In which the player to be named later is named

I’ve told the story here before about how when Tristan was born almost six years ago, although we knew his first name from the time we found out we were having a boy, we had some trouble deciding on what to do for a surname. Beloved and I couldn’t leave the hospital until we completed his health card application, and of course his health card application needed a surname. In the end, we hyphenated our surnames.

This time, when we left the hospital we left behind a health card application that showed the same hyphenated last name that he’ll share with Tristan and Simon, but in the space designated for his first name, we simply put “Baby Boy.” We had a name in mind, had been 60 to 80% settled on it for months, but we just weren’t sure. And for the longest time, we had absolutely no idea about a middle name.

About two weeks ago, we decided on a middle name, and then toyed with that as a first name for a while. Then, yesterday morning when Beloved came to rescue us from the hospital and bring us home, he reintroduced a name we had been toying with a few months ago and I found myself caught between two names I liked very much. We went from no name to too many names!

So we spent the first 40 hours or so calling him Baby and Baby Brother and Little One, and testing out all the name combinations we could think of. After spending the first night in the hospital trying out one and the first night at home trying out the other, we’ve finally (oh how I hope it’s FINALLY) come to a decision. My apologies, Nancy, because he was very nearly Benjamin. I love love love the name Ben, and it’s only the fact that we have a recently deceased and wickedly mean cat named Ben (who really never did stop hating me in the 10 years we lived together) that made us finally decide against the name Ben.

And so, with no further ado (and hopefully, no further changes of heart!) I am actually tearing up just a little bit as I introduce to you the Player Now Named:

Lucas Sawyer

Lucas Sawyer

(And he already has his own photo album on Flickr!)

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72 thoughts on “In which the player to be named later is named”

  1. Lucas Sawyer WELCOME!!!

    You are right, that name suits him Dani! LOVE IT!

    I hope to be meeting you really soon!

  2. I absolutely love it! (not that it matters at all what I think) It suits him just oh, so beautifully.

    Perhaps I am a little jealous that Snack Mommy gets to share the name of BOTH her kids with you, and me none knwoing how oh, so very close it was…I’ll take the dead mean cat knowing how blessed you are with your beautiful family.

    Congratulations, love, hugs and welcome Lucas Sawyer!!!

    P.S. I’m sending you another cat.

  3. I lovelovelove the name Dani!! A very strong name for a very beautiful and handsome baby. He’s gorgeous!

  4. Well you KNOW, I just love the names. He definitely looks like a Lucas…almost as much as he looks like a Simon (holy resemblance Batman!). The Flickr pictures are just precious. Enjoy these first few perfect days with your new family, and don’t let the rest of the world in….except to bring dinner :~)))

    The other mommy to a Tristan and Sawyer

  5. Love it! A perfect combination of traditional and not-so traditional. And the shortform is cool too.

    Welcome Lucas. Lucky boy you are.

  6. It’s PERFECT! And worth the wait.

    Now is he named after or because of aaa… George Lucas? I know how much a Star Wars fan you are. Oh I hope I’m not insulting here…Just a dumb question.

  7. Welcome! Lucas Sawyer(love the name) .Thanks to Mom and Dad for Sharing you on the blog.See you soon.xoxoxoxoxoxox

  8. Oh Dani, the fun never stops around here! And the birth story is still to come…

    I always got teary-eyed when it came time to fill out the names on the health card application – even after I was emotionally numb after the trauma of Bub’s birth, the naming ritual gave me goose bumps.

    And I’ve got goose bumps now because all the way home from church today Bub kept talking about “Lucas” and we kept trying to figure out who he was talking about. A TV character? A real boy? Bub insisted he was real, but that was about all we could figure out. Now I know….

  9. ROTFL — B&P, our thoughts exactly!!!! (About the middle name that is. And how very cool about Bub talking about Lucas — we always have been on the same wavelength, haven’t we?)

    My captcha = trinity biggest. Yep, they’re three big boys alright!!!

  10. He looks just like a Lucas! What a great name. (I love Sawyer and pushed for that for our third boy, but the husband wasn’t a huge fan.)

  11. We were away all weekend but I was checking in on you with Mr. LS’s phone. We’re home now and he’s beautiful and the name is perfect. I hope we can settle on one just as perfect. Congrats a million times over!

