Hooray for December!

I‘m always glad when November turns to December. Despite the short days and cold weather, December is a bright month filled with warmth. We got our first dusting of snow yesterday, which helps to add a festive feeling, and there’s plenty of talk of pending holiday lunches and get-togethers.

I even ordered my Christmas cards online last night! For the first time, inspired by your suggestions, I’ve made cards based on one of my photographs, which I just this moment realized that I forgot to upload and therefore cannot show you. (Oops!) Trust me when I tell you that it’s an adorable image. Here’s an out-take from the same photo session that I did not use, but which will give you an idea of the unbearable cuteness of it all:

313:365 Christmas card outtake

Aren’t they lovely? I swear, I love them more each time I look at this picture. And this is the out-take!

After much dithering, tinkering, uploading and testing, I was surprised to find myself choosing Costco’s photo lab for the cards. I’d toyed with Shutterfly, TinyPrints and a few others, but the price and functionality of the Costco site got me in the end. And since I do most of my photo developing with them, I know at least the photo quality will be high. I’ve ordered actual folded 5×7 cards instead of just flat photo postcard-style cards, and there are photos both inside and out. For about $1 a card, it was the best price by far, and with in-store pick-up, there is no shipping nor US$-Cnd$ conversion to worry about. The only thing I’m forgot to check is whether envelopes are included. If I remember, I’ll report back on the quality issue when I pick them up next week.

Do you feel the pull of the holidays yet? Are you mostly ready or just getting started? What’s next on your holiday to-do list?

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6 thoughts on “Hooray for December!”

  1. December 1st and I’m trying to kick it into high drive! So much to do and not matter how prepared I try to be it’s always a race to the finish: baking, decorating, wrapping, partying, shopping…the list goes on and on. This week’s goals are to get out the Christmas dishes, clean the house and decorate. Fingers crossed I’ll get it done. LOVE LOVE this photo. So gorgeous!

  2. Your boys, and that photo, are beautiful!

    Outdoor decorating: done!
    Indoore decorating: done!
    Christmas shopping: done!
    Christmas cards: ordered!

    Remaining items: must order baking, address and mail out cards, still have about half of my wrapping to do, and some shipping of long-distance gifts.

    The next few weeks truly are my favourite time of the year. The Christmas spirit takes hold, and I love all of the parties and gatherings that bring our friends and family together.

    Would love to hear if Costco includes the envelopes, as I may consider using them next year.

  3. I’ve been considering getting the printed photo cards from Hallmark, but I’m going to peek at the Costco ones now — definitely a better price! But I’d have to have them shipped and I don’t know if they do that… not much time left for that!!!

  4. I just looked at Costco’s website – that’s exactly where I’m going to get my cards!

    And the picture of your boys makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

  5. Great picture. If you used one of their card templates then you will get envelopes. If you used your own template then no, they don’t usually include envelopes. Although I have been voicing my opinion about that so they may have started adding them. I just ordered my own envelopes yesterday (2 day shipping apparently) hopefully they will arrive by the weekend, yes I ordered my cards from Costco too.

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