A love letter to Simon, age 10

by DaniGirl on February 1, 2014 · 2 comments

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My dear, darling Simon, today you are ten! A whole decade old.

Winter walk

Simon, you are a delightful child. Not only do we love you (how could we not?!) but it’s clear your teachers and classmates feel the same way. At the most recent round of parent-teacher interviews, your teachers smiled pleasantly and were happy to chat, but they could not think of a single concern to raise with me. In fact, one teacher confided that it would be wonderful to have a class full of 30 Simons.

Snow(man) Day!

School seems to come easily for you, and I am amazed at your conscientiousness. In a house full of distracted daydreamers, you alone seem to have both feet on the ground. I never need to remind you to do homework – you cheerfully pull it out of your own accord the minute we settle into the house after school. You are the one who remembers permission slips, library books and due dates. And that focus is clearly paying off – you regularly bring home tests and quizzes showing perfect marks.

First and last day of school

Earlier this year, you said you wanted to be a math teacher when you grow up and my heart swelled with pride. More recently, you’ve decided that your future lies in being a chef or a baker. Either way, I know once you set your mind to it, you’ll be amazing at it.

Happy birthday Simon!

Simon, you are silly and playful and have a wonderful sense of humour, and you love an audience. This year you finished a second year of piano lessons, and played a few recitals. You also loved being on stage after a week of drama camp and you clearly love music. You’re my connection to popular culture – it’s thanks to you that I’ve become what I never expected in a million years, a fan of rap and hip hop music! You’ve injected life into our family iTunes account.

Fall fun at the Lime Kiln Trail

You are warm and generous, my Simon. You have a delightfully sunny disposition. I occasionally tease you by observing that you can be the sweetest, most thoughtful boy – and you can also be absolutely wretched to your little brother. You’re fast friends with Tristan, but I do have to remind you to be patient and tolerant with Lucas.

Sharing a taste

Your favourite things are Minecraft and videos on YouTube about Minecraft. You also love making Rainbow Loom bracelets, your iPod, those silly tween dramas on YTV, family board games, your bed so full of stuffies that there’s barely room for you, tacos, your friends, and did I mention Minecraft? You are more tolerant of vegetables than you have been in years past, but they are still, as I have requested you to phrase it, ‘not your favourite.’ You prefer raw veggies over cooked, and will eat just about anything doused in ranch dressing. You will also choose being sendentary over being active, something we have been working on this year.


You, middle child, are my teenager in waiting – pushing the boundaries that your older brother has not yet considered crossing. I let you have an Instagram account but put my foot down on a Twitter account, although I do love your sweet texts that you send me at work before you leave for school.

Bumper car fun-3

You are empathetic and attentive. You are the one who notices and calls out to see if I’m okay when I say “ouch” when doing silly things like burning a finger or being uncareful with a knife while making dinner. You notice haircuts and new clothes and changes in the house – some day, your girlfiend(s) will realize what a treasure you are!

Weekend with the cousins

Your friends this year are Mason, Ben, Jacob, Nicky, Alex and Dylan. Although you seem to have no shortage of female friends, this is the first year your party will feature a guest list of all male friends at LaserQuest. You can hardly wait!


Simon, I love your enthusiasm, your warm-heartedness and your joie-de-vivre. You are the kind of person who lights up a room, and you easily charm every one you meet. One of the things I admire most about you is how you greet everyone as an equal – you fit in as easily chatting with the grownups as with other kids. You were a happy, cuddly baby who loved attention, and you are growing into a happy, sweet young man – who still loves attention.

Christmas Tree Quest 2013

Happy happy birthday, my sweet, adorable Simon! I wish for you that all the joy you bring into our world is reflected back to you one hundred times over!

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1 mimi and pipi February 1, 2014 at 7:30 am

oh my Simon ,this is indeed your special day, but Pipi and I think that you make every day Special just by being YOU. love you very much and hope your Party is all you expected. hope you received you card and we will call you later. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON!!! xxooxoxo

2 Granny & Papa Lou February 1, 2014 at 12:32 pm

Happy Birthday Sweetheart – you have such charisma and such a love for life – I still remember babysitting Tristan when you decided to come into this world – and you have made it a better place

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