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by DaniGirl on April 28, 2013 · 1 comment

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Winter seemed so reluctant to leave us this year, with a long, cool and slow start to spring, so when the flowers arrived in riot of colour this week, it was almost shocking. Already? Well yeesh, it’s almost May, yes already! As you’ll see, I was helpless to resist each new arrival, each of which popped up literally overnight in my unkempt but still lovely garden.

Spring flowers in the lawn!


Spring flowers in the lawn!

Tulip time!

(That last one is my favourite! It’s now the wallpaper on my iPhone. πŸ™‚ )

On my day off I had 40 minutes to kill before picking up Lucas from school, and so on an impulse I parked in a little lot I’d driven by a million times before and took my camera for a little hike near the Rideau River. I found an AMAZING location for family portraits – how has this been around the corner from me for three years and I never noticed it before? Also a lovely spot to take the boys (and the dog!) for a wander as soon as the trails dry up just a wee bit more. I was enamoured by this big old tree, patiently waiting for spring in the sunshine.

Spring tree

Bella sort of fits the “nature” theme this week. While she had clearly been missing the banks of snow during the messy and wet transition to spring, now that the yard has dried out she has absolutely loves being able to play outside. She is, to our initial dismay, an inveterate digger — but it only took about half an hour to teach her that digging in the sand under the playstructure was allowed and even encouraged, while digging in the lawn makes the lady of the house shriek like a banshee. Quick learner, she is!

Digger dog

And finally, just some pretty blue skies, an ethereal cloud and some maple buds, overlaid with texture for a bit of a painterly feel.

Spring clouds

Spring! YAY!


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1 Sarah McCormack May 1, 2013 at 1:24 pm

gorgeous! Spring flowers have always been my favorite to photograph… perhaps because they don’t stick around for long.. must capture πŸ™‚

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