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I‘m getting lazy with the idea of the photo of a day thing. I’m still posting a new photograph every day, but I’ve taken to posting a few from the same day or session over the course of a couple of days. Some photos just deserve a day of their own! Also, taking a new picture every day? Is a lot of work. And, posting a bad picture for the sake of sticking to some arcane project rules that nobody is paying attention to but me anyway doesn’t seem to be of any benefit to anyone. So all of this week’s shots were actually taken on just four days — but those days were very photogenic indeed!

For example, we made our annual trip to the Gloucester Fair on Saturday with my mom, which is always fun for the boys and a photo bonanza for me.

Gloucester fair

Even after all those photos, I had forgotten entirely that I took this one with my iPhone, and I found it on Monday morning. I love the old-timey poster look of the processing — I’m thinking of getting one of those CanvasPop Instagram canvases made of this to hang on the wall.

Glouster Fair - iPhone version!

Speaking of favourite summer family traditions, this week marked the return of Uno on the porch after dinner at our house. Colour me happy.

Uno on the porch

Hey, did you know there is a Mill in Manotick? ๐Ÿ˜‰ This pretty little patch is right beside it. I am in love with this sign, pointing the way to the fisherman’s path.

Fisherman's path

Lucas indulged me in some posed shots. I got the wagon from a flea market recently (don’t you love it?) and I had the vague idea in my head for these shots ever since.

Going to Granny's house

I still can’t decide which composition I like better.

Going to Granny's house (alternate version)

On the same (very photogenic) day, Lucas and I walked up to the school to pick up “the brothers” as he still calls them, and we had fun taking pictures on the way home. Well, they walked and I just kind of followed along, snapping photos as I went.

Through the grass

Walking from school

Going to school

(Oh my but they’re growing up quickly, aren’t they? Sometimes I can’t stand it!)

You know I like to marry up some of the photos with quotations. For this one, I chose “All things good are wild, and free.” ~ Henry David Thoreau.

"All good things are wild, and free." ~ Henry David Thoreau

I’m facing a unique new challenge with my camera this weekend — I’m doing portraits for a family with teenagers! Eek! You think my extensive repertoire knock-knock jokes will impress them? Stand by to find out! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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