Liveblogging labour – part three

Coming up on 4 pm, seven hours since my water started breaking (and breaking, and breaking). It was a nice, quiet afternoon but now everyone is home. Beloved and Tristan are playing The Incredibles on the computer, Simon is watching TVO Kids and I’m wondering exactly when the contractions will begin in earnest. There have been a few more recently, but still very mild and sporadic.

I’m kind of bummed about the midwife situation. My primary midwife goes off call at 5 pm, so she won’t be there for the birth, and the secondary (who I really, really like) is currently attending a long first birth with the student midwife I have also come to like very much. The student, Amanda, has promised to try to make an appearance at my labour, depending on how the other one goes.

The good news is, I think we’ve found a way for my mom to be there. If I go tonight, Papa Lou will stay with the boys until the nanny comes to take over for the morning, so we should be covered in any case. I’m so pleased that my mom will be able to be there!

And now you have to give kudos to Beloved, who not only went to the drugstore to restock my supply of feminine hygiene products, but did so without complaint. Does he rock or what?

And so we wait. And wait. And wait. Any thoughts on what I should make for dinner? I’m thinking anything heavy on garlic, onion or spices is probably not the best idea, but since the baby has dropped into my pelvis and given me a little bit more room near my stomach, I’m STARVING!

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14 thoughts on “Liveblogging labour – part three”

  1. Hmmm, my captcha is canal deuce. Does that help at all? Birth Canal?

    Here’s hoping the contractions start soon and that long first time labor the midwives are assisting with ends soon. Seriously, I don’t want to think about a long first time labor. 🙂

    You’d think with all the vibes being sent your way for contractions and such this baby would’ve made it’s debut already! Baby! Come out!!!

    Maybe he wants you to tell us his name… 🙂

  2. So seriously, you’re like what, nine and an half months pregnant, sort of in labour, have shoveled the driveway, and YOU are going to make the supper??? That’s what Pizza Hut is for!

    Am seriously considering cancelling my movie date and going home to continue to monitor your semi-labour.

    I predict that by the time I next get a chance to check, this baby will be out.

  3. PIZZA!!!! The baby must be eating your brain or you would have thought of that!!

    Seriously though… D’ya think the baby will hold off til after Survivor? I’m in the pool this year and have Parvati and Joel and could use your help to cheer for them.

  4. Pancakes! That was my traditional meal to eat while I was in labor.

    I know the waiting must be driving you crazy (I’ve been there …), but treasure this time too. Someday you will look back and have fond memories of this.

    Isn’t it weird how time seems to stop when you are in labor?

  5. seriously dani- I think I’m going to go in withdrawl when you’re not blogging “Live from the Hospital”!

    In all honesty, I wasn’t going to watch Survivor- but how can I not now!

    and let me get this straight you shovelled the driveway and are still concerned with what’s for dinner…. seriously Dani- you’re a saint! Thinking of you…

  6. I love pan-fried potatoes and they’re so easy. Cube ’em, nuke ’em, then throw ’em into a pan to crisp up. Why not continue the breakfast-for-supper theme and make some eggs to go with them? Or dice up some ham and throw in some frozen corn and dinner’s done in half an hour. Now that’s comfort food!

  7. Yay! Things are moving!

    And I think the Captcha Oracle may have spilled the beans on his name, because it says:

    Davidson left

    So have you had the babe already?

  8. I like jo(e)’s suggestion the most. Carbs, but not too heavy. I’d stay away from the pizza, personally.

    My last meal before AM was matzah with cream cheese (36 hours prior to delivery)–ah, Passover.

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