Seven random things about… Simon

About a million years ago, Laura from Lunatic Fringe tagged me for the “Seven Random Facts About Me” meme. I’ve done a bunch of these over the years, and it’s getting tough to come up with more fresh stuff that you don’t already know about me, which is part of the reason I’ve sat on this for so long.

Then, inspiration struck. You might not need to know seven more random things about me — but what about seven random things about Simon, the cutest preschooler on the planet?


1. He’s adorable. No, really, he is. He’s one of those sweet-natured, flirty, adorable three-going-on-four-year-olds who just seem to have a natural ability to charm people. And he uses it shamelessly to his advantage.

You're my brother

2. He’s going through a kissing phase right now. I’m laughing to myself just thinking of his puckered puss as he offers it to me to be kissed many, many times a day.

Simon at six months

3. He’s adventurous in his food choices. He’ll try just about anything, and often asks for us to share what we’re having. He loves salsa (even and perhaps especially the hot stuff), fruits of all kinds (but he favours bananas and apples), guacamole, and mustard. He’s also a “dipper” and will dip just about any kind of food into any kind of dip.

First birthday cake

4. He’s got a preternatural memory. He regularly beats all of us at Memory-type card games, and even his preschool teacher has commented on his ability to remember details of past experiences. He quantifies everything from a few hours ago to last year as “Remember a long, long time ago, when….?” but recalls far more than I ever do. Someday, that will come back to bite me in the ass in a big way – mark my words!

Easter eggs

5. He likes predictability and routine. Every single morning, he asks me the exact same questions: “Is Jen coming today?” and “Are you going to work, or the gym, or the airport today?” (Granted, I go to work five days a week, and the gym once a week, but I’ve only gone to the airport twice, maybe three times, in his entire lifetime. And yet, the airport ranks in his daily questioning – and will be further ingrained when in fact I do fly out to Toronto for another conference next week!) He also asks me, every day without fail as I walk in the door and often before I get my shoes off, “What’s for dinner tonight?”

Simon's first birthday adventure

6. He’s feisty. He’s got a temper, likes to get his own way, and doesn’t take kindly to being scolded. He’s not cowed by our voices raised in anger, but yells right back. However, he’s also easily appeased.

at Grand Bend

7. He seems to have a strong affinity for music. He loves to dance, to sing, to play musical instruments. Where Tristan loves Thomas the Tank and Scooby Doo, Simon prefers the Wiggles and the Doodlebops.


What, that’s it? I’ve got seven already? But, I’m not done yet! I didn’t get a chance to tell you about his unruly curls, how he crawls into bed with me in the morning almost every day, how he still says “lellow” instead of “yellow” and I secretly kind of prefer it, and how he sometimes calls me “Mama doo doo” for reasons that baffle me, and… and…

Simon the caterpillar

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15 thoughts on “Seven random things about… Simon”

  1. Count me in as someone thoroughly, utterly, and definitely immediately charmed by young Simon. And I’m not just saying that because he shared his sticky (dusty?) Nerds with me :~)

    Love him.

  2. It’s a pleasure to get to know Simon a little better. I’m sure he’ll appreciate knowing these details when he is older – maybe not a teenager ;+) – but as a parent, definitely!

    PS. The reCAPTHCA for me today is rotund attraction. Is that a comment about *me* do you think?

  3. Barbara, I wouldn’t take it personally. “rotund attraction” defines Simon perfectly!

    Snackmommy, the boys STILL talk about how Aero bars make you float – you’ve become the stuff of family lore!

  4. Dani – I seriously wrote EXACTLY that introduction to my Pieces of Pie post – but then I could only come up with two, so I abandoned the “random things about me meme” angle and just went with the pieces of pie idea. We are seriously psychically linked, you and I.

  5. A lovely post! Ah lello, how I miss that colour. And I waved a sad goodbye to my favourite number: five-teen. Toddlers are special, and Simon sounds especially special

  6. I adore this. With attribution, I am going to steal the concept to do one of my tags. Your photos are divine. Your descriptions are as much so.

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