Friday fun with Fisher-Price and the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle

It helps to know, in reading this post, that we have a bit of a fixation with the Legend of King Arthur around our house. The very first night I met Beloved in a bar, he invited me back to his apartment to see his etchings and sketches based on the legends. Tristan is in fact named after a knight of the round table, and it was only by intervention on my part that he was not named Galahad or Lancelot. And so, when I opened the box on our latest shipment from Fisher-Price, I was instantly charmed and delighted by the Eagle Talon Castle.

I love the Imaginext toys because they invite the sort of flexible, creative play that I like to encourage in the boys. It’s funny watching Lucas lump them together, so the Imaginext T-Rex attacks the castle and Batman flies the Batcopter up to rescue the knights.

I also love a toy that sucks even the big boys into the play. The Eagle Talon castle is huge, which allows three bulky boys lots of room in front and behind to play with it. I keep putting it away and it keeps migrating back to the living room where I’ve found each of the boys playing with it at various times and best of all, found all three of them howling with laughter over it more than once. It makes me snicker every time one of them drops the draw bridge and the built-in electronic sound bleats out “Who is it?” In fact, it kind of inspired us to do this one fine summer evening (with equal parts apology and appreciation to Monty Python):

FP who is it

FP Arthur

FP taunts

FP Fetchez

FP vache 2

FP vache 3

FP run away

Any toy that gives us an opportunity to indoctrinate the kids with Monty Python humour is an instant favourite around our house!!

All silliness aside, this is a great toy and I’d highly recommend it for any kid who loves playsets and creative kind of play with role play and action figures. Remember the “Elements of Enrichment” chart I shared last month? I’d say this toy definitely satisfies the “curiousity and discovery” and the “creativity and imagination” categories. It’s also gets a big checkmark in the “sharing and cooperation” and “learning and communication” under social and emotional development. And the set mixes and matches wonderfully with all the terrific toys in the Imaginext lines.

Thanks for the laughs, Fisher-Price. All five of us love the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle!

Disclosure: I am a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

* Vache sold separately!

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