A very good year with Fisher-Price

Phew, it sure was an exciting year to be blogging with Fisher-Price!

Aside from the amazing cruise and the equally amazing trip to Mexico, we got to play with some truly terrific new toys this year! There’s no doubt that our absolute favourite toy of the year was the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle. It wins for sheer play value, for engaging all three boys, and for our new family inside joke – nobody hears a knock on a door anymore without calling out “Who eees it?” in the same sing-song voice that the toy bleats out when you open the drawbridge. Shhhhh, don’t tell, but we actually went out and BOUGHT the Imaginext Ogre and Dragon for Lucas this Christmas because it was the only thing he asked Santa for other than a Furby (and, well, he’s absolutely not getting a Furby. *shudder*)

We were also charmed by the Wheelies Loops and Swoops Amusement Park. At almost five years old, Lucas is on the upper edge of the age range for this one, but he still loves to shoot cars down the ramps and it delights him every single time the cars successfully navigate the loop-the-loop. I’d put this high on the Christmas gift giving list of anyone with a little boy to buy for!

Beloved’s favourite Fisher-Price surprise of the year was definitely the DC Superfriends Little People line. The intersection of superheros and Fisher-Price just about perfectly evokes his (not-so) inner child.

Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet

When I say the whole family plays with the Imaginext Batmobile, Bat Cave and Joker’s Lair, I’m not exaggerating! 😉

Na na na na na na - bat cat!

(Beloved called me from the toy store earlier this week as he was doing a little shopping for the boys. “Did you know they have a full line of Toy Story Little People now?” he asked. And he was so excited about the new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Little People line that Santa may have to stick a set under the tree for him. ;))

Fisher-Price came out with some pretty amazing products for moms this year, too. Did you know, for example, that Fisher-Price makes diapers? They make adorable onesies called Stretch ‘Ems, too, which I am told are in fact awesomely stretchy. (I gave mine to a friend – she said they were her favourite onesies!) And they’ve even designed a series of new “Fast-Finder” diaper bags in a range of styles to suit every family.

All in all, it was another amazing year with Fisher-Price. Although Tristan made this card specifically to say thanks for the cruise, I think it does a good job of expressing our gratitude for an entire year of fun surprises.


But wait! There’s more! I have one last Fisher-Price post to share with you this year (and another one to post over on the Fisher-Price site.) I’ll be back with the details in just a few days!

Disclosure: I am a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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3 thoughts on “A very good year with Fisher-Price”

  1. OMG! I love Wonder Woman in her invisible plane!!!!!!!!! When I was 4 we went to Florida with the intention of spending a week with friends and then going to Disney. My brother got deathly ill the day before we were to go to Disney. My mom took me to Toys R Us and stood me in front and told me I could buy one toy. But it could be any toy I wanted. I chose Wonder woman.

    Making a mental note about the the Toy story figurines for stocking stuffers! and Snow White!!!

  2. I’m sorry that you feel that way and I always try hard to strike a reasonable balance — in fact, I think I do a better job than many of mixing sponsored and non-sponsored content.

    Unfortunately, when it comes down to more than $1000 a year in income for my family (let alone working with a brand I have always trusted and genuinely admired) versus an anonymous comment, it’s not hard to guess which one gets more weight in my decision-making process.

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