Liveblogging labour – part two

If only you could have seen me. I got annoyed at the lack of contractions (two between 11:30 and 12:00, then nothing) so I decided I was going to take the dog for a walk. But, I’m leaking like friggin’ Niagara Falls. So I took a page from Ingrid and Allison’s book and stuck a washcloth in my underwear along with the pad and pulled on my coat and boots. But as soon as I opened the door, I saw all that fluffy white snow that has been falling all morning, and knew that’s what I had to do.

Shovel the driveway.

And with each push of the shovel, more water leaked out. I shovelled the entire driveway, and soaked my pants to the knees.

And still nothing.

Gonna be a long day….

Author: DaniGirl

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25 thoughts on “Liveblogging labour – part two”

  1. I can’t believe you shoveled while leaking! You’re insane, woman!!

    (Refreshed 4 times looking for a good captcha, but I got nothin!)

  2. OMG… rofl… captcha= qualifies lake

    Methinks your leakage qualifies as a lake!

    This is great Dani… just think of all of the dilation and effacement that’s going on.. and you don’t even feel it! By the time you feel it… it’ll be time to push the little guy out! (Let’s hope, anyways…)

  3. You shoveled your driveway?! Good god, you must really want to have this baby. 😉

    My catchpa: elusive mean. As in…this baby is being elusive, and that’s kinda mean. LOL!

    Shit. I forgot to actually type the catchpa into the catchpa bar. Now I have for November’s, which I don’t like as much as elusive mean.

  4. Okay, this is perfect. Now remember, you’re aiming for 2 am tomorrow (Friday, Feb. 8, my guess on the poll, and also exactly when I was born). So we’re looking good – any contractions yet?

  5. what a trooper! i’m ten weeks post-partum and still looking for excuses not to shovel 😉
    mighty excited for you dani!

  6. I am in awe. “I shoveled the driveway after my water broke and you STILL didn’t want to make your appearance.” Excellent material for the future.

    My captcha: 1928 dressed

  7. You are my labour hero. I predict he will fly out. I said 8:25 tonight. So go on girl, come and shovel my driveway too!

    captcha: open vehicles

  8. I have no idea what date I picked. It might have been in January. But this is still really exciting!

    My captcha is Amex South. So if the hospital is too full to take you, grab your credit card and head south.

    Go Dani! Go Dani! Go!

  9. Hey D-

    That is true wedding toast fodder….you having to shovel in pants soaked to the knee’s all the while letting the whole blogging nation know that he forced you to walk around with a washcloth in your underwear….

    Captcha – rhetoric not. Must be describing your last 3 or 4 posts…..


  10. Checking back in. Shovelling??? With a washcloth in your undies, no less. If THAT doesn’t work, I don’t know what will. Come on baby!

    captcha: eruption President. You’re not thinking of George as a name, are you???

  11. Okay, you are officially Super-Mom! Now your husband can do the shovelling for the rest of the winter, while you take excellent care of your 3 boys.
    I’m so excited for you – sending you best wishes and prayers.

  12. Just tuning in now! Live labour blogging – you rock!!!!

    And I must admit, shoveling the snow with a wash cloth in your undies is more blogging detail than one could have ever imagined, but I appreciate how ‘real’ you are making the experience for me!!! I still remember the screams in the office when the test was positive, hard to believe it’s been 40 wks and 6 days already (although I know the last few weeks have went by at a snail’s pace!). Good luck with the actually pushing, can’t wait to finally hear the name of the ‘Player to be named later’!!


  13. OMG!!! PMPLMFAO!!! And that PEE my pants, not LALFMAO (Leaking Amniotic Fluid). You rock sister!!!

    Captcha: give-and-take sailor

    tee hee!

  14. Checking in…Captcha Oracle says “him rams” – so, is he um…ramming yet?

    As for the pictures I now have of you in my head, I’m going to have to agree – TPTBNL is going to have the most AWESOME wedding toasts! And um…have any of Beloved’s students found your blog yet? Because I’m picturing them all like – “Sir, your wife’s nether regions are freaking us out!”

  15. That is quite a picture you paint. Shoveling with your pants soaked to your knees. I love it!
    I can’t believe Survivor is on tonight. That is just too crazy to be true. Coincidence? I think not.
    My youngest (and third boy) turns 1 tomorrow.
    Keep us posted! I am loving this!

  16. I shovelled when I was in labour, too – had to or we wouldn’t have made it out of the driveway! Hope it works for you.

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