Friday’s child is loving and giving

Just one last post before we head out to the hospital for the induction! The hospital called to have us come in for 7:30, but when I called the student midwife she called the hospital back to delay it until 8:30 to give the other midwife time to sleep after their long day yesterday. Just waiting for Granny and Papa Lou to arrive, and for my last cup of coffee to percolate.

Can you believe this agreeable little baby of mine actually let me sleep somewhere around seven hours last night? It took me a while to fall asleep, which never happens, but I slept pretty well in two and three hour chunks and was fast asleep when the hospital called at 6:00. I had a few contractions on and off, but nothing regular and nothing painful. (I’m sure I’ll be having those soon enough!)

By the way, the title of this post was inspired by my mom, who started reciting the lines of the old poem at the beginning of the week when we were first facing a Tuesday’s child (full of grace). I’ll admit that when I thought my water broke at 1:15 on Wednesday morning, one of my first thoughts was “Oh no! Wednesday’s child is full of woe!” But Friday’s child is loving and giving, and I can confirm that because I’m a Friday’s child, too! *grin* What day were you born?

At least, this child BETTER be born on Friday!!!

Unfortunately, I won’t be bringing my laptop to the hospital (no wi-fi, darn!) but I’ll have my notebook and my camera… and lots of juicy details for you in the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for playing along with me yesterday, I can’t imagine a more fun way to pass a very strange but ultimately memorable and enjoyable day!

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47 thoughts on “Friday’s child is loving and giving”

  1. Go Dani! It’s his birthday!

    Go Dani! It’s his birthday!

    (Admittedly, that’s from ‘American Pie,’ but it has achieved ‘running joke’ status around my house.)

    We’re rootin’ for ya!

  2. 02 08 2008 is a very cool birthdate dontcha think? All the best Dani!!! btw- I was a thursday baby- and until i actually read the full detail of what that meant based onthe poem, having “far to go” didn’t sound so positive off the get-go…

    question remains- did you actually watch (enjoy) survivor last night???

  3. I sure do hope that you have a Friday baby. Though, as a Saturday baby, I must say that working hard for a living is not such a bad gig. It took me 13 hours from induction to Reid’s birth. I hope you’re scoffing at the thought while holding a noon hour birthed baby when you read this.

  4. Yesterday WAS fun – thank you for sharing that with us! I’m so excited for you guys today! Can’t wait to hear!

    My wish for you is an easy labor and delivery as well as an easy first few weeks. I was induced after stop/start labor with my second and it was 2 hrs start to finish, so know that it can be swift and easy.

    Welcome to the world, little one!!

  5. I had fun yesterday too, thanks for sharing the journey with us. Good luck today – I can’t for pics!

    PS – I was a Tuesday’s child, my DD #1 was a Wednesday child (and she fits the description of a Wednesday) and DD #2 was a Saturday’s child

  6. Good luck baby! Good Luck Dani!

    And I am Wednesday’s child. I didn’t like it until I read the rest of it:

    Wednesday’s child is full of woe.
    You are a serious person, and try to change things that seem unfair.
    You make the world a better place!

    I don’t know about serious but……

    Any chance Beloved will hook up a webcam in the room? 🙂

  7. I’ve got my fingers, toes and heart ventricles crossed that all goes well and you have a lovely birth and beautiful, healthy player to be named later today (PTBNLT!)

    Please tell me though – someone’s going to let us know within minutes of the happening, right? Somehow?

  8. Happy birthing day to do you too, my dear. Is it wrong that I feel kind of lonely now that I know you’re in the hospital and I (probably) can’t expect updates several times throughout the day?

    Waiting on tenterhooks for your next post…

    (Captcha: rancher agod – this is going to be quite the boy-child you’re birthing today!)

  9. I’m a Friday’s child and a true Friday’s child if I do say so myself 😉 I’ve got a gorgeous Monday’s boy, an excessively woeful Wednesday’s boy, and a Thursday’s boy who has yet to show his true colours. Good luck! Although you’ll be through with the needing labour luck by the time you read this and you’ll be needing 3 boys luck…

  10. What a relief to have a plan! 🙂

    I have two Friday’s children myself…I wish the loving and giving would apply a little better when Ema is under the weather. We’ll chalk it up to their ages.

  11. So glad you got some rest! Best wishes for a smooth labour and delivery, and for much joy as you get to know your new little boy. Looking forward to hearing about it later, when you have enough time and energy to post something. No hurry though.

  12. MM was a Friday’s child. And it’s very true that he is loving and giving.

    I’m so excited for you all and can’t wait for the news!

    Captcha = JACOBS he

    So, I’m wondering if TPTBNL is a Jacob?

  13. well, well. it seems that my prediction will be true and the new one will be born on my birthday after all 🙂 Come on out and join us, baby!

    best wishes on the labour. if my entire prediction is right, you will be holding that boy by lunch.

  14. Happy birthday Chris (and PTBNL, too, I hope!)

    I’m a Sunday baby, which is a lot to live up to, hubby is a Friday baby, and Jade is a Monday girl. So we’re a loving lot at our house.

    I was 3 cm dilated when I went on oxytocin; they said it would take an hour per cm after regular contractions were established. I was worried I couldn’t take it (wanted a pain-med free birth) so they gave me “just a whiff” to start things up at 11:00 and Jade was born by 12:30. It was fast but awesome – never even thought about pain meds. Hope it’s just as good for that skinny, long baby of yourse!

  15. Good luck Dani!!! Here’s to a healthy 13 pound baby boy…just kidding! Ok, bad joke, really bad joke! 😉


  16. So what just checking out ‘This day in history’ and although maybe not relevant, here’s a few things that happened on previous February 8th’s!!

    1. 1931: James Dean the actor was born
    2. 1922: The US President had a radio installed in the whilte house
    3. 1969: The last edition of ‘The Saturday Post’ was published.
    4. 1974: Seth Green the actor was born
    5. 2007: Anna Nicole Smith passed away – but lets not dwell on this one!!!!

    Can’t wait for an update… hope all is going well for you!

  17. Ok, I finally got online and first thing I did? Came here!! Can’t wait to meet the new little guy. Its been so enjoyable kicking back with my tea and your blog during the last nine months! Hugs and prayers!

    My captcha: firms mills 🙂

  18. Captcha: House produces.

    Hmm, I hope you don’t have to deal with a Doctor like Greg House.

    (I keep checking back her hoping someone hacks in and tells us how you are doing. )

  19. Hey, at least Saturday’s child, working hard for a living, won’t be in your basement when he’s 30 with his collection of Star Trek DVDs 😉

    I’m hoping by now there’s a baby in your arms.

    I was a Wednesday’s child. Never felt particularly woeful but I can be inclined to introspection. Primo is Monday – he’s fair enough of face when he washes it and doesn’t have snaggly loose teeth. Secunda is Tuesday, and she, indeed is full of grace, both social and physical.

    Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are all pretty reasonable days 🙂

  20. Interesting… I just came back here to read the rest of the comments and decided to click over to the nursery rhyme link, even though I know it. But the version I know, the child born on the Sabbath day is not “fair and wise” etc., but “bonny and blithe” (and good and gay). Hmm, I like my version better – the alliteration is so appealing. 🙂

    I’m such a geek.

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