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Reindeer Rant Redux – and a reindeer rampage!

15 December 2014 Happy holidays

My bloggy peeps, I have a reindeer-palooza of fun for you today! You might have read the reindeer rant a time or two (or coughninecough) before, but now we have reindeer trivia! And photoshop! And webcams! And even reindeer on a rampage! Oh my. But first, the rant. Because especially at Christmas, traditions matter. Also? […]

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An ode to two t-shirts

16 October 2014 It IS all about me

They came from the clearance rack at the Gap. It’s really rather astonishing what a large percentage of my clothes come from there. I’m sure I didn’t pay more than $6 each for them – just plain old cotton t-shirts, one in a nice cool magenta, and one in utilitarian navy blue. I’ve had them […]

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In which she discusses allergic reactions to red tattoo ink with the Universe

11 September 2014 It IS all about me

It went something like this: **ring ring** Hello? DaniGirl! It’s the Universe calling. It’s been a while, so I thought I’d check up on you. Hey Universe! Great to hear from you. How’s that supernova in Betelgeuse 5? Shining bright, DaniGirl! Hey, speaking of “shine” – I see you got a tattoo a couple of […]

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Is it painful to get a tattoo? Not nearly so painful as choosing a tattoo font!

30 August 2014 It IS all about me

As I mentioned yesterday, I finally got my tattoo yesterday. I am so happy with how it turned out and with the whole experience. I am also hugely relieved. I wasn’t worried about the pain. Seriously? I birthed not one, not two but THREE 10 lbs babies, one without medication and two after more than […]

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Photo of the day: Shine, baby!

29 August 2014 It IS all about me

Guess what I did today? Okay, so it was supposed to be a 45th birthday present to myself and I’m a little late, but it’s still my birthday month! Why “shine”? Because it makes me happy, of course! It’s an imperative, for one thing – a sort of reminder to myself that “shine” is exactly […]

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Thinking about inking

12 August 2014 It IS all about me

I was never particularly interested in getting a tattoo. “Why would you permanently emboss yourself with artwork that you wouldn’t hang on your walls?” was my all-purpose response to the very idea. It’s not that I was morally opposed to tattoos or even disliked the idea. I just couldn’t imagine committing to a single bit […]

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Working up a sweat

16 June 2014 It IS all about me

The man-child decided he wanted to walk home after school today, even though I’d met them at the school with the car. He is competing in an inter-school track and field meet on Wednesday (he scored first in his school for 60m dash!) and he wanted to get in a little extra practice. We live […]

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On plateaus and progress and The Diet Fix

11 June 2014 Me, only better

I was already thinking about writing a blog post about Yoni Freedhoff’s book The Diet Fix when I happened to catch him speaking to Jian Ghomeshi this morning on CBC Radio Q. I’ve been aware of Dr Freedhoff, an Ottawa doctor who specializes in treating overweight people, for many years. I’ve been following him on […]

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In which there is an app for that

19 May 2014 Me, only better

Two weeks ago, I lamented that despite my best efforts, I had utterly failed to lose a pound and in fact, was losing the battle against the 10 lbs I gained in the last year. I whined that I did not want to count calories, that I was doing my best, that I did not […]

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In which she utterly fails to lose a pound in six weeks

3 May 2014 Me, only better

I will try very hard not to whine during this blog post, I promise, but I am soooo frustrated that I need some moral support, and maybe some advice. As you might have noticed, I am really working on healthier living. I cook more than 90 per cent of our meals from scratch and I […]

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