This week in pictures: Bella and the turkeys and other signs of spring

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I managed to avoid taking a whole week of Bella photos again, but I was so busy working with her on housetraining and other doggie manners that I missed taking a photo a couple of days this week, and relied on quickie iPhone snaps to fill in a few more gaps.

Some photos just beg to be taken, although I do wish I’d had a little more time to play with this and maybe try to remove that glare from Beloved’s glasses. In a house full of boys, Bella has easily stolen the role of Daddy’s Girl.

Daddy's girl?

Of course, part of my dog training regimen has been teaching her to pose for the camera.

Curious Bella

Have you heard about the wild turkey problem in Barrhaven? We saw them for the first time a few months ago, and when I saw this pair stopping traffic on my way home from doing errands early one Saturday afternoon, I had to stop and snap a few photos. I thought I had a really great video of them attacking a Mazda as it backed up and tried to drive around them (they really are fearless!) but apparently I’m a better photographer than videographer – I didn’t manage to turn on the video button. Just another couple of turkeys on the fowl prowl in suburbia…

Just a pair of suburban turkeys on the prowl

And look, more signs of spring – buds on the birch trees in the back yard!

Spring sky and birch trees

And last but certainly not least, one of the surest signs of spring: Easter egg decorating!

Easter egg fun

Easter egg fun

Easter egg fun

Hope your Easter was filled with spring and sweet treats!

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