  12. Congrats Dani- and welcome to the world Lucas! Dani- your boys have such strong names- certainly a reflection of their amazing mother! Your boys are beautiful…

  13. Sweetness! And Later is finally Now! Yay!

    I love the name. It rolls off the tongue nicely. What is that line from Anne’s House of Dreams? “a name that will wear well and not fade in the washing.”

    Welcome, Lucas!

  14. Oh I love the name Lucas! That was one of the names my hubby and I toyed around with. My third son just turned one on Feb. 8th and his name is Benjamin. I guess you and I have the same taste in names.
    Congratulations, again! Fabulous name, and beautiful boy!

  15. Hi, Lucas! Great name, wonderfully photogenic, and already the subject of fascinating tales. He’s a perfect mothership boy already.

  16. Put me on the list of the absolutely love it crowd. I love the very serious expression…like ‘you better name me something i like, MOTHER’

  17. Welcome, Lucas! And thanks for all the photos, Dani. He is beautiful, and it’s clear that he is already very well loved and cared for. You all look so happy together!

  18. He’s beautiful, Dani.

    And the name is way cool. It sounds like an intrepid adventurer. “The Adventures of Lucas Sawyer.” Well done.

  19. So happy for you Dani! Lucas is a lovely name… I really wanted to name our first Lucas, but he just didn’t look like a Lucas when he popped out!
    So glad to hear that all went well, and looking forward to all of the details soon!

  20. Beautiful name for a beautiful baby boy 🙂

    Welcome Home Lucas Sawyer !

    Glad to see taht the family is doing well.


  21. Welcome Lucas Sawyer!

    He’s absolutely gorgeous. Just precious. Congratulations!

    And, I love the name and the trio … Tristan, Simon and Lucas. Hooray!

  22. Hello, little Lucas. Aren’t you lovely? Such fabulous cheeks.

    The Captcha oracle says “House Rutgers” so you better start saving up for out-of-state tuition.

  23. Awesome choice D…a strong name for a big guy who will have to battle with 2 big brothers for everything. And it does sound like a name out of a great English novel.
    That being said, I am troubled by the whole Star Wars thing…is it just me or does Lucas Sawyer sound a bit too much like Luke Skywalker??? The initials and all….can’t wait for the video of Beloved walking around in a black robe chanting “Luke…I am your father….”

    By the way – is he going to be Luke or you sticking with Lucas???

    Way to go – an amazing family you have worked so hard for…enjoy!


  24. Although Amelia is greatly upset that your did not choose Prince Charming, he parents think that name is awesome. He’s beautiful!

    And you should warn people about the picture of your mom looking down at you looking down at Lucas. Bloody mess over here!


    captcha= parcels manager (aren’t you loving diapers again?)

  25. It’s really strange, reading about your brand-new baby when I’m still reading your archives (I recently found your blog, and I’m trying to catch up, starting from the beginning), and where I am in the archives the boys are still so young! Every once in a while I’ve been checking your current post, though, to see if “the player to be named later” has arrived. So, yay!

    Congratulations! I’m glad the birth went well, and I love the name Lucas! Will you call him Lucas, or Luke? Or will he just be called “the player to be named later?” I hope that your recovery goes well and that he lets you get some sleep!

  26. Great names Dani. Lucas is such a strong name (also a nephew of mine) and Sawyer, a wonderful name. He suits both names and he is just so scrumptious. I hope you are enjoying being back at home with him.

  27. What a cutie patutie! We also knew our firstborn’s name from the beginning (Benjamin, aka Ben!) but the second one, now almost 4 months, was baby girl, pumpkin girl, little cutie etc for, oh, 3 days or so. I had a section so the day prior to leaving the hospital the name she ended up with came to me, just like that. I ran it past daddy, who liked it immediately, but we slept on it for another 2 days! She is now known as Sonja Bee (Bee short for Beatrice!).

    Welcome Lucas and congratulations Dani!

  28. Great name, Dani. I guess your dad gave up on Max as a grandson name when they got the dog, huh? I hope you are all settling in well as a family of five.

  29. Glad to see the player to be named later has such a beautiful name. Georgeous little boy and I am sure you and the boys will have so much fun in your “new and improved” family!!! Welcome Lucas Sawyer :-)))

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