Working and mothering

Your thoughts: nanny fees?

13 November 2008 Working and mothering

Discuss: $100/day is too much to pay for a live-out nanny. She is young but has her ECE.

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Hey Dani, how is the search for child care going?

11 November 2008 Working and mothering

It sucks. Thanks for asking. Since the end of August I’ve posted at least a dozen ads in various online and IRL places. I’ve talked to or e-mailed probably 20 people. I’ve invited three people to come to our house for an interview, and two of them didn’t even bother to show up. No call, […]

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Searching for a nanny. Again.

30 October 2008 Working and mothering

Sigh. I should have known it was too good to be true. When I first started looking for a new nanny for the boys back in September, the first two people to reply were so awesome that I danced for two days. One was an ECE grad, one had a little daughter but tonnes of […]

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Another dream comes true

20 October 2008 Working and mothering

Around the time the boys started school in September, I started truly panicking about the idea of going back to work. It was still five months away, but I knew back-to-school season was only a quick hop to Halloween, which would start the slippery slide down to Christmas and before I knew it, February would […]

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In which she realizes there is more than one reason it’s a good thing her maternity leave is a year long

6 September 2008 Working and mothering

I was really excited about attending a bar camp event to discuss government and social media, something you might remember I was specializing in back in my other life before Lucas came along. I’d even managed to get Beloved to take the afternoon off work and take care of the boys so I could attend. […]

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A daycare cautionary tale

31 October 2007 Working and mothering

I’ve been following a story in the media here about an unlicensed child care provider who has been arrested and charged with forcible confinement and obstructing police. The story was first published yesterday, with details of how the parents of 11 children, ages one to four, were called to come and pick up their children […]

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Back to school and other thoughts

6 September 2007 Working and mothering

Tristan’s on his third day of senior kindergarten, and I’m only now getting around to memorializing it on the blog. I didn’t even go… I sat here in my office and watched the clock tick and imagined the nanny walking the boys over there, then pictured him in his new classroom with his new teacher […]

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The one where the nanny didn’t quit

20 August 2007 Working and mothering

So, it’s the nanny’s third day today, and she didn’t quit yet. I’m so happy! (Amazing how my standards have dropped, isn’t it?) Seriously, though, even beyond her not quitting, I’m thrilled with the new nanny. The boys ask every day whether Jen and Jordan (her one year old son) are coming today. She brings […]

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Episode 156 of the daycare saga: the one with the nanny

7 June 2007 Working and mothering

What’s that, you say? You’re dying for another long, rambly post to update you on the endless saga of our search for quality, affordable child care? Far be it from me to deny you the joy of a post like that. So. Last time you saw our heroine, she had recently had the rug yanked […]

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Another twist of the knife

23 May 2007 Working and mothering

I just spent 30 minutes transcribing the infamous letter, delivered surreptitiously under cover of night, to share with you. (No, I haven’t posted it yet. I’m still pondering how wise a decision it is to publish it.) The whole time, I could hear the boys above in their beds, playing and talking and generally avoiding […]

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