A love letter to Simon, Age 12

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My dearest, darling Simon, you are twelve years old today!

Simon, you are bright, quick, quirky and good-hearted. Despite your age, you are my teenager, pushing boundaries and taking miles when inches are given. And you get away with it because you could charm the scales off a snake.

Simon in the snow

You love tacos, Lone Star, hamburgers, Subway, pasta, and anything that your dad bakes. You are interested in cooking and baking, but mostly you are just developing an appreciation for good food well prepared. I’m mindful of how much more open-minded you are to all foods now, but especially to the fruit and vegetable variety.

Fun at Brackley Beach, PEI National Park

These are the words that make up your world: Minecraft, groupchat, Skype, YouTube. Your favourite gift at Christmas this year was your gamer headphones, and your iPad is an extension of your arm. I chase you off one screen and find you on another. You’ve proven your comfort with technology at school, though, and seem to have become one of the go-to guys when the teachers need help with technology.

Google Cardboard via View-Master = AWESOME!

Simon, you are thoughtful and empathetic, and always seem keenly attuned to the feelings of others. Except when it comes to your little brother. You have a wicked sense of humour, and you are fun to banter and kibitz with. You’re also a great source of all the gossip in Grade 6, and a goodly portion of the gossip from the other grades, too! Your circle of friends is large, but your squad is tight: Dylan, Mason, Nathan, Ben, and Antonio are still your bros, but I think many of the kids in your class would consider you their friend.

Hockey day in Canada-13

Math, science, languages, history – you don’t seem to have trouble with any subject, and you excel at math and science (even though you do protest that you don’t like science, to my great chagrin.) It’s not unusual to see an A+ on your projects and tests, and you take obvious care and responsibility with your school work. You took another semester of piano this year, and played your recital on the grand piano. You find many ways to make us proud!

Lessons on a grand piano

You’ve shown a love and aptitude for basketball this year, and you’re enrolled in your third year of basketball through the city at MPS. Shortly after we saw the Globetrotters in action, you earned a spot on the school basketball team. Despite feeling less than well, you balanced early practices and a short job taking care of a neighbour’s dog and proved yourself to be dedicated and reliable. You even walked yourself to school in order to make it to early morning practices. And then you went on to score a “buzzy” at the basketball tournament!

Simon ball

You can be willful. You carried your winter jacket the entire day of our Christmas tree quest this year because you refused to wear it and I refused to let you leave it in the car. I’m sure in your life that stubborn streak will serve you well, but it will also put a few more grey hairs on my head between now and then.

Pumpkin picking 2015-4

This is your senior year in elementary school, and you’ve taken advantage of the many opportunities available for leadership and activities. You’ve dressed as the school mascot, acted as a peer counselor for younger students, made and sold duct-tape crafts to raise money for charity and earned your tickets to We Day. I love your enthusiasm for school activities and opportunities.

Simon bday

Simon, these love letters are easy to write, because you are easy to love. You make me laugh, you made me proud, and every now and then you make me crazy. You have so many new and exciting challenges coming up as you graduate from elementary school and move on to middle school this year, and I know it will be an amazing adventure for you. It’s wonderful watching you grow from a sweet child to a charming young man.


Happy birthday, my darling Simon! We do love you so!

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