This week in pictures: In which spring staggers in and out of the picture

by DaniGirl on April 20, 2013 · 2 comments

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April really is the cruellest month when it comes to weather, if not photographic opportunities. From snow to a humidex and back down to snow again.

After a long winter, it was finally time to pull out the sidewalk chalk. Lucas has been playing hopscotch at school, so he asked me to make one at home for him after his turned out a little, um, small.

Driveway hopscotch

Can you guess who wrote in the numbers? (Hint: not me.)

Driveway hopscotch

Then we had the first scilla and crocuses peeking up and we enjoyed those very much!

First flower of spring!

It’s been fun watching Tristan take a bit of responsibility with Bella, both in taking her for walks and engaging her when she’s in need of a little play.

Saturday morning

The current theme of the photo workshop I’m taking with Harry Nowell is longer exposures. I keep forgetting to pull out my tripod and my filters to help me slow down the exposure, but I did find a slow shutter app for my iPhone and I used that for a one-second exposure of the Mill to make the rushing river water look smooth like this.

Slow shutter Mill

Much as I’m excited for the arrival of all of spring’s greenery, I do love how the light pours into the house this time of year before the leaves come out and provide their lovely shade.

The light of learning

This may be my favourite shot of the week. Bella was off in the corner of the porch and I wanted to get a shot of her coming toward me so I sat down and lined up my iPhone then called her. When she saw I was at puppy level she not only came over but – well, you can see the enthusiasm in her approach! All four feet off the ground!

Incoming porch dog!!

It’s freezing again this morning, but at least each ridiculous leap back and forth lands us a little bit closer to summer. Once we get past the chance of snow this afternoon. April isn’t cruel, it’s just plain crazy.

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1 Anonymous April 20, 2013 at 7:15 am

I love the wee hop scotch layout.

2 Tania April 20, 2013 at 7:06 pm

Funny, but the one of Bella with all four feet off the ground, and most of her body obscured, kinda looks like she’s flying out of another dimension

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