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by DaniGirl on May 21, 2007 · 1 comment

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I lay in bed for quite a while this morning, trying to force myself to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t quiet the voices that have been harranguing me all weekend, so I gave in and got up.

I opened the front door to get the morning newspaper and saw an envelope sticking out of the mailbox. The caregiver had snuck by in the night and left a letter informing us she “felt it necessary to terminate our contract effective immediately.” And a cheque refunding our deposit.

I am furious. I’m annoyed as hell about the actual quitting, but I can’t say I didn’t see it coming. But I am shaking with hurt fury at the cowardly way she went about this without even talking to me. She says her reasons are “Tristan and Simon need much more care than I can give them without jeopardizing the other children, the lack of communication from both you and [Beloved], and the safety issues that have arisen.”

And by lack of communication I wonder if she meant the one phone call on Tuesday and two on Thursday I made, checking to see if everything was okay? Ugh. “Children do not learn respect and rules overnight, rather it is a continuous process.” She says I was not up front with her because I didn’t tell her that Tristan had finished 10 days of antibiotics the night before her first day with them and it was a safety issue and I should have told her. WTF?

There is, of course, absolutely nothing I can do. I’m certainly not going to force her to take my kids for two weeks to honour our ‘contract’ when she’s behaving like this. I’m torn – I feel like there should be some sort of consequence, that I should at the very least give her an earful; but, there is nothing to be gained there.

So off I go to find a new caregiver. Again. I’ll at least have to take Tuesday, probably Thursday as well, off work because Beloved is in exam season. Thank small mercies that this happened now instead of in January, and that in a week or two at least he’ll be able to stay home with them full time until we find someone.

I told Tristan that Joanne couldn’t take care of kids anymore, and asked him if he’d rather go to a new caregiver or back to his old caregiver. At least I know his old caregiver loved both boys, even if I had some concerns about the other stuff and I was willing to eat whatever crow I had to and approach her again. But Tristan said he would like a new caregiver, bless his heart. How can I argue with that?

Oh, and remember the nursery school, the one I was so excited about? Yah, the chances of me actually being able to find someone who will shuttle Tristan to and from school and Simon to and from nursery school? What do you figure my odds are on that one?

Excuse me, I have to go start searching the daycare listings. Staring from scratch. Again.

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