Baby days

32 minutes

23 October 2008 Baby days

For the last two days, Lucas has been averaging a 32 minute nap, a couple of times per day. That would explain, for those of you who are hanging on my every word (hi Mom!), why posting has been so light this week. For what it’s worth, 32 minute naps also make for one cranky-assed […]

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Ottawa Moms: Join the Breastfeeding Challenge!

8 October 2008 Baby days

Did you know that in 2005, the National Capital Region came in first out of 234 participating locations in the breastfeeding challenge, with the largest number of participating mommies? Join us to beat the record in 2008! Moms will be lactating large at the St Laurent Shopping Centre, CHEO, the Monfort and both campuses of […]

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Baby-led weaning

6 October 2008 Baby days

A couple of weeks ago, on my post about baby food and the culture of fear, Marianne left a little comment about “baby-led weaning.” (Don’t you love Marianne’s comments? Her perspective as a teacher is awesome!) She suggested I google the term, so I did. And I was enlightened! After doing a lot of skimming […]

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Granny’s Revenge

30 September 2008 Baby days

I was flipping through Tristan’s baby calendar the other day, comparing Tristan and Lucas at seven months of age. (Heartbreakingly, I seem to have lost my 2004 kitchen calendar with all of Simon’s baby milestones. I have every other year since 2001; I’m hoping it presents itself out of the clutter one of these days.) […]

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Lucas at six months (and a bit)

28 August 2008 Baby days

Did you hear the choirs of angels singing, and did you see the beam of light shoot down from the heavens to glow lovingly over Lucas’s high chair last week? Or maybe that was just me singing the Hallelujah chorus. We’ve made one of those huge developmental leaps that makes Mommy’s day so very much […]

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Lukey’s boat is painted green

15 August 2008 Baby days

When he’s really frothed, I can rely on three songs to calm Lucas down. “You are my Sunshine” is my lullaby standby, and I have sung it to all three boys. It reminds me of my Granda, my grandfather on my mother’s side, and I cringe when I hear it used to huck orange juice. […]

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Two reactions

19 July 2008 Baby days

I’m not overly shy about breastfeeding in public, but I’m also not very good about being discreet. I have to be able to see what I’m doing, yanno? Even so, through two and a half boys worth of nursing wherever I had to do it, I never really had any reactions that I’d noticed. Mostly […]

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Lucas’s first cereal

12 July 2008 Baby days

Every now and then I feel the need to conform to the expectations of those who castigate mommy blogs as self-reverential shrines to minutiae. What could be more self-indulgent than four minutes of baby’s first cereal posted to YouTube? But seriously, could he BE more adorable? If nothing else, watch for the infectious baby giggles […]

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The next plague: mastitis

12 June 2008 Baby days

My vexatious breasts are at it again, finding new and horrific ways to cause me grief. I suppose I should know better than to tempt fate with a question like “what’s next.” The answer is a rocking case of mastitis. Fever, chills, wretched body aches, and it feels like I have a ball of hot […]

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Solids: now or later?

11 June 2008 Baby days

As I mentioned, we had Lucas’s four-month checkup this week. He’s doing great! He’s maintaining his string-bean physique, bang-on the 50th percentile for weight, but 90th percentile for height at 14 lbs 12 oz and 27 inches long. He’s still on the twice-daily rantidine for reflux, and still spitting up quite a bit. The ped […]

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