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We Day 2014: Learning that anything is possible

12 April 2014 Life in Ottawa

Imagine having the power to light the fire of inspiration in the hearts of 16,000 young people, and then sending them back into their homes and communities thrumming with the idea that they can be a powerful force of change in the world. Imagine the ripple effect of that empowerment and positivity. That’s what happened […]

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We Day is coming back to Ottawa!

3 April 2014 Ah, me boys

Next Wednesday, 16,000 students and educators from 420 schools throughout Canada will be gathering at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa to mark Canada’s National We Day 2014. For the third year, TELUS is partnering with Free The Children as National Co-Title sponsor of We Day, and they’ve invited Simon and I to attend the […]

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Hey Blogger, did you declare that free soup on your income tax return?

1 March 2014 How I love the Interwebs

So this is kind of interesting. Bloggers, photographers, Facebook business page owners and anyone who earns even a couple of dollars from the interwebs, you might want to pay attention to this. Up-front disclosure – this is not tax advice. Also, as you may know, despite having failed income tax returns in high school (true […]

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Could Bella be a coydog?

5 January 2014 Life, the Universe and Everything

My in-laws paid a quick visit to us this past weekend for the holidays, and it was their first opportunity to meet Bella. After watching Bella pounce on a bone and noting the distinctive stance, he said, “Gee, she almost looks like a coyote, doesn’t she?” That set us off on a fun afternoon of […]

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(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday: 50 favourite photos from 2013

1 January 2014 Life, the Universe and Everything

I was going to post my top 10 favourite photos from 2013, but I couldn’t get it whittled down to anything close to that. Oy, if there was ever a girl in need of an editor, it’s me! Oh well, it’s my blog and pixels are free, right? Heh, just be glad I didn’t post […]

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Postcards Exclusive: Conversation with NORAD’s Santa Tracker

20 December 2013 Happy holidays

This? Is so cool! Rarely am I *this* excited to publish a post! ff you’ve been around for a while, you might remember I spent some time working with the Canadian Army. When I was there, I was lucky enough to work with Captain Jennifer Stadnyk, and long after I left we stayed in touch […]

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Hunting a Christmas Tree in Twelve Photos

8 December 2013 Happy @ home

We went back to Thomas Tree Farm in North Gower (rapidly becoming our favourite!) to get our Christmas tree this weekend. It was a little bit on the crazy busy side, but we still had a great morning out. I love that the boys are big enough to start taking on some responsibility for the […]

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Astronaut in Aisle 3

3 December 2013 Ah, me boys

8:50 am Beloved calls me at work. “Did you know Chris Hadfield is being interviewed about two blocks from you right now?” I gasp and instinctively look out the window. He’s not floating outside my fourth-floor window, and I’m kind of relieved by that. “No kidding?” I ask, and hatch a plan to meander casually […]

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Smart phone tip: Put your contact info on your iPhone’s lock screen

15 November 2013 Life, the Universe and Everything

The phone on my desk at work rang and I could hear the smile in Beloved’s face as we spoke. “Are you missing something?” he asked. I glanced around my cubicle, checking for my purse, my lunch, or anything else I had probably left on the kitchen counter. “Um, no?” I said, with not much […]

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A perfect weekend roadtrip in 10 photos

11 November 2013 Life, the Universe and Everything

Three tanks of gas, a whackload of leftover halloween candy, five hand-held computing devices, a bag of markers, a sketchbook and enough coffee to drown an ox… that’s what fueled our run down to London, Ontario to visit the cousins for a whirlwind weekend visit. This is what it looked like: A birthday party, an […]

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