This week in pictures: Postcards and iPhone shots

Some weeks have time for planning a shot, bringing together elements intentionally and trying things from a few different angles and perspectives. And some weeks I just point my camera at the things around me as I find them and keep running on to the next thing on the list.

This week? Definitely one of the latter. (Is it summer vacation yet? I really REALLY need a vacation!!) Shots this week were grabbed in the middle of a bike ride, on the way back to the office after French lessons and even in the waiting room of the optometrist. This, I think, illustrates two important points. The first is that there is beauty and interesting things worth photographing just about everywhere. The other is that I may be a little bit obsessive about taking pictures. Is this news to anyone?

I can’t believe I’ve never taken this particular tourist shot of the Rideau Canal and the Parliament Buildings before. I have the winter version, but the summer shot is so much nicer — I was particularly pleased to catch the white tour boat chugging through the scene. People find the blog all the time looking for “postcards of Ottawa” — here ya go!

Parliamentary post card

Speaking of the Rideau Canal, I this shot from other end of my daily commute, at the Long Island Locks near Manotick. I like to ride my bike out here in the early morning, and was curious to find this boat docked there this week. Did you know there’s a four-day cruise you can take from Kingston to the Hartwell Locks? I had no idea! The boat actually overnights here at the Long Island Lock.

Docked at the Long Island Locks

This is the one taken in the optometrist’s waiting room. I liked the light, and the orange carrying from the owl to the bricks to Lucas’s shirt.

Building blocks

More fun with the star aperture on my Lensbaby, this time with the dew on the morning grass. I love how it seems like the stars are floating away. Such a silly shot.

Dewdrop dancing stars

And speaking of silly shots, another one from the “from where I stand” collection.

#fromwhereistand - mosaic

I think I was in the middle of building my shelves on the weekend when I looked over and saw the boys heaped together, peering at the iPod. The combination of the light and their postures made me drop the screwdriver and pick up my camera to catch this moment. I think it’s my favourite of the week!


And finally, my little blogger in training! I like this photo because of the light, and the subject matter. I snapped it with my iPhone to go with the blog post he was writing, and only realized when I got it onto my computer how grainy/noisy it was – a function of the iPhone trying to compensate for the low light conditions.

My blogger-in-training

Someone must have liked the picture, though, because I got a note from Getty Images on Monday saying someone had requested to license this picture through Flickr. Since I hadn’t added it to any groups, it’s likely that the person found the photo either through my blog or one of my other social networks. The wonders of the Internet never cease to amaze me. 🙂

After getting rained out last weekend, I’ve got a fun photo shoot with a family of five this afternoon. I can hardly wait!! Of course, I’ll share the pictures here soon…

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