In which she changes coffee teams

I have a confession to make. A coffee confession. After a life-long love affair with Tim Hortons and all that they stand for, I’ve changed teams. I think I’ve become … a Starbucks girl.

It’s a transformation that started on a sleepy Christmas day back in 2006, when the Starbucks drive-thru was there for me in a pinch. Irreconcilable differences arose when Tim’s forgot to issue a Christmas cup in 2011. And then, in the summer of 2012, Starbucks did the unthinkable — they came out with a coffee that is not strong and bitter and aggressive. A coffee that is mellow and rich and full. They came out with the Blonde roast.

Have you tried it? It is, in my caffeinated opinion, the Best! Coffee! Ever! And hey, did you know that the milder a coffee is, the more caffeine is in it? No wonder I don’t like a strong coffee!

This totally changes how I see myself. Tim Hortons stands for nationalism, for simplicity, for people who don’t take half an hour to order a coffee. Starbucks has always, in my mind, been for fancy people. Does this make me high-maintenance? While I’m not (yet) ordering an extra-hot half-caff micro-roast with organic soy milk, I did figure out that I can get more bang for my buck if I order a Grande coffee in a Venti cup, leaving enough room for the 1/3 cup of milk I like to add to just about any coffee. Except I have to concentrate every time I place an order to make sure I get the words out in the right order.

Until Starbucks builds an outpost in Manotick, there’s still room in my heart for the insanely busy and ridiculously-planned drive-thru Tim’s around the corner. But Starbucks? I think I love you!

Edited to add: Almost forgot! If you read this early enough, shuffle out to Starbucks today to try a Blonde roast for only 25c, to celebrate Starbucks’ 25th anniversary in Canada.

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5 thoughts on “In which she changes coffee teams”

  1. I think I may have admitted this to you already but I have switched teams as well. It has been over a year and now I can barely stomach a Tims coffee. I still go there for a breakfast sandwich or bagel (or donut) in a pinch, but not coffee thanks.

    I am lucky that the SB and Tims are almost side by side in my hood so I can do a timbit run for the kids and still get my SB Pike Place (my preferred roast, one notch up from the Blond) in record time. Also in my experience the SB staff are way friendlier, even when they are busy. Much more plesant experience. I have yet to lament to FB or twitter that my order was wrong of my coffee was swill (which happened semi regularly with Tims). Of course it is more expensive but since I prefer the taste I think it is worth the cost.

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ Mwa ha haaaaaa…says the evil temptress who introduced you to this bold…or..erm…less bold…new world. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Welcome to the high-maintenance club. Stilettos optional…

  3. Glad you’ve finally seen the light! I agree with Jill — wait until you try Bridgehead. It’s the best!

  4. I switched teams when I was on mat leave and Starbucks was a walk away! ๐Ÿ™‚ Tim’s has a specific place in my heart for me — road trips. With timbits, of course!

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