Liveblogging labour – part one

Okay, so my concentration is a little shot and I keep wandering back to the computer after every half task or so. I’m all by myself here, and not doing anything productive anyway — might as well keep y’all posted!

First, I forgot how much I hate the leaking. Hate. The. Leaking. I can’t concentrate on anything, can’t get anything done, because every time I move I can feel more leaking and it’s toying with the frazzled remnants of whatever sanity I have left at this point. (TMI alert, consider yourself warned! I’m on my second pair of underwear, something like my seventh pad, and I’ve abandoned my pants entirely. Send Depends!!)

Second, I just called Beloved to let him in on our little secret. (Hell, I could barely hold of on telling the Internets about the positive pregnancy test before I told him, so you got this scoop first.) He’s teaching this morning, and I thought I had waited long enough to catch him in between classes, but when he answered and I asked if I could talk, he said he just had to step out for a moment. There was a loud and raccous cheer from his students, who have been expecting my call right along with him for about the last, oh, four weeks or so. The cheer was so loud and heartfelt it actually brought tears to my eyes! (Heck, who am I kidding, they’re just happy because they’re getting out of class this afternoon!)

Third, I am LOVING your captchas!!! Remind me to send links to these posts to the guys who created that app after all this is done – I don’t think they ever expected anyone to get so much enjoyment out of them!!

STILL no contractions.

Ugh, the leaking… I can’t believe I was actually looking forward to this!!!

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25 thoughts on “Liveblogging labour – part one”

  1. Liveblogging labor… I love this!!

    Sorry ’bout the leakage tho. I have no advice on this one. My first was broken in the hospital by the Dr, and the second broke on it’s own, all over the bed, during a massive pitocin induced contraction. With both I really didn’t care about leaking.

    Hang in there – HE’LL BE HERE SOON!!!

  2. I am a little stunned that it leaks and doesn’t just come pouring out all at once. I guess that sounds dumb but I really had no idea. My water never broke on its own.

    Looking forward to more updates!

  3. Dani,
    I will be excitedly listening for your sounds of labour over the next few hours. I am just a stones throw away from the hospital!

    Common baby! Introduce yourself to your mama!

  4. Oh, the leaking! Stay in the parts of your house where you’ve got a linoleum floor. But bring the computer, of course.

    It’s so exciting that you are getting so close to actually having this baby.

    Come on, baby! Get out of there! We want a photo of you!

  5. I leaked like crazy with the 3rd one – I just reported to the hospital with a towel between my legs – somewhat embarassing but who cares.

    may I remind you that one of my captchas was “boy thursday”; I won;t win the due date guess, but maybe I could be right about something ( that’s my competetive spirit coming through).

    anyhow, if membranes have ruptured, labour should start soon – either with help ( oxytocin) or without.

    Staying tuned…

  6. I love this. We had our hospital tour last night so with your live blogging I’m feeling more and more prepared for the birth of my little one. Hope the contractions start soon!!!

    My captcha is Madison it. Is that the baby’s name? Madison? ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Like Ingrid, I showed up at L&D at the Civic with a towel stuffed between my legs inside my sweatpants. So don’t sweat it. Almost there.

    captcha: temperament pants


  8. I had my water broken (no drugs) for my last labor, so at least I was in hospital. What a mess! Massive fluid, more with every contraction — yuck yuck yuck! But at least it means the baby was coming. I was ‘lucky’; both my labors were just under 4 hours.

    Fingers crossed your baby will start cooperating and show his face real soon. Good luck!

  9. BAhahahah…..the part about “abandoning your pants entirely” made me laugh out loud – at work! Thanks. i needed that ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s. personally, for me it’s never TMI – how else am i going to learn about this crazy pregnancy thing when it’s my turn?? i need details!! lol

  10. Hurrah! I just hope he gets a move on so you can be nursing him while you watch the season opener of Survivor. Would that be perfect or what?!?

    captcha: bayside he

  11. I had about 5 hours between water breaking and real contractions, so it can take time. Double pad, side by side. And even though I was leaking like a sieve all day, I still had a second HUGE sploosh just before the contractions started. Better get to the laundry. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Captcha = sink Newfoundland

    I’m guessing you’re leaking enough to drown a whole territory?

    Hugs and teary eyes for the cheers too.


  13. Yay!! Wishing you a quick labour and a one-push delivery! Can’t wait to see a pic of the player.

    Captcha: twas parently

    I think that’s from Jabberwocky ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Aww, I’m all happy for you and thinking squeezy thoughts!

    Captcha oracle: Anonymous you (ha- hardly!)

    I think that to show Dani some solidarity, we should each remove our pants for a few minutes today, perhaps the next time we check in and comment.

  15. I agree with Nancy. The computer has to go with you and we hope there is wireless in the delivery room!

    Common contractions!!

    captcha: baker sewer

    So the bun in the oven is leaking? Sounds promising.

  16. Way to go, Dani! I hope you’ve stopped blogging because you’re on the way to the midwives, and on the way to a big birthday celebration. Hooray!
    Captcha says “finalists ceo”. Hmm, big career plans for your new birthday boy!
    Thinking of you with joy,

  17. I brought my laptop to the hospital when I had my girl, and was able to get a connection by using the modem for a dial-up connection. We are an obssessive lot, bloggers.

    Legs up in stirrups is not necessarily a great position for labouring or delivery, but maybe you can squat by the bed and push and type at the same time – LOL. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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