March 2006

TV or not TV

26 March 2006 Uncategorized

It’s a quarter to seven on Sunday morning, and we’ve been up for about an hour now. I’ve read the best bits out of the Sunday paper and had a cup of coffee. It’s an ordinary Sunday morning in most respects, except… …the TV is off. Every single morning, whatever parent is on call (we […]

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Bloggy playdate!

25 March 2006 Uncategorized

The calendar was mistaken. TODAY was the first day of glorious, rain-sprinkled, sun-dappled, dirt-smelling spring. And what better way to celebrate than with a family breakfast out and a trip Ottawa’s agricultural museum, the Experimental Farm? Wow, you say, what a great day. How could you improve on a day like that? Why, you turn […]

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Now it’s YOUR turn to be on TV!

25 March 2006 Uncategorized

A producer from TLC sent me an e-mail wondering if I would help publicize his casting call for a new parenting reality show. Here’s his official pitch: CALLING ALL STRESSED OUTPARENTS!!!Britain’s hit parenting series is coming to the States!TLC and Outline Productions are workingon the first American season of “The House of Tiny Terrors”We would […]

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Google as oracle

24 March 2006 Uncategorized

I have been playing in the referral logs again. (I suppose this is an unintentional segue from my last post on guilty online pleasures.) It continues to amaze me the questions that people ask the Internet. A lot of the hits I get are on infertility, low morphology, IUI and IVF. Searchers came by this […]

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Link love, books and housework

23 March 2006 Uncategorized

Aside from all I’ve said this week about blogging being about community, and connection, and empowerment through information sharing, and giving people a voice, there’s this whole other aspect to blogging that I love. Blogging is a hell of a great way to waste time. Link surfing has to be one of my favourite guilty […]

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So much fun!!

22 March 2006 Uncategorized

Phew! We did it! (Edited to add: now you can see it on Andrea’s blog! Go watch it, and tell me what you think!!)I have to start out by telling you that the people who work at CJOH TV are the nicest. people. ever. I would so quit my day job and work with them […]

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Performance anxiety

22 March 2006 Uncategorized

I had this great big post half-written about blogs – biz blogs, political blogs, personal blogs, every kind of blog you can think of. I had links and stats from Technorati, I even had tables and charts. It was a thing of beauty. But it was boring. Yawn. Maybe I’ll post it some day. But […]

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Talk to me!

21 March 2006 Uncategorized

Tomorrow marks our triumphant (hey, you had to know I’d milk it) return to local daytime television, as Andrea, Kristina and I will be the featured bloggers on CJOH’s News at Noon with the endearing Leanne Cusack. Aside from the usual panic on Important Topics like the potential for a bad hair day or wardrobe […]

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Does blogging about housekeeping count as housekeeping?

21 March 2006 Uncategorized

Elizabeth over at Half Changed World has a neat idea. She and her husband, who seem to share a similar domestic arrangment to Beloved and I as far as working / staying home with the kids, are keeping track of how many hours they spend on housework in a week. I think this is an […]

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Messing with menstruation, historically speaking

20 March 2006 Uncategorized

If you are a woman born anywhere between 1960 and 1990, chances are you’ve read Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. (Bonus points if you’re a guy and you’ve read it!) It’s easily one of the most important, influential books I read as a young woman. It was the first time I […]

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