tears.

    What an awesome experience and we are so happy for all of you! Please give Dani and baby giant smooches from Jaimie and Amelia and I. Oh, and tell Dani that Amelia says his name is Jack, no wait, Prince Charming.

  11. Dani’s MOM!!! OMG that is worthy of a blog post in itself…made me cry! I am so thrilled you were there, Dani SO very badly wanted you (you likely know that). Thank you for sharing your thoughts from this beautiful experience, I may very well end up reading your comment a hundred times over.

  12. Congrats Dani, he’s a gorgeous little guy!
    Captcha: Campbell board. Please don’t name your kid Campbell.

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