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Guess which blog is featured in Capital Parent Newspaper?

1 May 2014 My 15 minutes

Thanks a million to the amazing Lynn Jatania for writing this very sweet feature on Postcards from the Mothership for the Blogs We Love column in the May 2014 in Capital Parent Newspaper! I knew Lynn was writing the feature when she asked me for the photo (truth be told, I took that photo because […]

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In which she discusses ski trips with the Universe

20 February 2014 It IS all about me

It went something like this… *Ring, ring* Hello? Hey DaniGirl, it’s the Universe calling. Oh hey, Universe! It’s been a while! Always a delight to hear from you, though. What’s new? Oh you know, the usual – lately I’ve been entertaining myself cooking up theories on black holes with Stephen Hawking. He’s a riot! But […]

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In which she takes a stand against make-up

30 January 2014 5 things

Sometimes a blog post needs to percolate in my head for a while. This one started out as a vaguely apologetic examination of why I’ve gotten out of the habit of wearing makeup lately, but the more the idea fermented, the less apologetic I was feeling. In fact, I’m feeling rather defiant about the whole […]

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One year with Fitbit

10 January 2014 Me, only better

Just about a year ago, I bought my Fitbit Zip. What’s a FitBit? A funky little pedometer with its own app and social component. I like the pedometer part, but it’s the stats and bar graphs that I truly love. (Beancounter much?) So far I’m as impressed with the fact that I’ve stuck with it […]

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Why you might be seeing a lot more of me in 2014

2 January 2014 It IS all about me

Ah, the selfie. Celebrated. Reviled. International word of the year for 2013 and also at the top of words to banish for 2013. Clearly it’s a polarizing idea. People love them or hate them. I love them and hate them. I really appreciate a well-done selfie – when they’re insightful and show something about the […]

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Flashback fave: The Reindeer Rant

13 December 2013 Flashback faves

My old friend Nick, who has endured this rant more times than I can count, was asking for this on Facebook last week, so you can blame him for the recycling yet again of this hoary old favourite seasonal post of mine. Did you think might get through one Christmas season without the annual Donder […]

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Ruminations on a drive, a decision and a transformation 20 years ago this week

22 November 2013 It IS all about me

We drove down to London to visit my family a few weeks ago. It was a grey, blustery November sort of weekend, and while the boys were plugged in to their various devices to pass the time, I had some quiet time in my head to reflect on another long drive I took to London, […]

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This week in pictures: A long and rambly catch-up post (part one of two)

3 August 2013 It IS all about me

Oops! Didn’t I used to post a weekly post with all the photos of the day? I got a little sporadic with the daily photos around the end of June and although I’ve been posting most days, I kind of forgot to do these posts. We’ve been having too much fun for me to get […]

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Royalty Free Images Aren’t Free: Finding and Using Photos to Use Without Getting Sued

1 June 2013 My 15 minutes

Have I ever mentioned that I won our school district’s speech competition when I was in Grade 7? I have always loved public speaking. I’ve been really lucky in the last few months in that I’ve had a terrific number of opportunities to do what I call my “blog and pony” show to internal GoC […]

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Featured in Ottawa Parenting Times magazine

27 May 2013 My 15 minutes

This is fun! A couple of months ago I was asked to contribute an article about why I blog for Ottawa Parenting Times magazine. The article was published this weekend, so I can finally share with you. How fun is this? The issue is jam-packed with other great info about family activities around Ottawa – […]

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