Liveblogging labour – part five

The midwife has come and gone. One of my favourite memories of this labour, if not this entire pregnancy, will likely be Tristan and Simon, clad in their pyjamas, creeping down the stairs to see what the midwife was doing, and having them and Beloved sitting on the floor together across the room, listening to Baby’s heartbeat on the doppler. You can’t buy memories like that!

Still not much in the way of contractions, but the Player to be Named Later and I continue to fare well. Assuming I don’t go into active labour some time overnight (which would hardly surprise me, given his to-date propensity for nighttime shenanigans), we’ll head out to the Montfort tomorrow morning between 8:30 and 9:00 for the induction. The midwife said I could actually continue to wait it out, as long as FOUR DAYS!!!! That is just not going to happen, if for no other reason than the leaking would in fact make me lose my mind. The midwife checked with the hospital on her way over, and though they have five people on a list for induction tomorrow, they will make room for me and my ruptured membranes.

So I guess I’ll watch LOST and then just go to bed. (On a really thick stack of towels and waterproof crib pads!) Seems ridiculously anticlimactic after this very strange day, but I don’t know what else to do! As if I’ll actually get a decent night’s sleep, but I’ll give it a good try anyway. Lying calmly in the darkness, being grateful for a bountiful life, is almost as good as eight hours of sleep, right?

This has been a blast today — thanks for coming along for the ride!!

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14 thoughts on “Liveblogging labour – part five”

  1. I for one have loved the live-blogged labour! But I hope that once that you lie down, the PTBNL will decide that tonight is the night, and things will get underway.

    I am still in awe that your midwife would make a housecall without even being asked. Impressive.

    Good luck!

  2. Yep, Captchas still loving you… now it wants to talk about your pants
    ‘of pool’

    Y’know, sleep is a wondrous thing. I hope you get lots.

  3. Your midwife sounds great. Sorry she went home with no further action tonight (so far). I would also vote NO to waiting another 3-4 days with ruptured membranes! I’m glad the hospital plans to fit you in tomorrow, if you don’t get going tonight.
    Wishing you either a peaceful night and a happy induction tomorrow, or a busy night-time delivery you do all by yourself, with your faithful midwives and family in attendance – either way, a very happy ending.
    Captcha is full of random nonsense: Pittsburgh Elsevier, might parsely, lived candles… unpredictable and random, just like your labour!
    best wishes once again,

  4. Thanks for including us! I’m totally loving your Liveblogging labour! Since my PC is down, I’ve been following along on the web browser on my cell phone. (Sad, I know!) Your midwife is so awesome! Can’t wait for midwifery to be legislated here in PEI… All the best with TPTBNL! Here’s to an insanely easy delivery!!

  5. okay, I don’ even know what the second captcha word means, but it sounds good… reunited pertinacity. Nice, eh? Has a certain giving birth ring to it?

  6. Good night! Thanks for an exciting day! Maybe when we wake up there will be a new baby in the world???
    Sleep tight ( haha – it never worked for me)

  7. Perfect timing. That was a great opening episode of Survivor, wasn’t it? (You KNEW it would play into things somehow – and leaking amniotic fluid while you’re watching is one spectacular way to incorporate Survivor into this particular birth story.)

    I am sensing the approach of strong contractions… you’ve only got 2.5 hours to go until my predicted time of birth. You can do it!

  8. No comment, but my Captcha, just bears repeating after the day you have had………….”Responded Nuts”

    PS…I forgot to input my Captcha, and had to do it again, and got… “Depart 2201” Here’s hoping he gets here before then!

  9. Just checking… Captcha says “great nationally”. Your blog is great, and you and your soon-to-be-baby are making waves nationally! or something.
    Have a good night, and a good birth-day tomorrow!
    best wishes,

  10. I crept downstairs at this early hour to hop on the treadmill without delay but had to come and see what happened last night!

    I hope he comes out soon! I had a dream about you last night that he was born and you named him Owen. Except it was spelled Owyne. Not even sure that that spelling makes sense but then not much in my brain makes sense these days.

    Good luck to you today if he isn’t already here.

    Oh and Beloved will post that he is here. RIGHT??????????

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