How to turn a picnic, a bridge and a barn into a fun family photo session

Each time someone invites me to take photographs of their family or special event, I am deeply honoured. However, there is little compliment greater than having the same family come back for portraits year after year. I first met this sweet family last year on a warm summer day in the Arboretum. Remember this?

Picnic in the park

This year, we moved a little ways down the road to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, and a little ways down the calendar to a crisp autumn morning in September. What didn’t change was my delight at being able to follow this family on an ordinary family adventure, capturing photos as they played and picnicked together on a sunny Saturday morning.

photography story of a family picnic and walk in the park

I am beginning to think this is my favourite kind of family photography session. While I think more formal portraits do a wonderful job of capturing how cute your kids are, especially when they’re cleaned up and maybe even a little fancy, there is something that I love about being able to capture a family at play in an almost journalistic style. Imagine combining a family photography session with the annual trip to cut down the Christmas tree, or picking apples in the local orchard, or picking the perfect pumpkin for Halloween! How fun would that be?

But there’s something wonderful about the simplicity of a walk in the park, isn’t there? It lets the littlest kids move at their own speed, and it’s a lot easier to get them to stand still for a more formal posing every now and then if they’re able to run a little wild in between poses!

photos of a family taken near experimental farm in ottawa

It’s Thanksgiving weekend as I finally get around to blogging about this session, but that’s rather appropriate as it reminds me of so many things for which I am thankful: that we live in a city with pockets of beauty like this, that people invite me to join their families to record and share their moments together, that we’ve had this extended season of beautiful autumn weather, and that I can share all of these things with you. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

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