Liveblogging labour – part four

Okay, seriously? This has to be one of the weirdest labours ever. I was just playing Wii Bowling with the boys, trying to stimulate some contractions (hey, it’s not in the literature as a contraction-inducer, but you never know!) when the student midwife called. My new primary midwife is on her way home from the clinic, and is going to stop by the house to check on me and the baby. I can’t imagine THAT ever happening with an OB!

Gotta run, I’m up….

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11 thoughts on “Liveblogging labour – part four”

  1. That’s great! My midwife had offered to come to the house to deliver because I labour so quickly. She said that would be faster than waiting for an ambulance, as the hospital was 30 min from my house. In the end we made it there just in time. The best part of midwives are the home visits the 1st weeks your home with the baby.

    This is getting exciting! I can’t wait to meet the player to be named later!

  2. Captcha Oracle: Instructive throng… well you have one, right?

    Please don’t have this baby while we’re sleeping? Okay? That would be so annoying.

  3. my captcha is “the sold”. I’m sold on you having this baby soon, Dani. I need some baby time! And a hug from Simon.

  4. I’m dying to know what’s going on!! I’m sure the midwife has been there and there have been some productive contractions and and and…

    C’MON BABY!!

    Easy labor vibes for mom!

    Captcha: commando the (a comment on the pantsless entries from earlier, perhaps?)

  5. I love midwives. The after care you get is incredible!

    OK, hoping the midwife was able to induce something some how.

    Captcha: that thesis

    well, this labor is taking longer than some thesis I am sure!

  6. Am watching Survivor – and am very happy! Midwife was here, more details later, but had to share, captcha is “guess absolutely” — that about sums up the last three weeks, doesn’t it??? (Still very few contractions!)

  7. My captcha is “nature commandos”, we’re definitely talking pantlessness here.

    I can’t believe how calm you sound. I’m jumping up and down with excitement!

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