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At least they have good taste in music

8 January 2008 Ah, me boys

For the longest time, my iPod was generally something I used only at the gym. I’m not overly fond of headphones because (and I know this is why most people like them) I don’t like being insulated from the outside world. And there is something about my ears that actively rejects ear buds. We got […]

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Seven random things about… Simon

23 November 2007 Memes

About a million years ago, Laura from Lunatic Fringe tagged me for the “Seven Random Facts About Me” meme. I’ve done a bunch of these over the years, and it’s getting tough to come up with more fresh stuff that you don’t already know about me, which is part of the reason I’ve sat on […]

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Best bet toys for 2008

6 November 2007 Consumer culture

(Edited to add: looking for the 2009 report? I’ve got a post about it here!) *** Every year, the Canadian Toy Testing Council releases its picks for the best toys of the year, as selected by the more than 1000 families that are part of the toy testing network. The CTTC provides a full report […]

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The one where her preschoolers use Google to find porn

3 October 2007 Ah, me boys

The boys were playing on the computer the other day, while I was sitting on the couch nearby reading. I couldn’t see the monitor from where I was sitting, but I could hear the sound. They’re getting quite proficient with the computer, and can load and play games pretty much without supervision. Their game of […]

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I heart Geddy Lee

22 September 2007 Life in Ottawa

I danced. I screamed. Okay, truthfully? When the house lights went dimmed, and the crowd started to scream, and the band came on stage, and the lights came up as Rush crashed into the first few bars of Limelight, and they were RIGHT THERE less than 100 ft from me, my barely repressed inner 14 […]

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Now playing at your neighbourhood grocery store

12 July 2007 Life, the Universe and Everything

I was absolutely fascinated by a recent post of Julie’s over on A little pregnant. She was talking about going into a grocery store in her town and finding that they have carts with television sets embedded into them, so for a dollar your kidlets can watch an episode of The Wiggles or Bob the […]

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Easter weekend in pictures

9 April 2007 Away we go

We spent Easter weekend with Beloved’s family north of Huntsville. But first, we decorated some eggs. Mimi and Pipi (a French coloquiallism for Grandmaman and Grandpapa) live on the other side of a gorgeous four and a half hour drive through Algonquin Provincial Park. The boys were so good that I now have no residual […]

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SImon’s birthday party

4 February 2007 Photography

Have you been breathlessly waiting for the update from Simon’s birthday party yesterday? I know, you haven’t been able to sleep for the suspense. Well, I’m thrilled to be able to report that despite the words you never want to hear your husband say when you have more than a dozen friends and family in […]

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730 days, 762 posts, too many words to count

2 February 2007 It IS all about me

Today marks two years since I started this blog. Two years = 730 days, and in those 730 days, I’ve put up 762 posts. This is what a year of blog posts looks like when you kill a small forest of trees in fear of losing your precious words to the interwebs, stored somewhere far […]

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A love letter to Simon

1 February 2007 Simon

My darling Simon, You are three years old today. Three years old… no longer a baby, but not quite done being a toddler yet. You are still my baby, and your babyness shows in your fat baby feet with their pudgy baby toes, and in the way you still have a traces of the bowlegged […]

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