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Hooray for December!

1 December 2009 Consumer culture

I‘m always glad when November turns to December. Despite the short days and cold weather, December is a bright month filled with warmth. We got our first dusting of snow yesterday, which helps to add a festive feeling, and there’s plenty of talk of pending holiday lunches and get-togethers. I even ordered my Christmas cards […]

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Canadian Toy Testing Council: Best Toys for 2010

16 November 2009 Consumer culture

This time of year, it seems like every website, TV show and magazine is offering up the “Best Bet” toys for the holiday season. I’m always a little bit skeptical though: can I trust Disney to objectively assess the other guys’ toys, or am I just getting a thinly disguised “Best Disney Toys” list? That’s […]

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Five things I love about my Mazda 5

12 November 2009 5 things

As you may remember, I made a (ahem) somewhat involuntary switch from driving a Dodge Grand Caravan to a Mazda 5 last July, when I wrecked the van and it burst into flames. (You know, I’m still a little twitchy even five months later?) I’ve been meaning to write a follow-up post for months. Even […]

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Canadian kids don’t count to corporate America

9 November 2009 Consumer culture

Sheesh, as it if it weren’t bad enough that gullible Canadian parents have been excluded from the Baby Einstein refund offer, now comes news that Canadian parents aren’t included in the recently-announced recall of Maclaren strollers, even though the strollers are the same in both Canada and the US and all strollers are apparently a […]

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Flotsam and jetsam – a “cleaning out my inbox” post

29 September 2009 Consumer culture

A few tidbits that have dribbled out of my inbox lately, worth a mention but not quite an entire post… Remember when I blogged about the MoonJars? I just received their newsletter, and now you can enter to win a set of 25 standard MoonJars for your child’s classroom. Follow this link for details. (The […]

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The one with the new car

23 July 2009 Consumer culture

It’s been two weeks since the whole “oh my god the van is on fire” nightmare, and I’ve finally managed to restore pretty much everything to a state of equilibrium. I’m not seeing the crash in technicolour every time I close my eyes anymore (that went on a lot longer than I expected, actually) and […]

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Digital cable discontent

15 June 2009 Consumer culture

So it’s been a little less than a week since we’ve had our fancy new digital cable box, and you know what? Even with 600+ channels, there’s STILL nothing on TV. Worse, I now spend my precious hour or so of TV time each night scaling through the digital TV Guide gadget looking for stuff […]

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A new toy the whole family can enjoy

26 April 2009 Consumer culture

The nice folks at Hill and Knowlton* sent me an e-mail the other day, asking me if I’d like to take a new HP Photosmart Wireless Premium Fax All-in-One printer for a test drive. No need to blog about it, they said, but we saw your posts about your 365 project and thought you might […]

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Free coffee!

24 February 2009 Consumer culture

This is a clever promotion. Bring your losing “please play again” cup from Timmy’s Roll Up the Rim to Win contest to a Country Style and they’ll give you a free medium coffee. Free coffee! Woot!

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Free 10-issue digital Pregnancy mag

17 February 2009 Consumer culture

Via RedFlagDeals, this offer for 10 free issues of Pregnancy Magazine’s digital edition. I loved pg magazines almost as much when I was pg as I did when we were infertile and TTC. Can’t beat the price at any cost!

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